RMMV The Plague (No Travel Jam Entry)


Jun 12, 2014
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The Plague

I'm kind of nervous and at the same time happy to submit my first ever finished game. The No Travel Game Jam sounded like a great opportunity to do a very small project and actually getting to finish it.

I took inspiration from a DnD-like game i had with my 8 and 5 year old kids. The game took us about 3-4 hours, it was a short story. If we (or better they) had run the plot directly it would have been about an hour I guess. Since I didn't have as much time to invest in making this game as i would have wanted to, I apologize beforehand for the probably bad quality. But I still wanted to submit this. I suppose if you straight run the story, you can finish in maybe 10 minutes or less, give or take RNG.

The Numbers in battle have been tested and work as they are intended. If you are lucky enough, you can defeat the end-boss with one hit. I've playtested this battle about 10-15 times and the average takes longer though. Last note: I'm not a native english speaker and thus I hope, texts in game are not too bad.

Again, because of the lack of time and since it's my first ever finished game, I thought going with RTP seemed best.

This is the little town in which we find ourselves.

And here's a bit of a spoiler, but I guess without the context it shouldn't hurt too much :)

[*]The characters in this game were meant to resemble my wife, our kids and myself. If I had more time to invest I would flesh them out a bit.

[*]The story is inspired by a DnD-Like game and how my kids decided to play it. I tweaked it a little to be more fitting to the current times and RPG-Maker itself.

The group found themselves in a town that was haunted by a plague. They decide to find out what's behind it.

I hope everyone who takes their time and tries out this little game won't be too disappointed. Criticism is welcome and probably much needed.

Edit: Hope the images are showing now
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Nov 7, 2015
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Hi there!

Played your game and here are my thoughts.
First off, my review will be kinda different since there will be plenty stuff to say hehe :D

Let's go with mapping first.

-There are inconsistencies on the mapping, there are tiles that I think should not be passable but they are.
-From start, you can go back inside and explore the house so I went upstairs, I also did not notice that there were other rooms until I walked in to them. The shadows does not make it clear to me that there are doors.
-And you also gets stuck there permanently? when trying to go back downstairs, you just get teleported to the wall beside.
-In the mansion, the place is already dark so there should not be shadows coming from the walls anymore.

To help, I attached the the pics in the spoilers cause they are a bit many.

On to the battle!

-My only gripe here is regarding your battle numbers. I know the battles are kept simple but to have everyone, the players and enemy, consistently deal 0 damage in every turn is very discouraging.
Also you can just remove the miss function, I can't imagine missing the chance to deal 0 damage haha.

-It was also funny that Emilia uses a long bow yet she had the skill Backstab.

-When encountering 5 rats, some are already positioned on the wall and does not look good given the battlebacks.

-Also, I encountered the ogre ahead when roaming the area around the Cloaked-Guy.

-And the potion did Patrick no good :(
With 20hp, he got dealt 12 damage, healed for just 2hp, and was dealt 15 next attack o_O

Now the story!

-The intro was very sudden, given how you mentioned that you took inspiration from dnd, you could atleast have a narrator set up the story. The intro was too convenient and had no proper connection to the story's plot other than it was what made Patrick wake up.

-I kinda laughed regarding Zantalla too, imagine immediately deeming the group of people he met as trustworthy and giving the keys to his house...

-As to Murphy's mansion part, it was very confusing who the Cloaked-Guy was, was he the assistant Murphy mentioned? because there was no proof there was another guy.
Or was he Zantalla? I just didn't mind it anymore as I got to the end pretty fast.

All in all, the story was a very short one and I like it that way.
There isn't complicated stuff to talk about as how you have given that the story was more of an adaptation to the dnd-like game you played with your cousins.
So, what you need is to just very much polish the game and it will be fine.

Also like that despite being the one-wholl-get-you-in-trouble character, Emilia is really the only reliable damage dealer in the party hahaha :D

trapped, huhu

Was going to attach all pics that I said were inconsistencies but my internet is giving me a hard time to upload.

-The bush with flowers on it- one on top of you house-or to the left of zantalla's- another near the guard below.
-The tree besides your house is passable from the sides making it look like your passing through the leaves. I think you could add regions to lock it from being passable.
-The thin tree beside a fence-just below the stairs leading to the mansion
-The area on the roof part of the inn, there are two tiles that are not passable- I thought there was something to do there for a while.
-The crate tile on the dungeon that was on the wall is inconsistent.
-After defeating the Cloaked-Guy and had to go back to Zantalla, you can go near the mansion hole again and trigger the sequence of them dropping down- really made me go Emilia noo! haha - maybe have it that Emilia wants to jump again but you can now stop her.

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Feb 19, 2014
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I gave your game a go, and it's clear this is your first finished game. Congrats on getting your game out there, but there are some major balancing issues.
The story felt rushed. Which is understandable if you were running out of time, but I think taking a bit more time to adjust the story would be a good use of your time. Like Wazzyki mentioned, the intro went by way too quickly. Patrick mentions something about fairies and a dream, but since the player doesn't see any of that it's hard to judge how important his comments are. Zantalla suddenly giving the adventurer's the key to his house really doesn't make sense (especially after playing the rest of the game), I would have expected him to tell Patrick to stay at the bar to watch for Murphy while Zantalla himself went to his house to get the key. Towards the end of the game things seemed to get even more confusing, I defeated the Dark Wizard and was exploring the room when I sat in the chair. Suddenly, Zantalla was there! It didn't make sense at all, and it turns out that you could sit in the chair and totally ignore the Dark Wizard:
ignore the baddy.png
I think if you decide to work more on this game, it'll be important to work on the story's pacing. Just keep in mind that the player won't be familiar with the DnD game you played with your kids, so something that is obvious to you won't be to the player. :)

Battles are another thing that need a lot of work. I can understand wanting to use low numbers, but you've got to make sure that the player isn't consistently hitting for 0. Most of my battles took ages just because I couldn't land a hit on the enemy... I used skills because they were more likely to actually cause damage, not because they were interesting. Battle balancing is one of the hardest things you need to do for a game, but it really does make-or-break the fun for the player. There are some things you can do to help, such as adjusting the damage so that most attacks do at least 1 damage or increasing the TP so that even low-damage attacks give you enough TP to use skills, but that'll only patch the minor issues. You'll need to take some time to decide on how you want battles to go, and adjust them to be both fun and fair for the player.

There are some other minor issues, though they're not as important as the rest. Personally I found the maps to be way to dark, especially outside. Please keep in mind that not everyone's monitor will be as bright as yours, so you should find other ways to show off darkness besides just a black tint. Purple or blue for the tint could also show that it's night, without being too dark to see.
hollow tree.png
You can see it in the image above, but the tree above the pub is passable so Patrick can walk right through its trunk!

Inside Murphy's mansion the fire would magically light if you interacted with it. That's a case of the 'Direction Fix' not being set on the event, so it's an easy fix.
magic lighting fire.png
Overall, I did like the general idea of the game but the battle balance was a big problem. But getting your first game out there is a big acheivement, so please be proud of yourself! Good luck with your future projects. :rwink:


Jun 12, 2014
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Hello and thanks for taking your time to play and review!

Let's go with mapping first.
I will look in to all these inconsistencies. I found some myself and thought i got them all by simply reapplying the tiles. Seems I overlooked some. Also the transferring will be checked again.

In the mansion, the place is already dark so there should not be shadows coming from the walls anymore.
You're right. I didn't even think about those. Guess I have to double-check my shadows. :)

My only gripe here is regarding your battle numbers.
I can see how those numbers are frustrating. I did several runs and actually wasn't quite sure if I should use this "system". Thought I'd still give it a go, since it works perfectly in the game I took the idea from. Probably not the best for a computer game, though.
About placing of enemies, will look into that.
All in all I will probably use another system for all my numbers. Thanks for the feedback!

t was also funny that Emilia uses a long bow yet she had the skill Backstab.
Gotta find another name for that skill. :D I just tried to translate some of the skills. Maybe I did a bad job at that ;P But that shouldn't be too much of a problem to fix.

Now the story!
I guess trying to convert the story from our game simply to the PC didn't go too well.

maybe have it that Emilia wants to jump again but you can now stop her.
I thought I had those turned off with a switch. Must check again.

Also thanks for reviewing.

The story felt rushed.
And I'm very sorry about that. Having too little time shouldn't be an excuse. I just wanted to finally release something and this event just seemed perfect. Nonetheless not an excuse. Next time I'm sure to take time and don't rush anything, even if it means missing the deadline. :)

it turns out that you could sit in the chair and totally ignore the Dark Wizard:
This should have been avoided by the switches I used. Since in theory all my switches were set up, I didn't try doing it this way. But I will look into that. Thanks for pointing out.

it'll be important to work on the story's pacing.
Yes, as stated above. Thanks for going through the game anyways. :)

Battles are another thing that need a lot of work.
I will definitely redo those as a whole. It just seemed to be ok on the average in my test runs.

Personally I found the maps to be way to dark, especially outside.
I will see if I can find better ways for that. It did seem pretty lit on my screen. Again: thanks for pointing this out.

That's a case of the 'Direction Fix' not being set
That.... (>_<)

Thanks for playing. I'll try to fix as much of this as possible. And I will let someone else test-play when I'm done. I can see now, that I as the dev just don't see many things or may perceive them different than what an actual player will see. Like all those "minor" issues with passability or directions.

Thanks for the constructive crtitcs. Have a great time and stay safe!


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Jul 2, 2019
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I saw this game on Touchfuzzy's stream and wanted to see if playing it on my own computer with the brightness turned all the way up would make it more playable. Sadly, it was still too dark to see comfortably. Even with the brightness turned all the way up, I could barely make out the characters. I did manage to go a little ways on the map and noticed that some characters had "spotlights" around them, making them fully visible. Please adjust your lighting plugin to make it easier to see the playing field, because in it's current state, the game is unplayable.

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