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Apr 25, 2012
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RPG Maker VX Ace Lite
RPG Maker VX/Ace Tutorial:
The Ten Easiest Things You Can Do with Events

One of the first things you will want to learn about RPG Maker VX Ace Lite (or the full version of Ace) is how to manage events. Here is a progressive list of the very simplest events. They build step by step so you can learn each skill, and are designed to get you moving with confidence into eventing your game.

First Things First - Get the Game and Open a Project
You will need to download RPG Maker VX Ace Lite or Ace.
First, open up a new project. (If you are using Lite, you may have to click the
“Continue running in Trial Mode” button.)
You will see a screen that looks something like this one.


Since this is not a mapping tutorial, I will not explain how to make this world map.
All ten of these easy events are made on this world map. If you want to try making these events you will need a map which is similar to this one, containing two islands with a tent and a pyramid.
After you have finished, you will need to be in Eventing Mode. You can either select the button shown on the toolbar below, or choose F6.


To have the exact same project as the one I have made, check the spoiler at the end for help to add three special resources. To make this tutorial extremely simple, just skip this step entirely! =] You can do everything here without them.

Now you are ready to make your first event.
Easy Event One - Quick Event, Transfer
When you are creating a new event, you have the option of using Quick Events to easily create one of four event types on your map. The first and simplest of these is the transfer event, which moves your player from one location to another. In this case, the pyramid will move the player to the second island.
To create this Quick Event, right-click on the pyramid, select Quick Event Creation, and Transfer, as shown.


This window will pop up. Click on the three dots…


And select the location indicated on the second island.


Now your completed event appears on the map overtop of the pyramid as a greyed square over the tile, as you can see here. (This is not how it will appear in game. In your game, the event will be invisible, and only the pyramid from your map will be seen.)

Congratulations! You have made your first event! When the player touches the pyramid, he will be transferred to the second island.

Easy Event Two - Add an Event Graphic to the Map
Last time we right clicked to make choose a spot on the map for an event. This time, you can double-click on the spot indicated on the second island. (either method works!)


An empty Event Page will open up.


Now double-click in the Graphic box on the left, and choose the three vases from Ying’s Desert tiles, as I did, or select one of the orbs in the !Other1 character sheet. Note the “priority” highlighted in red that is still set in the blank event page as “below characters.” That was how it started out in the blank event page.


When you click on OK and the graphic is accepted, the priority is changed to “same as characters.” This is what you want. =]


Click OK to accept this, and the event is displayed on the map as a greyed out graphic image.


You have created your second easy event! The graphic you have chosen will show up as a full color image on your map when you play your game.
Stopping to talk about “Priority”
“Priority” is the dumbest term in RPG Maker.
I think a better word may have been “placement” or “position.”
So just forget thinking that it has anything to do with priority the way normal people think about it.

Here’s the drill.

If you walk on it, like a carpet, it is Below Characters.
If you would run into it, like a door, tree, or another person, it is Same as Characters.
And if it is above your head, like a butterfly, or an overhead bridge, it is Above Characters.

If you accidentally make an event “Below Characters,” it gets tricky, because it limits the ways the player can activate the event. More on that later when you learn about triggers; for now, just be very clear about where things ought to be. Is it on the floor? Is it overhead? If not, it probably ought to be “Same as Characters.”

Easy Event Three - An NPC who Talks
Right-click here and choose New Event.


From now on, let’s name our events, since that is a really good habit. We will call this one NPC (which stands for non-playable character.) Double-click in the Graphic box, and choose the sprite by Momope, (or you can pick one of the People sprites.) Pick the one in the second row so he will be facing the correct direction on the map.


Note that your event has a “trigger” of action button. Click OK.

Now look on the right side of the event page at the Event Contents. Double-click on the top event command line in the Contents. (the grey and white lined area.)



The Event Commands window will open, and the Show Text button is at the top. Click that button to add text to your event.


Type your message in the “Text:” field, and click “OK.”
Your event will appear on the map like this:


You have created your third event. When the player encounters this event, and uses the action button (enter or space bar,) the event command will be triggered and the NPC will “talk” to him.
Easy Event Four - Add Message to a Map Location
Okay, we are not going to allow anyone to enter the tent until a later stage in the game, so it needs to display a message when the player tries to enter. You know how to add a new event to a location on the map, so make that new map event on the tent on the second island.

You’ll have your blank event page. Remember we are naming all our events now, so let’s name it “Tent Message.” Go into the Event Contents (those lines on the right) and open a new event command. Add a “Show Text” command like you did in the previous example.


This creates an event with priority below characters because there is no graphic, right? But we need for the player to be able to “knock on the door” as it were, to activate the event, so we need to change the priority to “same as characters.”


Now your finished event will look like this:


And it will look like this in your project map:


Because this event has no graphic, in the game all the player will see is the tent tile, but because the event is “same as characters,” he will run into it when he tries to go to the tent, as planned.

And you have made your fourth event.
Easy Event Five - Treasure Chest Quick Event
Another Quick Event you have in your arsenal is one of the gamer’s favorites - the treasure chest! Who doesn’t like to get some loot? So create a treasure chest on the map here.


This window pops up and allows you to select the treasure. You can only choose one option from the Quick Event window. Please give yourself at least ten gold for now. =]
If you like you can double-click on the chest graphic and choose a different chest.


And your chest appears evented on your map…


And you have created your fifth easy event. It is very simple isn’t it?
Easy Event Six - Animated Object
Now we are going to add an event which contributes to the atmosphere of your map - the animated object. We are going to add a burning campfire to the second island (the one on the left.) Pick a spot on the left side of the island for your campfire event. Create the new event, name the event “campfire” and choose a graphic. Pick the campfire under the “!Flame” character set.


Because you added a graphic, everything is set up, except that you want your campfire to look like it is burning! To create this effect, choose “stepping animation.” (More on this in another tut!)


Now your event is all set up, and your map should look kind of like this.


Your player will see an animated fire. You have created your sixth easy event.
Easy Event Seven - a Sprite that Moves
The addition of moving sprites and animals to a map is a major part of creating a sense of life and activity to a game. Adding a seagull (or a butterfly if you didn’t add my extra stuff!) is our next step.

Make a new event in the Palm Forest at the top of the second island. Name the event (seagull or butterfly.) Choose the graphic for the seagull (or butterfly, in the animals character sheet.)

Now we are making several decisions here.

We want priority to be “Above Characters” because seagulls and butterflies are overhead creatures and their events should be as well.
We want Stepping Animation “ON” because when they are staying on a single map tile (not “moving”) we still want them to be animated - flapping their wings and flying.
and We want a new feature - Autonomous Movement - set to random. This allows our creature to wander around the map from tile to tile.


And it all looks good… Our event is ready to fly…


And you have created your seventh easy event!
Easy Event Eight - Quick Event PLUS - Inn with Tileset B Graphic and Faceset for Innkeeper
Inns are used in games as a way for your player to “rest up” - they put the player back to 100% after a long day battling monsters! Good game design balances the cost and frequency of inns to the increasing difficulty of game play. Add a Quick Event inn on the left side of the main island (the west coast near the second island.)

Double-click the empty graphic box in the pop-up window and choose Tileset-B. Select a town for your inn. The one I chose is highlighted.


After your graphic is selected you can also choose a price to stay one night at the inn.
Remember that your treasure chest gave you ten gold, so don’t make it too expensive!


Name your event “Desert Inn.”


You will notice that there is a “Show Text” event in your inn’s Event Commands. We are going to edit this line. Right-click the text command, and choose “Edit.”


The window for the text shows up. Add a graphic for a face (double-click in the empty graphic box to open the selection window), so your inn seems to have an innkeeper talking to you.


And choose the face you think makes the most sense. I chose the old man.


And your Desert Inn event is complete. Just so you know, many “inn” events are actually people! Although the event is named as if it were a place, since you speak to an innkeeper to pay for the room for the night, most frequently, the graphic for this kind of event is a person. So you can think of this Quick Event as an “innkeeper” event, as well.


You have finished your eighth easy event!
Easy Event Nine - Quick Event PLUS - Transfer with direction change and graphic
For this ninth event, we will take care of a loose end. Do you remember that we created a transfer event to the island on the pyramid? Well, how will our player get back? We need to make another transfer. (A good habit in the future is always to make the transfer back right away, so you don’t forget to make them.)

In the spot indicated on the map below, make a new transfer event. Why am I changing direction? This changes the direction the player’s sprite will be facing when they “land” in their new spot. Sometimes it can be awkward to transfer to a new map and have the sprite be facing towards a wall or to the side. Facing “down” means they are facing the screen, so that usually looks best.


Set the destination (remember - click on the three dots at the end) to be right back on the starting position on the first island.


Accept your transfer event and the event will be on your map. Now we want to edit it. The event page will look like this:


Tsk! Tsk! Not named! Let’s name it, “Transfer back to main” and change the graphic to one of the hexagrams. Why are we changing the graphic? Remember that without an event graphic, this event will be invisible to the game player. So if we have a transfer event just lying around, the poor fella will be walking around and all of a sudden, zappo, he will get tossed to the main island. Sometimes things like that happen in games, but generally speaking they shouldn’t happen for no reason. So the way to let your player know “Hey this is a transfer” is to add a graphic. Because transfers are “below characters” - like rugs - we kept the priority as below character. So you will step onto the hexagram and get whisked away.


And the hexagram event appears on your map.


Your ninth event is complete!
Easy Event Ten - Quick Event PLUS - Treasure Chest with Scrolling Text on second page
For our last easy event we will enjoy two fun elements of gaming - treasures and quirky dialog.

Let’s edit that treasure chest event. First, let’s name the event, and then we will click on that second event page. (see the tab at the top?)


The second event page has no event commands, but we will change that.
Let’s add scrolling text to the treasure chest. I figure that anyone who tries to get money out of an already-raided treasure chest deserves a little bit of ribbing!


The “Show Scrolling Text” Event Command is a few buttons below the show text button.


You can add whatever message you like. If you check the box for “no fast forward’ this prevents the player from clicking through the process of the words slowly rising up the screen. Balancing a little aggravation for doing the wrong thing with just being a pain in the neck is another part of game design to toy around with.


And you have made a nice little world with your ten easy events!

Demo in Lite

Optional Resources to Add to have the identical project - How to add Character Sheets
You will need to add these three graphics to your game project files for your images to look exactly like the ones I have here. They are by Mack, Ying and Momope.




To add these graphics, first download them to your computer. (Your desktop is an easy location. Right-click, save as… on the image is the way to get them…) For two of the files, it will be necessary to rename them with a dollar sign in front if the name. In other words, the second image will no longer be named “Ying Desert Tiles” but instead it will be “$Ying Desert Tiles” - do not rename the character sheet with the animals. Then select all three files, and copy them.

On the toolbar, under Game, choose Open Game Folder > Graphics > Characters and PASTE the three files. Now they are in your game file to be used in your events!
Please do no repost this tutorial, or reproduce it in any manner, video, paper or otherwise.

See Granny’s Signature for a list of Ace Tutorials for the New Ace User
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Daughter of Evil

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Jun 21, 2013
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This is 10 things you could do, but you can do 100 if you know what your doing :)


Jul 13, 2013
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im having some probloms with the animals can someone help me?
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Dark Paladin

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Jul 10, 2012
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the animal picture doesnt fricking work
Did you Import it into your character's folder or just place it there? Also do not put the dollar sign on that one.

8 charset sheets should never have a $ in the name.

Single Charset sheets should always have a $ in front of the name.

Also its better to import instead of just drop in the folder to make sure the transparency works correctly I've experienced certain web browsers that add a white background to transparent images.
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Apr 25, 2012
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Yeah, my instructions were very bad in that regards and I am lashing myself with a wet noodle right now, and apologize most sincerely.

The animal sheet should NOT have the dollar sign.

My bad. I will fix the post right now.


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Apr 25, 2012
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Updated post for new links due to site reorganization.

Plus my students are doing this today in class. =]

nio kasgami

May 21, 2013
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again Deb you are a awesome grandma : D your tutorial is always awesome I think you help the people to much  they will become lazy if this continue ~ 

at least I already know how to settle all the classic way's you showed 

I hope for help other people you will show them how to play a little with the Variable because I know variable can be complicate to understand : > 

continue your job > : 3 !

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