Oct 12, 2013
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Calling out to Animators, Musician, Artists, Eventers, Mappers
What is the Rise of Hotaru? The Rise of Hotaru is a currently in-development RPG that will be made with RPG Maker VX Ace.

How will this game be distrubuted? When the game is in a finished state, I plan to try and get it on Steam Greenlight.

Will the game be sold? No. The game will be completely free and the entire project is non-profit.

Is this project serious? Yes. I plan to work on this project as much as I possibly can, but I do need help with getting it into a nice finished state

What is the synopsis of the game?

After investigating the forest near his hometown of Belirus, Jerric Ferrius soon discovers that the evil and dark warrior, Hotaru, has returned and has regained his former power. Because of Jerric’s bloodline, only he is able to wield the sacred sword, Tsukiakari, seal away Hotaru once and for all, and save Tellirius. However, he can’t do it with his current strength. After being hit with Hotaru’s blade power a small piece of him was left in him, causing him to slowly fade into darkness and hatred. He must gain the strength and acceptance of Tsukiakiri by undergoing a long and difficult journey, in which he will face trials that the weak-hearted could never survive. However, we won’t face these trials alone. He will be joined by his best friend, Aileen Tenulot, Melanie Baloroc, Luna Lealia, and Shizuka Terumi. Together, they will complete the trials, restore Jerric’s heart back to its purity, and seal away Hotaru forever.
(All names are brainstormed and suggestions are open, even to those not interested in joining the team)

How can I sign up and positions are available? To become part of the team, you can send me a PM with your Skype name and the position you want included. If the spot is open, I will add you and ask some questions, such as what kind of experience you have with what you're signing up for. You must also include a demo of your work.

Currently, this is the status of the positions needed:

Animator: [OPEN]

Artist: [OPEN]

Pixel Artist [OPEN]

Musician: [OPEN]

Eventer: [OPEN]

Mapper: [OPEN]

What are the jobs of each position? Each position has their own jobs and duties. An animator will need to be able to make a trailer when the game is in a good enough state to make a trailer. The artist will need to be able to make various artworks such as: character designs, face graphics, title art, and promotional art. It is preferred that the artist be able to draw in anime style, but this is not required. Other styles are accepted. The pixel artist will need to be able to create tilesets, charatcer sprites that match up to the artist's character designs, and various other sprites. The musician needs to be able to create battle themes, character themes, town themes, etc. These will need to be consistent in genre save for character themes which can be various genres depending on the character. Eventers will need to be able to make complex events including cutscenes. Mappers should be self-explanatory. They need to be able to create towns, a world map, dungeons, and any other map needed.

How much creative freedom does the team have? I want to try and give the team a good amount of creative freedom. However, major events such as story-related cutscenes must be reviewed by me. I leave the character designs in the hands of the artists. Upon joining, you will receive a run-down of each main character's personality and backstory just in case that affects your design choices. Musicians will also receive a run down of each main character's personality and backstory. Most minor cutscenes that are not story-related may need to be reviewed by me depending on how minor it is. Most of the time, I won't shoot down creative decisions unless they interfere with the game's story or gameplay.

Can a person join with no experience? Of course, but keep in mind that if someone with more experience signs up for the same position, they will be chosen over you.

Confidentiality Agreement: By joining this team, you acknowledge that you will not release classified information regarding development of the game until its release. This includes spoilers and any hidden secrets in the game.


May 24, 2014
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I'm interessted in composing music for you.  I'm a composer/pianist looking to add on to my growing portfolio.  if interested please contaact me so we can discuss further details.

Thank you.

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