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Jun 8, 2014
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The Black Halo
Just a warning about this game: It curses quite a bit. For people who can take crude humor, and laugh at it for the humor it is.

Now that you have been warned, let us commence.

So, you want to hear a story, eh?


Too bad, I'm telling you anyways.

Welcome to Zehry.

A land where the trees eat other trees.

A land where necromancers raise the living into the dead.

A land where dragons are the size of fleas, and fleas are the size of dragons. So, the fleas are the size of...... fleas.

Stop it.


You suck at this.


Let me do it.


Welcome to Zehry. A land where almost anything could be your next meal, or you could be it's. A land where young children only the age of 16 are herded into an arena to fight to the death. This land has mostly bad qualities, but it also has some good qualities. Let's focus on those.

Zehry (Zeh-ree) is home to the legendary warrior, The Black Halo. Some young men strive to become the next. However, Zehry is also home to the menacing abomination, Menace (Yes, that's his real name. Why does everybody ask that?). The Black Halo has always been tasked with taking him out, but no one has been successful. Maybe this time, they will.

This story isn't really about Zehry. Zehry is the land the story takes place in, but it's not the focal point of the story. Vicktor Creav, a young, brave-hearted warrior from the small village of Parva Flumen is aiming towards being the next Black Halo. He must fight in the arena to have a chance to be chosen. The Fatum Pugnate arena isn't a global thing. Well it is, but it's fractured. Each town, city, hamlet, pile of rocks, needle; anything with over 25 people in it, must build an arena and force young men (Or women) to participate. Not all young men, just some. Only those that show and fight in the arena can be chosen as The Black Halo. After each arena is complete, a council is congregated together, and chooses The Black Halo from the survivors of the arena. It's a one in a million shot, but Vicktor must take it. Now, I could go on and say "WILL HE MAKE IT? PLAY AND  FIND OUT!!!!!1!!11!!!", but we all know that he will. The story couldn't be if he didn't. So, Vicktor is the new Black Halo. He must find and defeat Menace. Now, I can't guarantee to you that he will. Honestly, at this point I still don't know if he will or won't. This is a true story, but Vicktor's story isn't over. He still lives, and he is still searching for Menace. I can't promise to you that he ever will find him.

I have a question to ask of you: Where will you be, what will you do, and who will you be with, when the world is ending?

This story will answer those questions for Vicktor.

He can't save the world, the end is inevitable, but he sure as hell can try his damnedest. 


Crafting - You can craft items using items that find lying around, in chests, or off enemies!

Improving - You can improve items you already have, by using materials that you find.

Spell Tomes - Craft your own spell tomes to give to party members! You can also buy them from certain stores, if you're that lazy and that much Augmatium lying around. (Augmatium is Zehry's currency. Not gold, Augmatium. No, I'm not trying to say Aurum, I mean Augmatium . It's not gold. It's yellow in color, but it's not gold.) Spell Tomes teach skills to people!

Mining - After you obtain a pickaxe, you can mine minerals that you see in walls. These minerals can range from Iron to Diamonds, and Opals to Emeralds. You can use these materials to craft new items, or sell them for large sums of Au.

Encyclopedia - Keep records of everything you find with the CSCA Encylcopedia.

Improved Battle System - Using Yanfly's Battle Engine, the battles are a little different.

Expansive World - A large world for you to explore. You don't just have to stick to the story, bark out and see what you can find!

Easter Eggs - Zehry is a world full of strange things. Find them. Some will make you laugh, other will make you wonder. Others will make you wonder for my sanity. Gotta find 'em all! (See what I did there?)

Wood - Become the world's greatest lumberjack. Chop down trees from the tree farms (They're quite laggy. Lots of events.), to get wood. What you do with the wood is up to you. Best of the game. *Sarcasm*


Vicktor Creav (Pretty)    ​Vicktor is the protagonist of the story. He was deemed as The Black Halo at the most recent Fatum Pugnate. He was born in the town of Parva Flumen, and spent his whole life there. He is strong, and battle-ready, but he is cocky. His cockiness can get him into some pretty bad situations. He is on a mission to hunt down and kill Menace.


    Menace is the antagonist of the story. He is a very powerful Shadowblade class character. His cronies Vega & Nexus are out to get Vicktor and his friends, because they fear that he may very well be the first Black Halo to get to Menace and actually stand a chance against him. Menace got his name after he burned down Burnswick (For ironic purposes), and acted like a menace to the world, which he now is. Not much is really known about him.

Embur (Handsome)

    Embur is one of the characters that will come into play and help out Vicktor. He is a pyromage, and his called a demon by some for his acts of burning things. He's made of fire, what do they expect? He has a very long history with the Mayor of Parva Flumen. Only they know what that history is, but maybe Vicktor will be able to pull it out of him. His is a rabid drunk, and is very rarely sober.

Athena Warwick (Awkward)

    Athena is an ex-guard of Menace. She learned what he was going to do with his power, and turned down one of the highest positions in Menace's army to help Vicktor take him down. She knows everything that Menace is planning. Trained in the art of war, Athena makes a great soldier, but she chooses to force herself into playing a Paladin role in battles. Why? Only she knows, and she won't tell. Yet another secret that Vicktor will have to pull out of his friends.

Vega & Nexus 

    Vega (Left) & Nexus (Right) are Menace's main underlings. They live to serve him, and do it well. They do all his scouting and dirty work, while he sits in his castle and keeps his hands clean. Not only are they his underlings, but they are the worlds most infamous criminals, which completely contradicts the fact that they're also the worlds most renowned Peacekeepers.

    Immune to the law, they use all their power for evil. Even when they clean up situations that are turning nasty, they still have more insidious plans. Whether it be stealing a little pocket change from the criminals at the scene, or kidnapping and murdering them, they can't even fathom the idea of doing good. They worship Menace as if he's their god, and follow his incriminating plans and ideas.

    In The Black Halo, they will be your worst enemy. Menace is pretty bad, but these two you'll run into a lot. You'll learn to hate Nexus' skill, Sacrificial Dagger. At the start, it isn't that powerful, but by the end of the game, you'll hate it. Vega's Supermind will have you crying like a little baby.

Screenshots and Videos

Dat main menu tho

Revok's Pass

Item icons are shown when items are found (Except in battles. Still haven't worked that out.)

The dreadful Fatum Pugnate Arena, waiting to be called. (I call this masterpiece "Limb Ripping". Because I'm a genius.)

And then there was two...

The status screen (You don't get debug. It's a playtest thingy.)

A more.... detailed status screen.

Who could this be?

Why... It's the Blood Red Sandman, coming home again! Who isn't even red..... At least I tried right?

A battle in progress....

The crafting screen

The encyclopedia

Demo end, and Embur got mad at me.


Enterbrain - RTP and Engine

Various musical artists - Extra music

Crown The Empire - Idea. This game is based around lots of their music.

Yanfly - Yanfly Ace Engine scripts

Casper Gaming - CSCA Engine scripts

Mr. Bubbles - Crafting Script

The Used - Creating the song Pretty Handsome Awkward. Best song ever.


Download the demo here

So? What do you think? Please, point out any issues you have with the demo, or anything you see wrong with anything above. I NEED THE CRITICISM. I FEED FROM IT.
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Jun 8, 2014
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Update! - Bugs, bugs, bugs, maps, bugs, bugs bugs, Athena, bugs, bugs, bugs.

+ Fantasia - Fantasia is another realm that you can enter from The Deserted Desert. In Fantasia, you'll find things you never thought possible, and fight enemies that only your the mind of an insane person could think of. Any Elites, Super-Elites, Legendaries, Titans, Mythics, etc. etc.  you find and kill in Zehry or Fantasia will be recorded in the Hall of Legends. You can go there to check them out, and even fight them again if you want. Once you've defeated an enemy such as the ones stated above twice, (Once in there original location, and then again in Fantasia), they will move up to the highest levels of the Hall of Legends, where you can find an Ultra form of them. These Ultra forms are insane! Only characters that have access to Overflow Abilities will be able to defeat them. Some skills and OF Abilities will be restricted from being used in these battles (Fallout, Bones Exposed, and Monster.)

+ Chapter 2 - In the and improved demo I will be releasing, you'll be able to go through Chapter 2, and not just have it end right there once you get to it. Chapter 1 maps have been refined a bit, and some new things have been added to them.

+ Athena Warwick - Athena will join your team soon, maybe during Chapter 2 or Chapter 3, I haven't decided which is more appropriate.

* Removed some useless text lines, and reworked some dialogues.

* Fixed a bug that occurred after the Fatum Pugnate, in which Dad would not be turning in the correct direction, and he would have the same dialogue as he did before the FP.

* Fixed a bug that occurred with Embur turning the wrong direction and appearing behind the player instead of staying in place after being added to the party.

* Fixed a bug that would occur rarely when the player would go to the encyclopedia. VERY rarely the game would crash if two different entities, a new item, a new state, and a new weapon/armour where added to the encyclopedia during a battle.

*Fixed path settings issues in Revok's Pass.

*Fixed a bug that occurred with the Bandit leader in Revok's Pass. When you took his head, he would disappear, but after returning to the map, he would reappear. He will now stay gone.

*Fixed a bug that occurred with the player encountering blank troops when in the dead forest area near the Voodoo Lord.

*The game has now been put into version A.1 (Alpha 1.0)

*The very ugly Orc's Passing and Dustman's Drop have been made more prettified.

* A glitch that occurred that seemingly made it impossible to progress has been fixed. After you talked to Mayor Zurich in the Town Hall, you where supposed to go down to Revok's Pass, but when you stepped on the exit, you where supposed to get a message that would tell you to go see your parents, but that message would not appear, and the player seemingly could not progress, as you can not go into Revok's Pass until you have talked to your parents. This glitch occurred in succession with the dad glitch mentioned above.

- Nerfed Vicktor and Emburs stats. They got just a bit to strong too fast.

- Nerfed VIcktor's stats when he is in the Arena. It was wayyyy to easy to win.

+ Added more useable crafting books, some still won't do anything, but some new ones work.

+ Added the ability to craft Spell Tomes. None can be crafted yet. This feature is still in the very very VERY Alpha stages of it's existence. Not sure when this will be fully implemented, but I'm working on it.

+ Added level requirements for Spell Tomes.

+ Buffed Embur's "Rising Flames". Before, the maximum amount of damage it could do was (99+99)*2. Now the max it can do is ((99*1.5)+(99*2))*3. It is now based completely off of Embur's level, and it grows drastically as he levels. Before, it was based off of his level and the enemies level, and then I realized as I was testing it, that enemies have no levels. Woops. It's damage formula before was (a.level + b.level) * 2, now it's ((a.level*5)+(a.level*10))*30. So, when Embur is at level 99, it can do an outstanding 44550 damage. It is a very useful skill, but does cost quite a bit of MP and OF.

+ Added 3 new OF abilities.

One is called Sail. It is learned at level 50 by all characters, same as all other Overflow abilities. It causes the user's party to "Sail", giving them increased evasiveness and speed, allowing them to attack much faster, and dodge many more attacks. It also causes the enemies to be stunned by the sight, and paralyzed in fear. The song "Sail" by AWOLNATION will play when it is used.

The other is called "Willbreak". It acts the same as Bones Exposed, but instead of health, it cuts MP.

The last one is called "Heretic". It's a very deadly choice. It gives the user every state. It boosts every parameter (Even hidden ones) to 350%. It takes all MP away, and cuts the users health by 1/2. The song "The Heretic Anthem" by Slipknot plays when used. You may be hurting yourself more than helping yourself, be careful with this one.

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