Sep 15, 2018
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  • Sophie is a little girl with a big heart. She lives in a big city and it's very brave to say what she thinks and do as she wants. One day Sophie and her friends from school go out to explore an old abandoned factory where she finds a mysterious book which later sends her to another dimension. In this world there is an evil creature called "Neptune", or "The Dark Lord", who prepares to dominate the universe with his empire of evil spirits and dark skulls. Also, in this parallel reality there are light creatures such as the Fairy and the Goddess of Nature, an old war-enemy of the Dark Lord. They explain to her all about an old prophecy found in the Occult Book. Now Sophie will have to save The Occult World and find a way back home with the help of friends, specially a canine fella that also has incredible powers in The Occult World. In this adventure you'll find action mechanisms like running, jumping, shooting, and dodging traps, and also classic intelligent turn-based rpg battle, with a timing bar to act based on your agility. The fast paced shooting around combined with the classic rpg elements deliver a unique experience in gaming. It's a non-linear story-driven fantasy where your decisions shape the future and Sophie's moral balance. Prepare for beautiful graphics, music and a two-option ending that will hopefully stay in your memory for a long time. The game can be finished roughly in around 3 hours if you are used to rpg games. This is an independent game made entirely by me, and of course with with some help of the forum and some assets made by other users. In the download link you'll find a small video trailer as well. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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My boss asked I bring my laptop to work so he could see my game. I show my coworkers, show them some database stuff, and then my boss asks "so can I fight this final boss you've talked about a lot?" :kaojoy:
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Steam is going to be forcing me to update my desktop OS for Mac. It's a good thing that my laptop is Windows otherwise some of my work and a lot of game save files for 32-bit games would become unusable for a while.

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