To Those Who Encountered "File Corrupted" Error to RGSS300.dll

Discussion in 'RPG Maker VX Ace' started by Damage Control, Feb 25, 2018.

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    Many members in this forum have encountered this horrible error:
    "File corrupted! Please run a virus check, then reinstall the application."
    This is mostly by users of VX Ace and their games, and causing these to
    make it unplayable or infected in release. [Just like what happened to my
    game HGD2]

    The reasons are:
    -Downloading or installing infected [cracked or not] games (not related to RPG Maker)
    -Infected apps
    -Some virus are replicable and impossible to wore off or disinfected

    If you need to stop these, there is still hope! I have the solution.
    Method 1 - Replace RGSS300.dll:
    1. Search on Google "RGSS300.dll"
    2. You can see one of the websites to download dll files. [Click Link]

    3. Click download in the 'available version' tab. Not the other ones!
    4. The downloaded file must be in zip file.
    5. Extract the contents on the zip file, but do not delete the zip, this is serve as a backup.
    6. Copy the RGSS300.dll to the RPGVXAce directory and your game of your choice.
    7. Open the RPG Maker VX Ace executable, and your game is going to be functional!
    8. When your finished or encrypted game have the same issue, do this method responsively.

    Method 2 - Kill the virus:
    1: Download only one of these antimalware programs:
    -System Center Endpoint Protection
    -Malwayebytes Antimalware
    -any antivirus programs which can kill malware
    2. Install the program
    3. Go to your game folder or RPGVXAce folder and scan the folder.
    4. If it detects some malware, it is recommended to remove the malware.
    5. Waiting for process and the game was free from malware.

    If none of this solved, there is only one option and it is effective. This final step is a last resort.
    1. Download the Kaspersky Antivirus here. Remember, Total Security is totally effective to fix infected files. (note: you can download only trial version)
    2. Install and be patient. It takes a lot of time to install.
    3. If it's finished, the antivirus will scan entire system memory, include your RPG Maker games.

    4. If you don't want to scan all files, you can pause the scanning process.
    5. Locate RPG Maker programs and their games. Right click any item and click 'Scan for Viruses'. Be patient to scan these.
    6. If it's done scanning, your games are free from viruses.
    7. [Optional] Upload your completed games to VirusTotal for further results.

    Note: If you have any difficulties, feel free to comment below!
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    And why not simply redownloading the original Ace as purchased here, because it contains the intact DLL? No need to search on the web for that.
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    Thanks for the additional info about that!

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