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    Hello! Over the last week I participated in the Game Off 2018 game jam hosted by GitHub.
    I've worked on a number of game jams over the years in AGS, Unity, Ren'Py, etc, but NEVER got around to learning RPG Maker-
    until now.
    Learning it was an absolute pleasure and these forums were filled with FANTASTIC information, so thank you all for being so welcoming! I'm excited to continue to use RPG Maker in the future.
    My friend and I made a game called The Farm You Grew Up On, and it combines elements of survival horror gameplay with RPG Maker's turn based combat. It's roughly 15-20 minutes long, and is available to play in browser, or can be downloaded on PC and Mac.
    You can download the game here, and if you participated in the jam, you can even rate our game!

    The Farm You Grew Up On is a hybrid of Survival Horror and RPG in which you exact revenge on the cult that destroyed your life.
    You must contend with limited resources, strange enemies and an unreliable shopkeep to survive long enough to take down the silent masked cultists.


    We hope you enjoy the game! Here are a couple screenshots.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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