RMMV Toil and Trouble (Combat and Crafting Test)

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    Cassidy Summers and a party of reluctant Witches band together mostly for convenience's sake. Of course, in a group like this, who's to say which Witch is the wicked one?

    I made a post about this a few months ago, and I've toiled away at it since. What I have here is a prototype of the game's combat (including character customization and a variety of enemies) and its crafting system (which I designed and programmed myself). All I'd like is a bit of feedback on how well they are working, and if they're interesting. I will explain below, but there are short tutorials inside the demo I've provided as well.

    Customizing the Witches
    The stats in Toil and Trouble are much simpler than those in the default MV editor. And how a Witch works in combat changes drastically depending on how a Witch is Attuned.
    tutorialEquips2.PNG tutorialEquips.PNG

    You can see here how the Cassidy on the left is attuned only in Passion (which is like Attack) while the Cassidy on the right is attuned in both Passion and Fate. I color coded everything, so hopefully it is clear.
    This likewise has an effect on what Spells she has access to. I made a customized equipment screen to better show everything.

    Spells are listed on the bottom left. Some are green and some are red, for Passion and Fortitude. It is really quite simple once you dive into the game for yourself! I encourage a lot of experimentation to discover which Witches you prefer.

    Enemies and Dungeons
    I want to talk about enemies next because I purposely put a lot of effort into them. I find enemies in most RPGs to be very bland, you see. I tried my very best to make some of them especially interesting. However, I don't want to spoil anything too much, so I just included images and clues as to what some of their relationships might be.
    I'm proud of how these blob friends turned out. Though, they aren't usually friendly. Usually.

    As much as the Music Box is a lot to be concerned about, don't underestimate the Spiders, either.

    Asleep, and awake. Every game about Witches needs Mandrakes.

    And before I forget, the demo has Dungeons, but they mostly serve to facilitate and emphasize how the enemies are designed. In fact, in two of the five dungeons, you don't even get to decide where you walk.

    The Magic Circle
    Or, the Crafting System. I was tired of the classic "cookbook crafting" of most games, so I made something a little more "Witch adjacent". It's pretty easy to get.


    See? It's basically Minecraft.

    The Google Drive Download is Here I hope it works...

    Thanks for your time! I hope that you give it a shot and let me know how you feel. Just to help start conversation, here are some questions to try out:
    • Which Spell is your favorite? Favorite Enemy? Witch? Equipment Item?
    • Anything particularly confusing or frustrating? I guess this is also a test of my ability to make a tutorial.
    • Are these the best graphics you've ever seen or what?
    • Yes I did make the art and music myself?
    • Anyway, I'm getting off topic?
    • Is there anything you expected to see in the game, but didn't?
    • Along that vein, is there anything pleasantly surprising?
    • And what parts of the game might you like to see expanded on?

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