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Apr 20, 2019
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Hey Game Maker,

I come with another Resources post, this time is a full helpful Plugins/Tools for Tiles, things like:

- Resize Tiles from VX/XP to MV.
- Change the Tile size used in the 'MV Engine' (so you can use different default tile size then x48 pixel).
- Build maps with 3 layers (like in XP).
- Design Maps/Tiles
- and more...

(I will write a separate post specifically for 'Filter Contro' and 'SHadder effect)

Resize Tiles from XP tp MV
Original Post (Include Guide on how to use it).
Direct Link to the tool

Resize Tiles 'VX-Ace' Tiles to 'MV' Step by step
1. Add all the tiles you want to resize to the 'Tileset' folder in the 'Ace' project
2. Open the VX-Ace game, then opens up the 'Script' window
3. Add the following Shaz Script in/under 'Material ' script and on top of the 'Main' script.

Full Tutorial from 'RPG Maker Web' on how to use it.
Shaz Script
Direct Download

Change the default tile size use in maps (Shaz)
"This plugin allows you to change from the default tile size of 48x48 to something larger or smaller." (Shaz)

Original Post
Direct Link

Build Maps with Three layers in RPG MV
Download the 'Tiled' Plugin (Give you the option to use any Maps you create with the 'Tiled' Editor in MV)
2. Download the 'Tiled Editor' (Create the maps in this tool)
3. Follow the Tutorials below to learn how to use it:

Tiled Editor full features
Tiled Plugin Documentation
Tutorial by Tea's Jams Terrain
Tutorial by Deldel's Terrain

3D Environment System for RMMV
(I may put this In a separate post for 'map' plugins)

1. (Free): MV3D plugin (Dread_Nyanak)
2. ($10): MV3D Plugin (CoopNinjask)

*** I have a few more plugins/tools I want to add later, for now, I hope this will help some people.

- Extra Tutorials -

Since creating maps/tiles in the specific way you want can take a lot of time, I fighter this time I will add some Tutorials for those who wanted to 'Resize' or do other 'Edit' to the tiles manually:

Echo607 - Resize Tiles
BenderWaffles - Resize Tiles
RPGtime - Edit Tiles

CrackedRabbitGaming - Create Autotiles

*** And as always, let me know if is any other plugin/tools you think I missed, I will check it and add it to the list.

Happy 'crafting'!
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