RMMV Through the Magnifying Glass: The Dirigible Murder


Mar 18, 2019
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Through the Magnifying Glass: The Dirigible Murder

( still a working title. :D )​

Title: Working - Through the Magnifying Glass: The Dirigible Murder
Expected Audience: Teens and Adults?
Expected ESRB Rating: T - Teen
Expected Price Point: 5-10 with sales for as little as 2-3
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android (?), iPhone (?), Switch (?)
  • Steam
  • Humble Bundle
  • App Store(s)(?)
  • RPG Maker Website(?)
Game Modes:
  • JRPG 2d style
  • Turn based combat
  • Puzzles to unlock new and old areas
Unique Selling Points:
  • Murder Mystery
  • Steampunk
  • Ability to gain experience through dialogue and puzzles instead of all combat grind
  • Confined map with fully unlockable exploration
  • Big/beautiful pixel rendered scenes - things you’d want to make backgrounds out of
  • 100 % pixel art
  • Customizable player character with a range of gender options (m/x/f)
Similar/Competitive Products:
  • Chrono Trigger
  • LA Noire
  • Danga Rompa
  • FFVI
  • Skies of Arcadia
  • Midnight Train
  • Catharis
  • Skyborn
  • Echoes of Aetheria
  • Heartbeat

I am currently re-working all my art and designs -- but here are some older versions of the characters and art --

I've been doing prototyping in RPG Maker MV as well using default sprites and icons as placeholders.

Outside Pier

Inside Janky Stairs and Hallway

Sample Rooms
Captain's Room

Lady Eleanor Sitting Room, Bedroom, and Maid/Butler Room

Duke Edward's Sitting Room, Bedroom and Vessel's Room

First Puzzle Room (currently a WIP)

Mechanical Bird
Name: Poncho
Gender: Nonbinary
Age: Unknown
Race/Species: Bird/Mechanical
Class: --
Personality: Sassy
Description: Sassy mechanical bird with help tips) Has a soul inside of it (Demon? Human? Other?) Reclaimed from a Mage den as putting a soul into a machine (death magic) is illegal. Tells people it’s an automaton.
Story Purpose: Tutorial assistant

  • “Man, I don't miss that cage.”
  • “Thanks for saving me.”
  • “Poncho want a cracker?”
  • “I used to be a regal blue bird.”
  • “Sometimes I miss soaring through the skies.”
There are 10 recruitable team options (called Companions):

Human (Maid)
Name: Elaretta Keenan
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Race/Species: Human
Class: Rogue
Personality: Helpful

  • Maid to Lady Eleanor
  • Agrees to help you to keep her safe
  • Raised as a young age to be a protector
  • Her father and mother also work for the family
  • Grew up with Eleanor
Story Purpose: Recruitable ally for combat

  • Lady Eleanor: Has promised to protect and serve
  • “My goal is to live and serve Lady Eleanor.”
  • “Did you know the young miss and I have known each other since we were kids?”
  • “The young miss might be harsh, but she's not as cold as ice as some claim.”
  • “My father and mother also serve the Keenan family.”
Name: Johanna “Jen” Bradway
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Race/Species: Human/Hunter
Class: Ranger (pref Gunner)
Personality: Controlled

  • Red-head, curls, Freckles
  • irish heritage
  • Giant hat
  • In love with a werewolf (implied lover)
  • In love with the sky (torn between my two loves)
  • Was previously a pilot in the military
Story Purpose:
  • Recruitable ally for certain mission
  • Is able to get the player through certain sections/puzzles and dialogue
  • Demands werewolf is in the party if she is
  • Werewolf: In love
  • Head Servant: Respectful
  • Dead Person: old friends -- doing a favor -- saved her life once
  • “I am happiest in the skies.”
  • “I am torn between my two loves, my Love and the skies.”
  • “Doesn't being up this high fill you with a sense of power and adventure?”
  • “Did you know, before I was the dirigible Captain I used to patrol the skies for the military?”
  • “Being a Hunter comes with many responsibilities and heavy burdens.”
Concept Art:
Name: Thadeus Nash
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Race/Species: Werewolf
Class: Fighter
Personality: Dutiful

  • Loyal ally of the captain
  • Hates flying, loves the captain
Story Purpose:
  • Demands to be in party if the Captain is
  • Captain: Loyal and in love
  • “Nothing can move me from the Captain's side.”
  • “I am loyal to only one, the Captain.”
  • “I hate the skies.”
  • “I'd rather be on the ground.”
  • “Sometimes we must fight to protect what we love and believe in.”
Concept Art:

Mage (collector? Rare and mythical animals? Information?)
Name: Lavinia “Lavi” Oakley Quincey
Gender: Non-binary
Age: 12/13 - 84
Race/Species: Human - Half demon? Half angel?
Class: Mage - Air affiliation - Conjurer
Personality: Curious

  • Curious about the world and wants to gather all sorts of information
  • Childlike
  • Angel fluff ear wings? Or deer horns?
  • Brown hair and freckles - shredded/layered hair
  • Petite - larger eyes and blush marks
  • Looks about 12 - is actually about 84 - level 5 mage
  • Bloomers or dress (OR BOTH)
  • Familiar?
Story Purpose:
  • Recruitable ally
    • Notices puzzles/elemental/magical presence
  • Lady Eleanor: Wants to be friends
  • Werewolf: Isn’t fond of but is curious about and asks lots of ‘inappropriate questions about being a werewolf’ - like busting out of clothing
  • Vampire: Does not like -- thinks he stinks and makes dead and rotting jokes about him
  • “When's our next adventure?!”
  • “There are many more mysteries to this world than what meets the eye.”
  • “Can you see it, the planes of magic?”
  • “How exciting is this adventure!”

Human (Amatuer Investigator)
Name: Garrick Smith
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Race/Species: Human
Class: Rogue
Personality: Engaged

  • Nimble build with a smallish frame
  • Amateur detective
  • Over the top funny and ridiculous
  • False trails and suggestions
  • Points out the obvious or things already known
  • Steps up to solve the crime
  • The Captain asks you to keep an eye on this idiot
  • Not from well-off
  • Smokes
  • Doesn’t realize she’s in love with him
Story Purpose:
  • Recruitable ally
  • Lady Margaret: Views her as a friend and companion
Barks: (maybe rewrite?)
  • “Look, a clue!”
  • “Come Margaret, we must investigate!”
  • “Investigation, awaits!”

Human (Investigator Assistant)
Name: Lady Margaret Astella
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Race/Species: Human
Class: Healer
Personality: Shy

  • In love with Garrick
  • Will follow him anywhere
  • Always bowing
  • Says very little
  • Apologetic
  • From a well off family
  • Met him while he was “investigating for her family”
  • 10+ years difference
  • Would never tell him she’s in love with him
Story Purpose:
  • Recruitable
  • Garrick: Is in love with

Head of Staff
Name: Andréa Mendes
Gender: Female
Age: 40
Race/Species: Human
Class: Conjurer

  • Psychic - can speak to dead people (and ghosts)
  • Older woman
  • Has a few grey hairs starting to show (maybe a streak?)
  • Some wrinkles
  • Hair tied up in a bun
  • Wearing a mix between a maid and airship uniform (vest coat but still in skirts - tiny hat - steampunk lolita) - practical
Story Purpose:
  • Head servant that can provide the player information and tips
  • Speaks to the Ghost and helps player get through tutorial
  • Recruitable after completing the rat mission
  • Captain: Was recruited by the Captain for her skill sets with both the living and the dead

Machine (Automaton) Butler
Name: Bracket
Gender: Non-binary
Age: ???
Personality: Robotic? (Literal)
Race/Species: Machine/Automaton
Class: Fighter

  • Mechanical butler to lady eleanor
  • Employed by her family for safety and convenience
  • Is extremely literal
  • Player can recruit either the Butler OR the Maid but not both because one must always stay with Lady Eleanor
  • Doesn’t understand humor
  • Doesn’t understand humans or supernaturals
  • A new and sleeker model than others
Story Purpose:
  • Recruitable
  • Other robots

Name: Elisha Monroe
Gender: Non-binary
Age: 36
Race/Species: Human
Personality: Spacy
Class: Healer

  • Spacy librarian
  • Wanders around the shelves all day sorting and reading
  • Knows where every book is
  • Loans out books with a threatening look to return them
Story Purpose:
  • Translation of journal as more pages are found
  • Interested in all supernaturals

Human (Murder/Thief)
Name: Acharis Hawkins
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Race/Species: Human/Hunter
Class: Hunter - Archer - Gunslinger

  • Murderer
  • Dual revolvers
  • Mustache & Cigar
  • Hunter who wants to track all supernaturals and eliminate them
  • Will not be in a party with Supernaturals
Story Purpose:
  • Stealing the Supernatural information
  • Captain: Intrigued by and likes
  • Werewolf: Will not be in a party with
  • Mage: Will not be in a party with
  • Investigator: Thinks he’s an idiot
  • All other humans: Does not mind
In addition to these Companion characters -- I have 12 Major characters outlined (ranging from enemies to important individuals) -- And a large handful (maybe like 25?) minor "groups" of characters -- such as waiters, rich families, vessels, etc. I have chosen not to list them for the purpose of keeping this post to a reasonable length.

Murder Mystery on a dirigible which is traveling from LA to New England on its maiden journey (first cross-continental flight). The year is 1870. World is Steampunk infused with magic, technology and science. Magical beings are known to all and live in all levels of society, but not necessarily accepted into all levels.

The player plays as a Human Hunter (where they are allowed to select their own class) and receives a mysterious invitation to the SS Lady June’s maiden flight. Work has been slow and boring, and feels more like being the local police instead of actively being involved as a Hunter. Kicking the werewolf out of a local bar when they got too drunk. Informing a Mage that they can’t just blow something up because they want to. Helping a ghost move on by completing its unfinished business. Sealing a low-level demon. So why not accept the invitation.

Player joins the June and after it’s first night the Captain brings them all together and informs them that someone has died and that the situation will be investigated. Brings the PC into the room and informs them that they had been brought on as security and it was time to secure the ship. PC has multiple types of options -- which will in turn affect their favor towards the player. Player is informed that the ship cannot land and that the murder must be solved and the murder captured.

The player is constrained to the dirigible, beyond the initial cutscene and area where they board the ship.
Dirigible has 6 levels (player is able to see 8-9 levels including the two side balloons but is unable to access them)
Windows across front go all the way down to middle lower level (from captain to flight deck - 3 levels)

1. Top level is the crows nest
2. Balloon Strafing
3. Top luxury level - rooms and captain quarters -- boiler room at back
  • Very front with window is the Captain’s room (100)
  • On each side of this are staircases entering downstairs (GRAND)
  • On the right are three connected rooms, with the middle one being larger as Eleanor’s room - two bedrooms and one sitting room - 101 (odd side)
  • On the left are three connected rooms, with the middle one being larger as the Vampire’s room - two bedrooms and one sitting room - 102 (even side)
  • At the back is the boiler room (no number) - would probably be like 131
  • On each side of the boiler room are stairs with one leading down and one leading up
  • In the middle are two sized rooms, some double (sitting room and a bedroom) and some single all together
  • Player is in a single, as was the murderer (112), player (125), newspaper reporter (117), Garrick (116), Lady Margaret (118), Murder (122) and more normal people
  • Larger ones are more rich people - 103 is Changeling family - 108 is Mage
3.5. In between Pier and grand staircase entrance to the dirigible
4. Middle luxury level (one and a half levels) - ballroom, casino, dining room, lounge, library, etc. - all these rooms have stairs going down
  • Library is under the Captain and above flight deck (no stairs going down) - half staircase to overlook
  • Ballroom in the middle - grand stairs
  • Left side is Casino
  • Right side is lounge
  • Backside of ballroom are dining room
  • Back side of the ballroom is the stage that rotates and can face both directions for dining room and ballroom.
5. Middle lower level - servants quarters, kitchen, flight deck
  • Flight deck is below the Captain’s Quarters - 300
  • Servants Quarters are in the middle (normal sized single rooms + bunk rooms) - 301-330
  • Mirrors top luxury level (Single (important people): 301-306) (Bunks 307-330)
  • 301 is the Head Servant’s Room
  • 302 is the Head Chef’s Room
  • 303 is the Conductor’s Room
  • 304 is the Head Engineer’s Room
  • 305 is the Librarian’s Room - never actually here
  • Kitchen is at the back under the boiler room - (unaccessible back staircase behind wall) takes over extra space that the front rooms would- 329-331
6. Bottom level - engineering and storage
  • Front half is storage
  • Back half is engineering - (back staircase directly to boiler room)

I have made several polls for the public to give thoughts and opinions on various gameplay features and ideas. Check it out and vote if you're interested! (I have been taking them into consideration with my design planning). Polls are all run through Surveymonkey~

Original Poll: Focus on Art and Gameplay
Follow Up Poll: More Art and Gameplay Questions
Further Follow Up Poll: Customizability and Gameplay Questions
Stretch Goals Poll: Questions Revolving Around Potential Stretch Goals and Prioritizing Implementation and Adaptation of them

I also currently have a recruiting thread open: Here
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Mar 18, 2019
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Added some concept art for Jen (the Captain) and Thadeus today. ^^

Hoping to do some concept art of his Werewolf as well.
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World (his)story builder and barrel of ideas
Aug 1, 2018
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Filled out your polls. Hope it helps :)

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