RMMV The emblem of light (Chapter1,Act1) Demo version.

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    Hello guys im currently working on a game called the emblem of light.
    Pls help me improve by playing the games and comment below your thought and idies also the bug you found
    Thank you ! =))
    links window: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1I4uz-EzpKUIot3kBPuey5xo_yuIsAWMB?usp=sharing

    link mac: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18ev67qXQd9TR1NFUKdQYO1Fv_iiZ7cZ_?usp=sharing

    Jazber is a normal student, lived in hatama city, who lost his parent 7 years ago and being raise by his uncle: Jay
    One night, he has a strange dream and from that day his life has change...

    You will play as Jazber and discover the secreat of the world around you, as you progess you'll discover much more about the secreat of your past and the secreat of your family
    I used less plugin in this game. use more original sprite from rpg maker resource and this is just a Demo version of the game
    You'll be able to explode 6 different location in the game. the combat is the basic combat system in the game with many add on and im sure that you'll be hooked by the
    story =)

    Update Log:
    Ver 0.0.2: redesign the jungle map to look better, some more polish to the game and minor bug fix and design change

    The emblem of light Artwork.png

    Screen shot 1.PNG
    Screenshot 2.PNG

    screenshot4.PNG Screen shot 1.PNG
    Screenshot 2.PNG Capture.PNG
    Screenshot 3.PNG

    This game is still in development and still has some bug that i dont know yet so im really sorry
    The game will be better in the future!!
    Im really please if you playtest my game !!
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