RMMV The Point of Pain (Pre-Alpha) Demo - Narrative-Driven Dark Fantasy


Nov 29, 2017
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Content Warning: The Point of Pain contains pixelated blood and gore, dark and depressing themes, and some language.

Gus, a cynical Paladin, is burdened with watching over Maria, an optimistic recruit and wife to his best friend and superior. Their tense relationship is tested when they happen upon the isolated town of Haemuth, a seemingly quiet hamlet that turns out to be the site of several disappearances. As the Paladins delve deeper, they encounter many a shadowy individual, uncover a sinister plot, and are forced to confront the pain inlaid deep within their pasts. Will they succumb? Or come to understand...



  • A Narrative-Driven Dark Fantasy. Lose yourself in a a strong, unapologetic story with a diverse cast of characters. There are plenty of mysteries to uncover, choices to make, bonds to forge, and twists to reveal. Pay attention and prepare yourself. Clues are easy to miss and this is no fairytale.
  • A Skill-Based Twist on the Classic JRPG Combat System. Battle against a variety of villains in a turn-based combat system devoid of RNG. You have no one to blame but yourself for your mistakes. Manage your party's supplies and stamina frugally, and study your opponent's strengths and weaknesses carefully. Complacency will only get you killed.
  • Multiple Branching Talent Trees. Each party member plays differently, and how exactly they do is up to you. Does your Ravager focus on being a marathon fighter or preparing all their strength for a single devastating strike? Does your Scoundrel stick to the shadows picking off foes or weaken them with debilitating poisons and statuses? Regardless, you won't be able to experience every build in a single playthrough.
  • A Runtime of 4-5 Hours
  • Plenty of Loot
  • Delicious Lore
  • Versatile Soundtrack

Trailer and Screenshots:

bandicam 2021-04-24 16-05-01-386.jpgbandicam 2021-05-09 19-58-03-547.jpg

bandicam 2021-04-24 16-08-02-147.jpgbandicam 2021-05-09 19-56-24-130.jpg
bandicam 2021-05-09 19-47-31-866.jpgbandicam 2021-05-06 19-17-32-772.jpg

Download Here:

  • Written and Designed by Josh Ridel
  • Graphics by Andy Chen, Kadokawa, 7Soul, November_Seventeen, Bokou, Moghunter, Com_sho, and Whtdragon
  • Additional Scripts from Yanfly, SumRndmDde, Galv, Alistair Engine, Terrax, Himeworks, Moogle_X, and Masked
  • Music and SFX by TeknoAxe, Sextile, JDB Artist, Joel Steudler, Souichi Sakagami, Bittersweet Entertainment, Richard John S., and Murray Atkinson

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