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Jun 25, 2013
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https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/seeking-storywriter-or-ideas-mv.117200/ (my recruitment thread)

As the game has now been underway for a little while, I thought I should finally make a proper thread here.
Here's just a little info about the game, most of what will follow can also be found within my recruitment thread, so much of what will follow is not new information:
There are currently 4 kingdoms (A full world map will be shown below), each containing their own race:
- Lionsgard: The kingdom of humans. It is the largest kingdom, extending far north and encompassing what was recently another kingdom, Northreach.
- Just west of Lionsgard is Drake's Watch. This kingdom is home to the Pharon, a race of humans who are much more grounded and in-tune with nature. To that end, they are VERY commonly hunters, most Pharon even tame an animal companion. Although VERY rare, some Pharon have even successfully tamed Dragons (called Dragonlords).
- In the northwest of the continent is Yridyl ("ear-uh-dill"), the kingdom of Elves, and following fairly recent events, now the magical stronghold of the world.
- To the southwest, the kingdom of Edherest ("Ed-here-est"), home to the aggressive melee fighters known as Tagian. You guessed it, another human race. What makes them interesting, however, is that they opted to become better melee fighters exclusively, they dislike magic, seem to be sworn enemies of elves (due to their strong distaste for magic), and many of them are Witch Hunters. About as rarely as Dragonlords, Tagian also occasionally ascend to much stronger fighters, becoming powerful Spell Breakers. Very spooky to go against as a magic-user.

"The Main Four":
- You are Ellaria, an elven woman with an exceptionally rare power: she is capable of using Arcane magic, an oddity so obscenely rare, she's unlikely to encounter even 5 others like her in the world. Her journey begins in the Trader's Forest, within Edherest, where she is searching for an artifact known as an Arcane Gem.
- Mohrseus: A human warrior, hailing from Northreach. His first appearance is during the opening, within the Trader's Forest.
- Dog Guy: An assassin who does in fact have a more legitimate, official name, but prefers to go by the much shorter name "Dog Guy", he had an unfortunate encounter with a target he was meant to assassinate. Instead, using her Arcane magic, she turned him into a dog. Dog Guy's first appearance is right at the beginning of the game, joining Ellaria less than 5 minutes in.
- Azalea: A powerful sorceress who commands the elements with great mastery, she is thought to be the sole-survivor of a now-lost kingdom once known as Leandros, the then magical powerhouse of the world. Further info regarding her is currently not known at this point in time.

"Important NPCs":
- Maestra Latimer: The most powerful known Arcanist in the world, although her origin is currently not known, she once resided within Leandros. It was her home kingdom (but not necessarily where she was born/from), the life she had and knew was brutally ripped away from her in the Fall of Leandros, she now resides in a keep in Northreach.
- (will be updated as the story continues to develop)

"The Gem Guardians":
- Witch Hunter Ahkos: A Tagian Witch Hunter, he seeks the Arcane Gem of Trader's Forest. But when Ellaria takes it right in front of him, he's not very willing to just let her go.
- (will be updated as the story continues to develop)

Gameplay features can be found more thoroughly within the link provided above, but as a brief summary:
- ATB battle system
- Extensive crafting system
- Time system, with an integrated harvesting system, where harvested nodes (Ore for smithing, herbs for alchemy) respawn over time.
- Enchanting: Improve equipment with powerful enhancements and enchantments

The World Map

A Spooked Squirrel (with the clock interface at the bottom)

A Spooky Night in the Forest

The First Gem Guardian

Anyone who may be interested in hearing about this game, following it's development, or communicating with me, feel free to add me on discord: Zerothedarklord#8459
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