Apr 2, 2015
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Time Warper : Infinite Edition

A short summary of the game:

In a universe where peace and harmony is at its golden age where  countless races have ascended to pure pacifists but there are some who want a change, YOU are the one who will change this, YOU are the line between Chaos and Harmony, Ice and Fire, Black and White, Apples and Oranges, Angels and Demons .....Many have spoken of your coming and now The Universal Council has heard of you and are afraid that you may yet again destroy the tree of life that holds the universe together. It is YOU who decides what happens and doesn't , it is what we Terrans ( Earth People ) want , a change in the universe. May it be villain or Hero, we only want change. The universe now hangs in the balance of chaos and harmony by the mere fact that your name has been mentioned by the Ascension Gods, metropolitan worlds are in economic crisis , the legends of the upholding undead has returned , militant forces are gathering , farmers and peasants gather their arms , women and children are guided to safety, dire wolves have come out of hiding, The all powerful Empire has started to rebuild dozens of capital ships,  orcs and goblins spread all over the 5 th Quadrant of the universe. Things are about to change.

In this adventure YOU will meet many foes and allies ranging from Hydralings to World Devourers . Everyone may fear you now but what they don't know is that YOU are weak , your time warping abilities have grown soft you must restore your power by absorbing great souls into a catalyst in which you must then bring me (The Narrator ) the catalyst where I will then trade it up for a location where the power pools are located scattered all over the universe. Don't show weakness or you will not live very long. Weapons of all sort can be found at the Mt Helen where God of Weapons is slumbering.

Our own made character creation page where your character can be customized . Certain spells and abilities can't be changed due to story-line cast.  (Would be spoiler if I explained the skills, build up will be spoilt )

In our project we will introduce the new economy system for the game there will be different currencies , time passed will be based on how many steps you have walked , price changes every 500 steps (There will be a counter for it.) Our script editors are very busy in the making of new ways to improve our game. This is just a small part of our project. 

The Map Sketch below the text Explained :

  1. The universe is divided into 16 Quadrants , each quadrant has dozens of solar systems consisting of many different worlds
  2. The two giant circles are the largest solar systems one will be called Solous and the other Magnitude.
  3. The space on the right of the known Universe is the end of the Universe where space meets an end .
  4. The hexagons represents a force unknown to the universe (Would have been a spoiler if I told you) 
  5. The graphic maps are still in the making different city maps, world maps, and the universe map.
  6.  Earth/Terra is in the Magnitude Solar System
  7. Random events may happen in this in game map ( This is based on what your character is known to the universe or who your allies are or just random )
  8. Right now we only have 37 world types in the making ( There are more to come )
The Game Menu below was our very basic design of the menu , it will not be our final version of the menu, menu will of course be fully animated and functioning.

Unfortunately as my policy states that I can't give you an unfinished project so I will only release it when i is done . Demos might be a good idea though.

Tell us what you think .

The Universe - MAP.png

TIme Warper Alpha Menu Build.png

Miss Nile

Jul 6, 2012
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The game sure shows some potential, and I like the idea of having the player be the source of fear and respect for all the other game's characters. That's really interesting but the topic needs to be worked on a bit? I am having a little difficulty understanding the rest of things. XD

Like, what is the time wraper exactly? Why does everyone fear him? Where was he and where is he returning from? These questions left me hanging and all. Also, like I said, perhaps you should rephrase your topic so the synopsis is a bit clearer and all.

Good luck. ^^
Aug 7, 2014
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I have the feeling that this game will be a parody of MANY things. (If not I'm sorry)
I look forward to this...most patiently

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