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    Hello, all! I've been working on getting this game planned out for months now, and I have a pretty clear image of how everything will work now, excepting a few of the more complicated elements, and I wanted to get an idea of whether there is interest in this before I commit fully to development.

    Title: The House on Oddity Hill

    Genre: Adventure/Puzzle

    Gameplay: The game would fall into the adventure genre, with no combat system, and a heavy emphasis on the exploration of the titular manor, and solving puzzles. I do plan on having a simple inventory system, as seeking out key items will be a major focus. Also, a flashlight will be an important element at various stages of the game.

    Plot Concept:
    Somewhere in the Eastern United States, there sits a house like no other: Oldenbone Manor, atop Oddity Hill. Regarded by many to be an evil, haunted place, it is here that Aubrey Grace, a curious girl with a curious past, arrives one rainy evening, seeking answers about her long lost parents.
    Within the darkened hallways and dusty chambers, she finds herself slowly uncovering the secrets of her family's past, but as the night wears on, it becomes apparent that Oldenbone Manor is a supernatural place... A gateway to forgotten worlds and ancient power.
    Aubrey finds herself presented with numerous puzzles and daunting tasks, from rescuing the wayward spirit of a fortune teller trapped in her own crystal ball, to harnessing the energy of gremlins to fuel a mechanism so ancient it predates the creation of humanity itself. Through it all, one question remains chief above all others: Will Aubrey Grace be able to solve the mystery of her family's disappearance in time, or will she suffer the same fate?
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    Oh man, this sounds really cool! I'd love to see this!
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    sounds like it could be interesting

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