RMMZ tone js synth powered music engine with compatibility for mz variables and switches


Jul 22, 2013
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Hey guys
I have a plugin request that might be a bit out there, because i could not find any results for it on google or makerdevs.

What i want to do is completly ignore mz's base music system and use tone js (https://tonejs.github.io/) to have a dynamic synth powered music system.

I have one problem through, i know how to make music with js in tone js, but when it comes to intergrating tone js with RMMZ in order to use variables and switches in the music i have no idea what i am doing, so what i need is for someone to create a plugin that intergrates the tone js library to RMMZ

What i want is to allow RMMZ Variables and switches to work in the music files

And i want to have all the music files as js files in the main project folder in a sub folder called synth or similar

Last but not least to make things a bit easier i would like to use plugin commands to play, change and stop music
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