RMMV The Boy Who Cried Turtle - Arena Mode (ALPHA DEMO)

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    The world is now shifting into entropy.
    The floodgates of foreign entities has now been opened.
    The darkness that consumes one self split apart to wreak the mental minds of the fools who dares to play God.
    However, as they too have the strength to control and manipulate. The world begins to shift its balance.
    And they require guidance in order to complete their personal goals. One that is born from the jealousy of the heart. Human, beast or otherwise.

    Will you be their guide to their conclusion?

    The continuation and the final chapter of the Chains of Suicide Storyline. A world that defies the rule of common sense. That does not follow the rule of death, memories and life itself. Imagination and emotions becomes your strength. Elements do not make sense. It is truly a world of chaos.

    Features the previous modes available in the previous versions (SO1 in VX Ace and SO1.5 in MV).


    Turtle Arc

    Trapped in a strange world, a boy appears. Yet that world is tormenting him. The turtle is then found and helped the boy escape the falls. However, the world begins to twist and turn once again. Trials will haunt the creature. Will the boy who cried turtle be guided to their conclusions?

    When all is said and done, would you consider this the true tale of his memories? Or are they fabricated by someone else's selfish desires?

    Spinster Mode:

    Why do I exist in a world so foreign to me? What is the meaning of my existence? Content with my life, I wish to bury those thoughts behind. To never know the truth. Yet, for some strange reason, my heart yearns for adventure. Far more than the excitement of the shadows and the concentration of those with the ability to heal. Will I find a purpose for myself? To keep going?

    What should I do?


    Alpha Mode Features:
    • A turn based combat system with different elements pertaining to different energy forms (passion, hope, despair, calm, logic, physical, kindness, willpower).
    • A demo of Arena Mode for Spinster and Guardian Mode. (up to 3 dungeons)
    • Support characters which will support you (healing/attacking) with an action, once a specific amount of turns has passed, they can unleash ultimate moves, which can turn the tide of battle.
    • No items, so reliance on skills and strategy is important. You do have access to passive skills, support skills and equipment to aid you.
    • Challenge Mode, which features challengers from across different RPG Maker (Or other) games with its own rewards if you complete it the first time. There are over 30+ crossover characters in the game.
    • Chain Battles, which features a 5-round chain battle. Complete 4 chains to encounter an abnormal boss. Defeat the abnormal boss to acquire extra HP, MP and equipment when you replay in Story Mode or otherwise.
    • The previous games are now bundled. So you can play everything from this game without having to download the previous versions.
    • Roughly 5-7 hours of content.
    Special Bugs and Tips:

    As of 29/11/2018:

    - If you see any issues with the event changes with the robot on the Arena Mode Spinster Stage where you can rebattle the robot. Know that it is noticed and is already fixed but will not be reuploading until further feedback as it is a minor change.

    - If fonts don't seem to match. Install the Glacial Indifference fonts located at the font folder.


    - Boy: A strange boy wanders off into this world. Naive and curious yet also kindhearted to a fault, he traverses this unknown world without so much as a thought on his mind. However, he is brought here for a purpose. What was that very purpose?


    - Assassin: An assassin wearing robes. She claims to have hidden secrets of her own and a past that strikes deep. By what trick of fate does her role being here serve?


    - Turtle: A turtle who suddenly appears before the boy. But not the usual turtle. This turtle can stand like normal humans would. Seems to be very attached to the boy and is willing to protect him for some unknown reason.

    - Spinster: A strange being who is also very calculating yet is also sympathetic to people. He himself seems rational and can overthink a lot of things, but in reality, he does seem to be more open than before. Trying to find his own purpose in life, he seeks to enter this project in the hopes that he will find that very answer.

    - Founder: The head leader of the project and the one who mans the project's flow of conclusion. He himself is very shy and stutters a lot of the time, but he's not completely malicious at heart. However, he himself hid a dark inferiority complex that tends to overshadow him to the brink of his own mental breakdown, something that he wishes to overcome.

    - Clown: A strange clown half naked who enters this world with a ridiculously enthusiastic attitude and a passion to entertain, even willing to lose the serious nature of the project in order to bring down levity into the group. His reasons for entering has yet to be determined. But he does seem like he would take it at his own pace instead of immediately running through with it.

    - Gold Knight/Guardian: A guardian who is closely tied to the Founder. His bodyguard and his protector, he holds a very stoic nature. However, he himself does have insecurities. One where it stems from his past sins. He is currently trying to move on from it, but will the past come back to haunt him?


    - Magical Girl and a Dragon: The boy and the turtle seems closely linked to them. But not much is known about them for now.










    The following games will have crossovers with Arena Mode:

    - Gaia's Melody Echoed Melodies
    - Rave Heart
    - For the Treasure
    - Oathkeeper
    - Abound the Aether

    And more to come. Details will come nearing the end of 2018.

    Trailer Videos:

    Launch Trailer:




    Story, Eventing, Mapping: BerryB
    Engine: KADOKAWA

    RPG Maker MV RTP
    RPG Maker VX Ace RTP
    Aekashics Retranslated

    Yanfly Engine
    Dan "Liquidize" Deptula
    Victor Sant
    Shoichiro Sakamoto

    Special Thanks
    Studio Blue (Steel and Teal)
    Driftwood Gaming
    CloudzChow and Tina Lockheart (Yoshifull) (Tactical Daraen)
    Yukimkun (Morkong More)
    Januar Hadi
    Cain Reval
    Robert Pinero and Auran Nero
    Fernando Gonzalez (FernyFer)

    Music Composition
    Incompetech - Kevin MacLeod
    Feelings of Hope and Sadness - Gavin Luke
    Drama in Heaven 11 - Anders Morlin
    RPG Maker 2003 Remix
    Wingless Seraph
    Souichi Sakagami
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    Yay!!! Great to see this here, Berry! ^_^ :) This was a very fun experience! And I'm excited to explore more of what the demo has to offer! :D ^_^
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