Aug 30, 2012
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Event-making is a thankless discipline because it often requires a lot of patience to do things that can be very easy to conceive (I'm thinking of gauges, for example).

The purpose of this script is to offer some easy-to-use commands in order to help the making of event-based systems less painful.

Of course, this script won't allow you to compete with experienced scripters, but I honestly think that it can be a good initiation to programmation and to the joy of going further with event making.


It's obvious that I was greatly inspired by the Local Variables script written by Nuki (since this script relies heavily on its concept) and by the Event Language designed by Roys and Avygeil. However, my goal was to keep the simplicity of the native local variables (and their command module) while offering a large number of possibilities.

Thanks to it was born the Event-Extender script, which is used by means of script calls.

This documentation will try its best to explain how it works.

Special thanks

A lot of people helped me in the making of this script, be it in terms of conceptualization or for technical prolems.

I hope I didn't forget anybody!

Nuki, Zeus81, Molok, Zangther, Joke, Magicalichigo, Teraglehn, Lidenvice, Al Rind, Avygeil, S4suk3, brandobscure (lol), Ulis, Raho, Strall, Scriptopathe, Rabah, Testament, Ypsoriama (and Hiino for the english translation, I love you Hiino you're the best, yeah... of course !).

Here 's the code and the documentation: (script) (Documentation)

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