RMMV The Adventures of Tom Ato :)))

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    Hello, I am pretty new to making rpgs, (and playing them lol) but I really have enjoyed it so far.
    I thought of making a game when I first played Space Funeral in the middle of class and thought it was amazing. My idea is pretty rough but here goes. ALSO: I am not sure if I formatted things correctly and if this is in the wrong thread place!) I have made these mistakes already and am VERY sorry if i'm doing things wrong. The pictures especially are a little confusing for me to import correctly!
    Story: so you play as the main character, Tom Ato (he is a tomato ha ha get it?) and the game starts off in a strange nightmare where you meet a surrealish anime girl by the name of Tomaka Atoki (not a permanent name but thought it was funny) She informs you of her crush and she asks you what you think of him. You have the options of replying with [he is amazing] six times in a row, or saying [meh...] Both lead to the same outcome of her freaking out because she thinks you want him or think he is ugly. Her anime eyes slowly being replaced by realistic eyes in kind of a jumpscare thing. She tells you that you'd better run and you find yourself in a generic looking creepy Japanese classroom. After going down into a secret dungeon you fight her and learn how to battle. After either beating her or losing you awaken to find you were knocked out pretty hard by a group of thugs under the rule of a pizza type boss. (They slaughter tomatoes for tomato sauce) You have little to no memories and have been locked in your room. After finding a key and escaping you find that almost all of your family has been kidnapped or slaughtered. You go on a quest with your nerdy weeaboo step-brother (chubs) to get revenge for your family. Along the quest you will meet very strange and " wacky" creatures. (not much of a theme for them just whatever I think would be funny or scary to draw) The world is also being corrupted by the pizza boss and things are changing for the worse. (by that I mean being redrawn badly in paint)
    Battle System: ok so this part is pretty hard for me but I would like it to be different then the (kinda boring in my opinion sorry) battle system. I have experimented with a few plugins and right now I like the undertale battle system plugin. Its pretty fun to play around with :)
    Artwork/Pictures: ok so I know very little about making games but am somewhat familiar with the drawing part. here are some images I have created for it.
    thevillage.PNG tomportrait.PNG tomaka.png Map004.png foodshop.PNG Map001_resized.png Map007_resized.png
    IF POSSIBLE: I would like feedback although this is still in VERY early stages of development

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    Awwww you got one of my char name in one of my stories. (Also must finish some day NaNoWriMo)

    I guess this have to go around somehow. ^^

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