Three Scripts for Victor's combat system:

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    Victor's new combat feature, The Map Turn Battle, a system reminiscent of the Chrono Trigger series, isn't compatible with the YEA system, and he doesn't have any plans of including compatibility with YEA yet, as he did with his animated battlers.

    This feature requires Victor Engine – Basic Module, Victor Engine – Animated Battle and Victor Engine – Actor Battlers. As it stands, this combat system is beautiful-- only there are two things I love about the YEA system which make it a must-have for me right now, but which might be able to be incorporated into victor's system:

    -Element Absorb, which allows enemies to absorb certain elemental attacks and heal from them.

    -Enemy Levels, which allows enemies to level up as the player gains experience.

    -Skill Cost Manager, which allows skills to use other parameters aside from MP or TP, such as HP, or items.

    I am looking for someone willing to enter the fray and create equivalents of these YEA scripts for the Victor system. Any volunteers? :)
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