Oct 29, 2012
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When her father simply disappears one day, Lyza follows in his footsteps to find him. Chaos ensues and she soon finds herself struggling against the forces of snowmen with a misconstrued concept of capitalism, an ogre that can't keep his allergies in check, a particularly speedy grandmother, and much, much more.

You will find yourself traveling the lands, exploring many different themed regions from the Snowy Peaks to the Desert Ruins, or more spectacular locations like the Cloud Cradle or Underground Lake to find hints about your father's disappearance as well as powering up in the process - there are countless items, equipment, skills, and more hidden just about anywhere. And once you know the root of all of this, you'll be in for a final confrontation at any point you'd like - even right at the start of the game once you've found out how!

In addition, all battles are fought (...and avoided!) on the map - Lyza is a pacifist at heart, so avoiding all unnecessary encounters before an area's big bad is the way to go! Once she's forced into a corner, or really hates that one guy in particular, all bets are off and she puts the "fist" in "pacifist" instead. Every major enemy has patterns and special moves that can be exploited in order to deal damage to them and if you're particularly fond of exploring, you might find a boss's unique hidden weakness or ways to skip their encounter entirely! Almost every single enemy you face in the game has one of these to exploit, so experiment a lot and check each of the game's "Lobbies" in detail. There are no unfair hidden passages - everything that is obscured from plain sight has some sort of clue that leads you to it if you just look hard enough!

Finally, the way you built Lyza will always be entirely your own! Want to go for a build that never runs out of stamina and can whack at lightning-fast speeds? Sure! Do you prefer using magic to bolster your own abilities while going mostly physical still? You can do that! Want to see the highest damage numbers for a single hit in the game? Master the game's tension mechanic and go wild!

Here's a list of all the games' notable features! Of course, some of these are inevitably going to be things that no RPG Maker Game does without nowadays, but I figured I'd include them anyway!
  • Over 500 achievements just waiting to be unlocked!
  • A game specifically designed with speedrunning in mind! Figure out the best routes and strategies to reach the end the fastest and share it with the community!
  • An active, for RPG Maker rather unconventional, battle system - spells affect the map itself and can let Lyza perform incredible feats like giving her attacks more oomph, or even freezing time itself! The tension mechanic rewards you for never getting hit and landing strategic strikes, as well!
  • A huge emphasis on exploration and with it, variable difficulty - with no regular enemies to fight, your exploring of each area determines how easy or hard the game is for you! In addition to that, you can adjust some parameters in the settings if the game is still too hard or easy for you!
  • A myriad of ways to customize Lyza with various weapons and armor, creating your own playstyle.
  • FULL Gamepad Support, Hotkeys for both Keyboard & Controllers to access just about every single menu!
  • Proper Fullscreen Mode, as well as several window resizing options.
  • Dynamic home - your home base might not look the same by the end of the game, based on your current run's progression! In addition, you will find many quirky characters that will visit you - every time you defeat a boss, new guests will appear and some old ones might go on their own adventures!
  • Infinitely* Humorous
    • *Until the game ends**
    • **Well, okay, at least there *is* humor!***
    • ***Alright, some of it might break the fourth wall, but overall it still takes itself seriously enough!****
    • ****Humor is very subjective and the creator does not feel responsible for potentially dropping the ball or ensuing hilarity alike.
  • Fully-fledged fishing minigame! Can you get all 50+ fish and help two siblings on their quest to find the Great Ivory?
  • Multiple Endings! How will Lyza's journey end? Is there hope for her yet, or will this tale end in tragedy?
  • New Game Plus and several completion rewards for your efforts! Unlocking every single achievement is a gargantuan task, but it might pay off in the end if you're feeling up for a challenge!
  • A rollercoaster of emotions - what starts out as a fun adventure is soon discarded for a serious twist towards the end.
  • A spoiler-free feature list. (Dang it. We'll get 'em next time!)
Here are some more notable entries from the list above in detail!

Initially, this game was made as a birthday gift for a friend that wanted to get into speedrunning - as such, it has been designed to make that possible! While there is no in-engine timer for the entire run, there are a plethora of assets to help build your own slick speedrun timer effortlessly and plenty of timed challenges in the game itself - each area and boss time is tracked and can be viewed in the "achievement galaxy" - can you beat the clock?

Lyza's build can be anything you want it to be - anything is valid! PEP (Agility) increases her attack speed in addition to expanding her available stamina, while raw strength and defense can make it easier to last in long battles! If you'd like to speed it up at the cost of resources, perhaps a mage build with reinforced magic attacks might strike your fancy? Each boss has unique weaknesses to both physical and magical attacks, as well as a "hidden weakness" where you can exploit the environment, certain items, or the area itself to your advantage! Some bosses you might not even have to fight if you play your cards right! In addition, you can also enchant your weapons and armor to give you another edge of your opponents using runes...! The possibilities are endless!

Variable Difficulty
The game is, by default, fairly difficult by design. However, you can make your life a lot easier even without resorting to changing menu values! Simply spend some time to explore and find new ways to approach an encounter, or get some money for new gear! In addition, you could try repeating some old boss encounters - every boss in the game will drop a "Shard" the first three times you defeat them - these can be used to level up! Have all three kinds and you get five levels all in one go, unlocking new abilities and giving you small stat increases!

If push comes to shove, or you're simply not used to this type of game, you can always change damage dealt & received in the menu! I personally recommend setting damage dealt to 200% and damage received to 25% for a much easier time. You won't lock yourself out of any achievements but the ones that specifically require you to have the difficulty set to higher degrees! You do have access to around 99% of the content, however, even without those.

On-Map Battles, Tension & Exploration
Lyza typically avoids confrontation if it is avoidable - as such, you only fight during boss encounters where there is simply no other way around it. This means that during exploration, you will have to try and avoid enemies trying to harm you through swift and precise movement. During a boss fight, all bets are off! Get the boss to reveal its weakspot, then beat them up! You will learn a huge variety of skills through level-up or simply by exploring the world, which either make movement easier, give you new types of movement, attack enemies, bolster your own stats, heal or even stop time completely! Using these skills in different situations might even result in doing some serious bonus damage using the game's tension mechanic. For as long as Lyza doesn't attack or get hit, her tension in battle will constantly rise. Her attacks consume tension to deal additional bonus damage based on the current multiplier!

During exploration, you also might come across paths that are seemingly blocked off for the time being - perhaps some equipment can help? Only one way to find out!

With 500 achievements available to find, your personal adventure never stops. Unless you get them all. Then it probably stops. Unless you find some other sort of goal. Anyhow! Some achievements will be fairly easy to obtain, like simply exploring a never before seen area, some will either difficult or very specific in how you unlock them - can you find a boss's hidden weakness? Can you find out how to make that one specific gloomy snowman your friend? Can you make the world yield to your time-stopping power? Can you reconcile with some angels you made angry by foiling their pranks and schemes? Can you smooch a vampire? Probably not, but there ain't nothing here to stop you from trying!

Achievements also double as a way to earn more currency - each achievement unlocked and viewed in the "Achievement Galaxy" rewards you with 50 gold in your home base. Time to make some money!


I'll be the first to admit that these aren't particularly good looking - I'm a programmer first and foremost and most of the game's custom & commissioned assets are concentrated in the ending cards & soundtrack - I hope you'll still find the game interesting enough to keep going!
And yes - that is only a partial view of the achievement galaxy! Every single crystal here is an achievement~!

First of all, thanks for wanting to give the game a shot! Out of consideration for the ones that might not enjoy the thought of being surprised by it, a small content warning: one of the game's eight lobbies, the "Crypt of the Dead" is a horror section. It's not graphic, or particularly scary, nor are there any jump scares other than the music picking up when being chased, but I figured I'd let people know in advance either way!

English Version (https://pumamori.itch.io/greatest-survival)
German Version (https://pumamori.itch.io/groesstes-ueberleben) - If you know german, definitely use this one.

The Greatest Survival
developed by Puma

Macy's Here
Gordon Johnson

Ending Cards
"Together Forever" by Choko Games
"Lost to the Void" by ZMakesGames
"Nothing Remains" by kuki_tan
"Friend and Foe" by necrosishead
"Acceptance" by Lufi_ays

Calbert "Schematist" Warner
Wingless-Seraph Music

V.M of D.T
Theo Allen
Casper Gaming
RPG Maker Source
modern algebra
Bird Eater
Neon Black


Special Thanks
Raven Vulcans

And of course you, because you've spent enough time reading this thread to get all the way through the credits and here! I appreciate it a lot!
Without these people, a lot of this wouldn't have been possible! Thank you so much. ;;

Q.: I am locked into eternal dialogue with grandpa.
A.: I am considering removing him entirely for future versions, but the dialogue *is* finite, as long as you don't skip it using "ESC" or "B" (Xbox) / "Circle" (PSX). If you just started, you might as well reset the game via F12!

Q.: I am stuck! This part is too difficult! I can't seem to progress any further! X/Y does too much damage, has too much health!
A.: I feel you! The game is definitely designed to be difficult, but you can make your life easier in a number of ways! Repeat some areas if that option is available to you, try to unlock some more achievements to grab new gear for your hard-earned money, enchant your weapons & armor, try to find the boss's hidden weakness, or adjust the settings to give you a bit of an edge! Recommended values for complete beginners are 200% damage dealt & 25% damage received!

Q.: I don't know how to get achievement X/Y!
A.: Feel free to ask in this thread, via PM, DM on Twitter or the official Discord and either me or someone else is happy to help! Sooner or later, all the achievements will have entries on the official game's wiki, too! Some of the harder ones already do, too.

Q.: I can't get past the first boss!
A.: First would be figuring out their pattern! The boss charges you when you're a certain distance away and is always vulnerable after. The ads always spawn when the next segment of the health bar has been reached. If that doesn't help, look around the area to find some more equipment, healing vials and you could even try your hand at some enchanting! Be persistent enough, and a certain someone will arrive to help you with that right before the boss. Other than that, there is absolutely no shame in lowering the difficulty.

Q.: Why are you claiming to have made the "greatest" survival?!
A.: You could not be further from the truth! This is simply the fourth entry in a series of games called "The Great Survival" one through three - they were horrible games I made when I was but a child that just discovered RPG Maker - I simply wanted to give the series proper closure. Having played the previous games isn't necessary (Or recommended.)!

Q.: The Credits are in German?
A.: That's one of the few known issues & will be fixed in a future update whenever I get out of my current slump! The English version is MUCH harder to update because the translation software just up and breaks on me every now and then, but I'll try my best!

Additional Thoughts & Background
Nice to see you all the way down here! I appreciate it. Long story short, as I mentioned I made this game for a friend! They were my best friend at the time and their birthday was coming up, so I figured I'd make a game for them! Since they ironically enjoyed the very trashy first three games, I figured giving the series some closure and making something fun for them would be a great theme for it. They also very recently got into speedrunning, so I put some focus on making it fun to speedrun, too! I worked on it for quite some time, put a lot of effort into coding interesting gameplay mechanics to set it apart from its very crude predecessors, and finally finished it after a year of hard work (a demo was available for the first birthday, finished it for the one next year!). They also claimed I was a very closed off person because I never really talk about how I'm feeling, so I wrote some of it into the plot in an attempt to help them understand my struggles at the time - however, by the time the game was done, they've essentially completely ghosted me and after having rushed through the initial completed version, all that was left was a simple "thanks" and a week later all contact broke down. To say the least, I was heartbroken - I still worked on the game some more for the sake of its main tester who has been an incredibly good sport and integral to the game's success (Thanks Aphinoir! Your hard work means the world to me!), but after that, I let it go. It never reached any speedrunning community, nor did I feel like presenting it much to the general public - some streamer friends at the time played through some of it and I was gonna leave it at that, but I figured I might as well give it a shot - it might not be what the people of this forum particularly enjoy, but hey, perhaps more than one person could at least beat it! Potentially! Maybe!
Agreed! But if you're trying to make something salvageable that still follows the general story of three games before it and those three games had: a charging grandma as the antagonist, cringy developer self-inserts as secret final bosses and 99% of the text in it was memes, ascii emotes or just plain horrible, you have a tall order on your hands! I tried my best to write a story that still has a similar level of tolerable humor while incorporating most of these elements in some way. I think it turned out "okay" for the most part, pahaha~

Important Links
Official Discord
Official (although fairly empty) Wiki
Roadmap & Known Issues (Very informal)
(If any of these are forbidden to link on the forums, please feel free to tell me & I'll remove them or remove them yourself immediately, whatever is easier! I am genuinely sorry if I break any rules posting these, it's been a while since I've actively used the forums!)
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