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Mar 7, 2021
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The Specialist 3: Superforce

A powerful, cunning and ancient enemy has awakened from the prison of sleep. Only when all the forces of humanity united in thoughts, feelings and energies could they stop him by the unstoppable force of Harmony. Will humanity be able to do it again? Help Ion defeat this terrible enemy to save the menace of the world from him”.

An ancient enemy just awake, the entire humanity is in danger. Help Ion to save his world"

This is my third RPG Maker game. This game was meant for me to explore and get a feeling for the game engine. This combine sprites, battlers from some users that had my greatest respect, admiration and thanks. Also you will see in this game contains the default tiles, sprites and etc.

This is a RPG lineal story game. It’s not a usual game that the player concentrate of each maps to increase the level of the characters. The story develope each character with their specialties. Each characters learn through their stories abilities that needs to win each battles and end the game. In this game do not exist the currency, money. In other words, you can’t buy health, power, life, magic, abilities, armors, weapons, items, special move, knowlegde, levels, maps, foods, lands, potions, information, classes.

Other game features:

The principal characters that shows the game are:

Ion, Vidik, Dina, Vika, Anna, Joaquina, Dan-Ker, Tamus, Games, Torrent, Sek, Black Knight Warrior, Krutus, Blaster, Xen (Auffer) and Adam (character default of RPG).

Characters you can play it:

Ion, Anna, Joaquina and Dan-Ker.

Character mention:

Master Ignus

Some enemies:

Lamia, scorpion, spider, werewolves, skeletons.


The maps do not have a names, some maps i made myself with the default settings. I use some defautl maps that the RPG Maker has for itself

In the beginning the characters of Ion, Dina, Vidik and Vika are searching Dr. Muntis that had plans for rule the world.

The game have credits in the end.

Now i am develepment the fourth (4) game named: The Specialist 4: The Strongest with the platform RPG Maker MV

I hope you enjoy though and please, I would love to hear some critiques! I want to get better at making stories and games in this engine.



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