Tile Substitution and Placement

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    Tile Substitution and Placement


    This once classic event-command-turned-script lets users substitute a particular tile (either picked out from the tileset or through map coordinates) with another (also picked out by tile index or coordinate) on any or all layers through a call. This also comes with a tile placing call which lets users place a tile picked out from the tileset or through map coordinates onto multiple tiles and layers.


    • Substitute a tile (picked from the tileset or from map coordinates) with another (also picked from the tileset or from map coordinates) through script calls.
    • Place a tile (picked from the tileset or from the map coordinates) onto a map coordinate (Ranges and Arrays are allowed for x/y coordinates and layers).
    • Decide if these changes are permanent or not.


    [​IMG]Before multiple tile placement calls


    After multiple tile placement calls


    Tile Substitution and Placement (RMXP)


    All the info is in the header.

    Author's Notes

    This script (well, the Tile Substitution part) was something that hasn't been seen since the days of RPG Maker 2003. I thought I'd try to script this for the more modern RPG Makers.

    As anybody who watched a stream of me making this script can attest to is that getting the "permanent" setting in my script calls was a tough task for me to accomplish. I was trying to find ways to make certain changes to the map permanent and others not so much until I eventually figured one out. It took me a few hours.


    Bravo2Kilo, Bird_Eater, DerVVulfman, SolarGale, RGangsta, Kaiserkami, Kain Nobel, and IceDragon for checking out the stream.
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    Forgive me for my ignorance, but how do I actually install/apply this script? I am new to scripting in RMXP. Do I just copy/paste these sections into the relevant sections of the game's script? If so, how do I add the part you have listed under "CONFIGURATION" as there seems to be no such section in the script that I have? Sorry, I realize these must seem like rather ridiculous questions to anyone with any experience, but keep in mind I am still figuring out how scripting works in this program.

    Finally--if I use the functions in this script to change a tile in-game, will that spot now have the terrain tag of its new tile-type, or will it keep it's old terrain tag? In other words--let's say I designate a grass tile as terrain tag "1" and a forest tile as terrain tag "2" in the database editor. Then, in-game, the player triggers an event which turns a grass tile into a forest tile. Does the tile still have its old terrain tag of "1" or will the game now recognize it as a "2"?

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