Timer HUD - v1.1 (10/07/2015)

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    That dynamite is ready to explode in about 1 minute! O_O
    The "rope" (the horizontal line, sorry, kinda crappy in making graphics :p ) will get shorter the less time the timer got, and the "sparks" at the end of the rope will follow the rope too. Those sparks are also animated.
    Yes, that would be a good theme for a "ticking bomb" scene visually, I guess. :p

    - Materials:
    In case you want that "bomb" theme, the images are in the attached rar file below.
    No idea why would anyone use these in a serious project, but they are good for testing still.

    - Author's Notes:
    Yesterday my friends and I are decided to enter the IGMC and try our luck (more like test our skills, we are unlucky enough to ditch "luck" altogether :D ).
    I also decided to share any new script I write for our IGMC entry which I deem "worthy enough" to be posted.
    So, this is my first new script made for our entry.
    People say I should wait the end of IGMC before posting these, but I personally, don't care. :D
    It's not like I think we can win, we got no graphic talents, so not much chance for us. They will surely slap me for writing this. :D

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