Feb 5, 2023
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The Innerplains is a solo-developed project created with RPG Maker MV. All of the music and art assets were made by me. For the demo, most of the art assets were actually made in MS Paint but I have since switched to Asperite. All of the music is still produced via beepbox, an online webtool. There is very few RTP animation elements and most of the sound effects in twebtop. Most of the RTP animation is relegated to impact effects. The current build of the game available is only chapter one the game is roughly 35% as of writing but still more is being done to finish it all.

This game is a journey through the headspace of a broken mind. In the full release you will journey through 5 distinct zones each embodying a specific emotion. In order of planned appearance (subject to change) the zones will go Joy, Rage, Fear, Sorrow and Envy.

These five emotions double as your classes, though you need not pay it too much attention.

Joy is the speed class, having priority attacks, the ability to dodge physical attacks and gets bonus damage from the agility stat.

Rage is the physical defense class, as well as having high base defense and HP they have an ability that lowers the enemies attack stat temporarily and gets bonus damage from the defense stat.

Fear is the magic ward class, as well as having high magic defense they have a chance to negate magic damage dealt to them as well as a stronger self heal than other classes. They also have an ability that will prevent the enemy from dealing damage for a round.

Sorrow is the mage class. Has a faster TP charge rate and their special attack scales solely on magic attack. Is also able to land critical hits.

Envy is the physical damage class, having the strongest physical attack ability and the ability to land critical blows.

The attacks and skills in this game are based on real life boxing terms such as Enswell, which is a metal implement kept on ice that is applied to a boxers face to decrease swelling.

Included in this demo

2 Selectable Main Characters
1 Rhythm Based Mini Game
1 Puzzle
1 Quest
2 Boss Fights
1 Panda Hold The Gender
And several thousand gallons of milk

I hope you enjoy,



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