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Jun 9, 2014
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This game is an RPG with post-apocalyptic and fantasy elements. It is set on our Earth, but in the year 2083. Instead of advancing further after reaching a state of technology ahead of ours, a nuclear war destroyed the superpowers and vast parts of the Earth in 1983. Technology was set back by many years, and it took a long time until mankind could even rebuild something remotely similar to what they used to have.

They are still stuck in almost medieval circumstances, but some of the industry is still intact/was restored. Additionally, the world-wide radiation caused strange occurrences of what the humans describe as the gift of magic. In some lands it is commonplace, in others it is very rare or even unheard of.

The story of the game is set in roughly 2078, though new calendars have been established after the knowledge of the current year was lost shortly after the second nuclear apocalypse that happened shortly after the first one.

11 years before the game takes place, a child is born. Her name is Vinter, and you take her role. She is supposedly not an ordinary woman – born in a place that is considered sacred, she is suspected to be the “chosen one”. What was she chosen for? Is she actually chosen? No one knows.

You roam a post-apocalyptic Sweden, which is now called the Far Lands by foreigners. Adopted (of sorts) by a merchant, you grew up at his camp and have to work for his protection. By your side, you have your trusty horse and, whether you like it or not, a guy whose life circumstances are very similar to yours.

In this game, your main goal will be finding a way to get rid of your “debt” while you try to find out why you were told that you are destined for an unknown, but important fate.

TL;DR: Two apocalypses, Earth has gone feral, young woman with a secret tries to figure out her destiny in a medieval-ish setting, with guns and magic.

So far, the game is a pretty standard RMMV project in terms of mechanics. By that I mean, I downloaded lots of plugins (as one does) and plan to make use of them in the future, but those additional mechanics will get introduced over time.

The main character will be mostly getting around on horseback, but other means of transportation will be introduced later in the game. I could imagine making a fast-travel system for places the player has already visited.

As for the battle system, I am using side-view battles that rely on the character’s agility stat for turn order. There will be a rune casting system in terms of magic, but also “ordinary” skills. Not all characters are able to use magic. Many of these skills and spells will also be useful in the field.

The game will be very story-driven, with a relatively small cast of (main) characters.



The main character. She is a young woman who is currently stuck with her boss. She lives at his camp and does errands and business trips for him, which is not what she plans on doing for the rest of her life - especially not because she wants to find out why her fate is assumed to be extraordinary.

Vinter's boss. Merchant who cares about money first and foremost, but so far has at least not tried to sell Vinter - even though he has joked(?) about it in the past. He is known for his sometimes questionable business practices, but simply offers the best deals for travel supplies at his shop at the nearby trading post Vägkorset.

"Kind of an idiot, but being mean to him is like kicking a puppy" - Vinter
Another one of Concord's employees. He grew up at the camp as well, but other than Vinter he is pretty content with his job (despite his tendency to complain about it).

Merchant based in the trading post Falun. Just trying to run his business of travel supplies, but unfortunately for him, Concord has set his sights on it.

Makes a living as a mercenary, and will clash with Vinter in the future.

Automated households, factories, transportation, …All a thing of the past after the nuclear apocalypse happened in 1983. 100 years later, what was left of mankind has managed to recover, for the most part.

In a version of our Earth where technology advanced faster and computers were commonplace by the 80s, the humans had automated production, daily life, …and even warfare. In an arms race between the great powers, their Cold War escalated, and humanity brought the nuclear apocalypse upon itself.

World War III rose from it, the allies of the now destroyed superpowers fighting a bitter war in their stead…until they repeated the mistake their predecessors had made and used atomic bombs again.

80 years after this second nuclear apocalypse, Earth has become a wild, overgrown place. Some semblance of civilization has been rebuilt by survivors, but technology has regressed and industrial infrastructure can only be found in few places. These factories have become sacred places – only the workers who maintain them are allowed to enter. They will not let anyone else get close and make a living by trading their produce with local merchants.

With technology regressed and the scientific achievements of the past forgotten, people live simple lives as hunters, farmers, mercenaries, and merchants. Some companies exist still, but they are called clans nowadays and fight tooth and nail to keep their barely operational infrastructure safe from raiders.

Far up in the North, only very little industrial infrastructure is still functional. Many people have left and are continuously leaving the beautiful but harsh lands, leaving only those behind who can’t afford the ludicrously expensive ship passage to the mainland or don’t want to (or can’t) leave for other reasons.

Magic is very common and seen as normal there, but not everyone is capable of using it. It is used to cure wounds, shapeshift, or in an offensive/defensive manner.

I have an early demo done, which shows mostly the intro, with the first quest. You can download it here:
Alternatively, you can check out the brand new itch.io page:
It's really short and the end may break, but this is very early development, after all.

Soo, please let me know what you think! I would like to get some feedback before I spend a lot of time going in the wrong direction.

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