RMVXA The Mechanical Armageddon

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    Telling her attendant off.

    Meeting the group.

    In battle.

    • Huifeng - A lazy failed heroine who is now breaking the rules of engagement to steal the holy artifact back.
    • Artisa - A magical painter who can summon imagery to help in battle. She has a strong sisterly instinct.
    • Atroxia - A martial artist who looks, sounds, and acts like a boy. She is in this for the sake of adventure.
    • Herakaris - A singing gunslinger who's convinced she can sing. Unfortunately, it's not quite true for her.

    SECTION B: Summary
    It’s been a year since Huifeng failed to protect Phoebe’s Heart and lost it to Ludwig Zhou. In order to clear her name, she has to get the Heart back.

    This time, she’ll enlist the help of a few heroes who didn’t reject her completely, instead of fighting alone. They are a pair of twins known as the Lions, and their schoolmate Herakaris.

    More and more young splendoro turn away and head for Youdu, the underland capital, thinking that the heroes are weaklings. Many of them support Ludwig blindly, willing to die for him.

    Meanwhile, Ludwig himself has found a way to enhance his robotic army with the Heart. His enhanced mechanical threats will be a real menace if Huifeng doesn’t stop him once and for all.

    In the first place, Huifeng will have to convince the surface dwellers to give her one last chance.

    • Front-facing battle system.
    • Superhero-themed abilities.
    • Easy-on-eyes scenery both in and out of combat.
    • Exploration is encouraged to learn more about the world.

    The Mechanical Armageddon takes place in an America that was first colonized by Tang-dynasty explorers, hence the plentiful Chinese references in the game.

    The heart mentioned in the summary is an artifact belonging to the first splendoro, a woman who sacrificed herself to close the sky and create a new kind of people.

    In this Western Tang Colony, steampunk aesthetics and retrofuturism reign supreme in fashion, architecture, and lifestyle. Expect to see familiar superhero tropes like super-geniuses, robotic advancements, heroes and villains doing battle.

    Download link.
    The .rar has been split into 5 parts. Download them all to unpack the demo.

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