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    To offer a bit of style to a game I've been working on, I have blurred the bottom and top halves of my map, and when the player characters are on those blurry sides of the map, they appear blurred as well. This simulates a "tilt shift" photo effect, which is awesome, and it looks pretty cool (also, I learned that the new Link's Awakening game is also trying to simulate this effect, so ... I guess "great minds"?).
    Sadly - it eats up a whole bunch of my time creating switches to change the character to blurry, then back to normal, and it also means having to make that effect for events that wander into the blurry areas as well, and i am starting to realize that this could be done a million times easier if there was a plugin with a tiltshift filter.
    I think it should be possible as I have seen plugins which offer a "blur" effect on the entire screen, so how hard would it be to do it to just the bottom and top of the screen? It would have to be gradual though, like a gradient of blur, otherwise it'd look weird.
    For those unfamiliar with tiltshift photography, I have included some samples taken from the web, as well as examples of it done in the upcoming Zelda game. The illusion caused by this simple effect, is that it makes everything look like it is kind of miniature, like toys.

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    as the most simple possible, it can easely be done without any plugins, just create a black background in photoshop first,
    than make 2 white bars on top, and blur them,set a picture in between and do transparancy untill you have the desire effect,
    than you can simply put than as a picture image shown :) but to change it on the bottom and top where the player can walk,
    than yes, you need a plugin, but there is a filter out there you can use but need to find it.

    Edit: This is the plugin you can use to find your effect (use it with cautions)

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