TheHarmp, reporting for duty. (hihi, doodie)

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    Good afternoon, good people of the community.
    I'd just like to introduce myself, to avoid coming across as another resource grabbin profiteer hehe.

    My name is Harm, I'm 25 years old, I was born and raised in the Netherlands
    and I've been working with RPGM (different versions) since about 2006.

    I've started quite a few projects, but somehow life always got in the way and made me take time out to get it all together.
    Only for me to return to the project months later and completely lost why I made it the way I made it, got annoyed with myself and deleted everything to start anew.

    But then came 2012, the year the world was supposed to end (which it didn't if you hadn't noticed)
    And I got inspired to write a story, which I did, not the complete story with every line of dialogue and such in place,
    But a large outline of the world, the adventure of the protagonist, the motivation of the antagonist(s) and the different features I'd like to have implemented.

    Now it's about 2 years later, and I'm still working on the same project, It's nowhere near finished, but it's showing some promising progress If I say so myself.
    I'll post a topic about my game once I get a demo up. (or atleast a little more to show/tell)

    I hope to not only recieve a lot from this community, but also give a little (maybe a lot) back to it.
    Thanks for reading,


    -Picture of me with my 2 brand new nieces (ps. I'm the one in the middle.)


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    Welcome buddy. That seems to be a huge experience for a guy who's new here. Hope to see you around. 

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