Title Skip 3 (This doesn't render other methods in Scene_Title useless)


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Mar 17, 2012
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Title Skip 3


If you're familiar with Title Skip scripts, you should be familiar with the functionality here and the opportunity such scripts allows for developers to build their own introductions. Unlike most Title Skip scripts (and even my older ones), no methods were overwritten.


  • No overwritten methods, ensuring decent compatibility. (It's not so much a feature, but I'd like to think of it as a selling point.)
  • You can battle test. (Certain Title Skip scripts do not do this.)
  • Seemingly a standard in Title Skip scripts, this script will now launch the Scene_Load scene should it detect a saved file. It can be turned off.

Video coming soon.


Title Skip 3 (RMVX)


It's very straightforward.

Author's Notes

The goal behind this version of my Title Skip script was to make sure I wasn't overriding any of RPG Maker's default methods. It was a pretty tough challenge so I had to come up with some odd ideas to pull it off.

The trick here wasn't to skip the title screen, but to nullify several elements of the title screen such as visuals and audio. To do this, I needed to find a way to make the title scene automatically use the command_new_game method without making a sound while hiding the title graphic and the command window.

Unlike the XP version, I was able to pull it off with ease here with VX. All I needed to do was alias certain methods to make both @command_window and @sprite invisible, and to stop the Title BGM from playing. After that, I blocked out the set Decision SE by storing it in a local variable and temporarily changing the Decision SE sound effect file to nothing, only to restore it after command_new_game worked its magic.
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