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The Meridian Dance
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  • The land of Meridia is being beset by monsters led by an tyrant lord who seek the crystals of earth, water, fire, and earth. Four warriors from the different parts of the land must unite to defend them.

    And yes, if this sounds familiar, it's because this story is a parody of FF Mystic Quest. However, because this is a parody the things that you think you should know are not going to be found here.






  • Anirab - A crimson draykmas who hails from the land of Flaria to the north. Son of an accomplished blacksmith and dragon mother he currently wanders around the land seeking fortune and strong enemies to contest his strength again. Can draw upon the element of fire and plasma in order to devastate his enemies, however he favors his broadsword when in a fight.

    Hanuel - A jade luphos who bears bright wings upon his back. A very young man who has recently come to Meridia against his will. His memories seem to be somewhat conflicting with current reality and so he needs guidance in order to find his way. Can draw upon the element of wind to both defeat opponents and help his allies in battle. He has been taught how to master the spear by his mother Aria.

    Ashton - A golden lyger druid that has dedicated himself to the pursuit of protecting both the planet and the beings who are in need of physical and mental healing. A gentle spirit who has mastered the power of earth and thus can use its fury to both heal and crush those who would threaten either himself or those under his care. He favors the hammer as his weapon of choice for its symbol of forging ahead in life.

    Zale - A sapphire hopper who has trained his entire life as a martial artist. He is said to become the next Master of his village, however he's more interested in being with Ashton over leading others, and yet when the time to act comes he will rise to defend those in need. Has can use the power of water to both restore his friends and freeze enemies. Because of his martial artist training the only weapons he will use are those which can cover his hands in battle.


  • In the land of Meridia many legends have been told surrounding the crystal of earth, water, fire, and air by the people of the land. Some of the tales have claimed the ancient draykmas people were able to ascend to the heights of power by capturing the crystals, while another speaks of the loss of the crystal spelling the doom of the mermaid people, however throughout all of these tales one things is known by all, young and old.

    The crystals must be protected at all costs.

    In this current era two forces are attempting to capture the crystals for their own nefarious means, however there are those who shall soon rise to face them down in an epic battle which shake the very world.

    This is the tale which will become known as the Meridian Dance.


  • The land of Meridia is divided into four sections;
    The land of Greendale to the southwest, which is home to the fairies, druids, and resting ground of the great dragon emperor.
    Crystania to the northeast, which is home to the hopper.
    Flaria to the northwest, which is home to the draykmas.
    And Sonata to the southwest, which is home to the Viridian Forest and avian.
    In the center of the four greater countries likes the Eternal Tower, resting ground of the four crystals of life.


  • Controls - Field

    Directional Keys - Move the player

    Enter Button - To Select Objects / Speak to NPCS

    Esc Button - To Bring Up the Menu

    Controls - Battle

    Directional Keys - Move the selection within the menu

    Enter Button - To Select a Command

    Esc Button - To Retreat from a Command Window

    Hookshot -

    Pageup - To connect to brown pillars scattered

    about the field

    Drawn Scene -

    Shift - To end a drawn scene


  • Game Features -

    This game, as a love letter to old school JRPGs of the 90s, features traditional turn based combat as its main combat mechanic.

    Several scenes within the game have been drawn by artists and turned into scenes which go into greater depth regarding the characters personalities. Two of the an alternative scenes which will depend heavily on the attitude of the player to determine how they play out.

    There are several options dungeons within the game which will yield rare items, equipment, and lead to skill for which cannot be naturally gained by leveling up. There are also powerful 13 powerful bosses sealed within gates within the world which need special keys to unlock. See if you can find them all as they will give access to the most powerful optional boss within the game.

    The mystery surrounding the world, characters, and crystals are all present within tablets scattered about the world, try and see if you can piece together the unspoken history of the world from the enemies sealed within.

    Read various texts to learn about the history of the world, skills which can be utilized by the characters, and about the darker side of the past which have shaped the land , and people, into what they have become today.

    Sub-quests which will alter and/or extend the ending of the game, give several powerful items and artifact which can be forged into weapons and armor, and allow access to events which cannot otherwise be seen.

    Endings -

    There is a "bad ending" within this game which will seem logical at a certain point within the story, however is logic always necessary to progress forward within life? Or is it better to submit oneself to what can only be called the "reasonable" choice when, by all rights, hope seems implausible.

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