Dec 23, 2016
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Heyla, everyone!

So, HexMozart88 and I are working on a farming game called Cultivation Voyage. During the making of this game, we've discovered that certain objects were just super hard to find, and I ended up breaking down and making the few things we don't have, myself. They're certainly not the greatest, but they're serviceable. I thought I'd share them, in case anyone else needs such items for their games. Here are the terms and conditions:

Credit: Opalin Hubay Pickens, aka TheKeeper, TheKeeper81, and Various Other Aliases
Credit: (For the God and Goddess Statues) HexMozart88

Non-Commercial: Free

Commercial: Free with due credit (see above)

Repost: No, you may not repost my work

Edits: Allowed, as long as you give me due credit and provide a link to the original source

Repost of Edits: Allowed, as long as you give me due credit and provide a link to the original source

Intended Maker: These are original sprites so they can be used with any game maker.

First, a simple butter churn.

Butter Churn.png

Second, a juice press or wine press.

Juice Press.png

Here's a simple loom I made.


So, I made the following preserves jar in different colors: brown, for when it's at rest, red, for when it's processing the fruit, and blue, for when it's finished processing. I threw in green because I wanted the final row to be a different color from the other rows.

Preserves Jar.png

All of my other sprites were drawn digitally, but the sewing machine was made by altering a photo of a sewing machine, because my drawing skills, such as they are, just aren't good enough for a sewing machine. I did draw the table the machine is resting on, though, for what it's worth.


The following God and Goddess statues were made by HexMozart88 using my Female and Male Tall Human Base Sprites as a base for the statues.

Goddess Spritesheet_Resized.png

God Spritesheet_Resized.png
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