Dec 4, 2020
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Here's the link of what I want:

It doesn't have an option to download it alone, so I bought the pack as per the only available download link (within those two pictures). I'm aware on how to use plugins, I've been using Message Core <WordWrap> just fine. Upon looking into the plugin files available, I don't see anything for Extended Message Packs. I only see Message Macro or Message Speed plugins within the "Core & Options Plugins". I am very disheartened that I can't find how to get the options available with Extended Message Pack. I don't know how to contact Yanfly over this problem or what to do...

--ON ANOTHER NOTE: I want my game to be full of life with its storytelling, text sounds, faces by characters in the messages, more sound effects with events, more tiles -- If anyone can advise further on what would help me personally I'd appreciate that too.

:) Thanks for reading!

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