RMMV The Rise of Scourge (A game based on the Warriors Manga)

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    Living the life of a small housecat named Tiny, endure the torment of your siblings and the outdoors and prove yourself as the ultimate leader of the city. Battle many enemies, collect rare items, and save those of the past. Any choices you make may change your games ending, for better, or worse...Can you survive?

    This game was originally made in VX Ace a couple of years ago or so, but I've gotten MV a while back and converted it so I could continue working on it in that program. It was my first ever RPG Maker game. The game is a long one, as each part comes out in Chapters. Currently both Chapters 1 & 2 are available to play. The game will have up to 6 Chapters in the end.
    Posted in in development because while I do a lot of testing, I'm aware that bugs do pop up here and there. Some of my players have already alerted me about a couple of big ones, so I'm thankful for that. XD

    You can find out more about the game and find downloads for Windows and Mac users here: https://theriseofscourgerpg.weebly.com

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