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Apr 13, 2012
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Months after their assault on the Forsaken Isle off the coast of their city, three adventurers come together once more. A dancer turned cleric, a mercenary turned militia, and a magician turned elementalist. Called together by the cleric, her friends know nothing other than the sum they're being offered by her temple. The task seems simple enough -- retrieve a portrait from the residence of a missing painter. But it's not long before the cleric's compatriots consider their quest vaguely defined... and find themselves in a heap of trouble alongside her.

"The Painted Knight" is a humble dungeon crawl made for 2019's Theme Roulette II event at RPG Maker Network, and is the sequel no one asked for to my previous finished game, Forsaken Isle. In particular, my prompted word was 'Palette', and my image prompt was...

...and so, I figured I'd do my spin on a beloved side-quest of mine from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Guide Tawny, Zeke and Carol as they fight for their lives within an eldritch painting's pocket dimension.

  • A short-but-sweet tale, at roughly 35 minutes of gameplay
  • Fight your way through maze-like floors as you avoid or engage event-based, roaming enemies
  • Hard-hitting foes that should force you not spam Attack in most fight
  • Witness the banter between the trio; no more narrations to be had here in place of dialogue
  • Zeke and Carol's abilities have been tweaked -- Zeke is now hardier and hits harder, and Carol now has a freeze spell in place of a paralytic hex
  • No equipment, no problem -- battles are based on your wits, not tiered weapons
  • Yanfly's swift-running battle system has returned, keeping fights expedient yet dangerous -- live fast or die hard
  • Limited encounters and treasures mean limited resources; do you risk being beaten down to earn more Mana for crafting consumables?
Download Link
Copy-and-pasted from its game page on RMN: The Painted Knight
If it had an ESRB rating, probably "Teen".

Asset Credits
Party member sprites: Makapri
Scripts: Yanfly's "Yanfly Engine Ace"
Music: Aaron Krogh, Snowy Fox (RMN Music Pack)


Never change, you eloquent dancer

The dungeon maze beyond the foyer

Craft consumables from the life force of felled foes

I'm still super pleased with capturing this frame of the Thunder One animation

An obligatory name drop

What I'm Looking For
As the game's been out a while on RMN, I'm posting this here for a few reasons: a) to share something that I completed something with RPG Maker Web, b) to spread interest in my works, c) to motivate myself into my next project and d) to ask for critique. I feel I know some things I wanna polish for this upcoming project, but I might've missed something between the review and Let's Play on RMN.
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