Dec 23, 2016
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Note: The size of the images is 426 x 1024, to allow for more details to be included in the custom work. When the work is completed, I recommend shrinking it down to 108x256, which makes the sprites 64 pixels tall and still able to look fine with the default tilesets. They can even fit in the beds, at that height! This said, I personally like the way they look at 126x304, which brings them to 76 pixels in height, but they don't fit the proportions of the default tiles very well, and they certainly don't fit into the beds. I did initially recommend narrower widths, to compensate for the stretching of the graphics that can sometimes happen in full screen mode in-game, but this only makes the sprite come out looking much too thin when in windowed mode. More, I found that it can appear too thin on other computers in full screen mode, as well, so I've nixed that idea. So I've finally settled on 108x256 for the ideal size of my sprites, in-game.

The chibi sprites that came with RPG Maker VX Ace were just too child-like for the kind of stories I wanted to tell, so I decided to search the web for sprites that better suited my tastes *and* were freely available for use in both commercial and non-commercial projects (money was tight, so I needed a free resource). Alas, I couldn't find any that suited my needs, so I decided to buckle down, dust off my drawing skills and Wacom tablet, and make my own, and I was surprisingly pleased by the results of days of hard work. It's been a couple of years since I've made these, and I've found I still like the look of them, after all this time. As such, I figured they were worth uploading and sharing with others searching for this kind of taller, more adult look in their RPG Maker games, and I give the following terms of use in your games:

Credit: Opalin Hubay Pickens, aka TheKeeper, TheKeeper81, and Various Other Aliases

Non-Commercial: Free

Commercial: Free with due credit (see above) and a free copy of your game (I shouldn't have to pay for something I essentially helped make, eh? ;D)

Repost: No, you may not repost my work

Edits: Allowed, as long as you give me due credit and provide a link to the original source

Repost of Edits: Allowed, as long as you give me due credit and provide a link to the original source

Intended Maker: While I made this for use with RPG Maker VX Ace, this is original artwork that isn't tied to any maker specifically. So you can totally use this with any maker or tool you have access to!






Here are some examples of what the characters look like shrunk down with clothes and hair (please note these are examples and are not meant for your use):


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