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Mar 5, 2012
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Indrah's (TOTALLY BIASED) Game Rundowns for the
Indie Game Maker Contest on RMW
Here’s the thing: I  will be playing all the games for the Indie Game Making Contest that were posted on RpgMakerWeb, all 85 of them, over the new few days. I’ll be making short vids of my experience with all of them. You can find the playlist HERE. (I’ll also attach each video to the game on the list).
In the end, remember I’m getting more quick first impressions than deep reviews. Most I will play for 10-20 minutes, so the “reviews” will reflect that. What I say is obviously not gospel, but I will try to give out some shoutouts to the games I, PERSONALLY, WITH ALL MY BIASES, feel are worth at least a try.
And no, this does not mean the rest are HORRIBLE. It means there are 85 GOD DAMN GAMES IN THIS SITE ALONE FOR THE CONTEST. I can’t just say “yeah go play every one of them to completion!” because I am not even doing that myself.

Some things to remember:
1- I am NOT one of the judges. I will be as biased and harsh as I like. If you’re not okay with that or think I’m being unfair, that’s fine. I’m not going to hurt your chances, you don’t have to listen to me.
2- I will take as long (or as short) as I like with each game, and won’t finish most. I will try to get a handle on if the game is recommendable or not, and what’s nice about it. I can’t be expected to do all 85 games for an hour each. I will do around 10 minutes or so in an attempt to draw some rough sketches/promising games.
3- If you see a game in the list below that was posted in RMW and I missed, please tell me and I’ll add it in at the bottom. Same goes for any game of the contest that was NOT posted in RMW. I will prioritise the games from the forum because…well, I hang out here ;)
And hey, give our game a chance too! It’s nice I promise <3 (shameless plug yeee)
Sunken Spire:
85 Games Listed (as compiled on July 3rd)
[game title – developer] *games in green are done*
A Simple Life - Skyfrid
A Victorian Tale – minenschacht
Account Mu - Cashmere Cat
Aesparia – The Fallen –Brett Ultimus
Almost Lost – prorrabbit
Alyssa – Berri
Archdiem - RocketKnight
Ars Harmonia - Sailerius
Ashworth - PVGames
Beyond Reality – Hotfirelegend
Buntoki - Csg
Charon’s Sabbath – Synonysis
Clad Generation – LuckyCassette
Crimson Story – teamcrimson
Darkness of Hope – rondchild
Densetsu no Kusoge - Ratty524
Dictionary – endriu
Disaster on Aero VI
Earth Under Attack - Dekita
Eden – aspirestudios
Fancy and the Fox - IamDes
Fly Forever – TungerMan
Generic Fantasy V - TheWhiteRose000
Goats on a Birdge – Cabygon
Goblin Noir - Radiant Cadenza
GPR cireneF - davna
Hero for a Day – Ms Littlefish
In Arcem Miseria – Andrew
Interloper – InterloperGames
Island Tribes – Titanhex

It Lurks – LoneWolfDon
Jungle Rescue – Paladin-Cleric of Awesome
Kaleid – catchthefloaty
Les Visiteurs Dans L’Espace – Yellow_Magic
Leviathan - Missile

Listen – Shadow Dragon
Little Briar Rose – ProGm
Memories of Andrea – Tsimcha
Morendah – Search for a Cure – Xenos2112
Move! I'm Making a Movie - ye51d
Mythos: The Beggining - DarkGaia
Nesos; Castle of Promises - lamont3z
No Manatees Promised – SnowOwl
Oh Ko! – mostly useless
Our Hero! ORIGINS – Ste

Painted Heart – Trass
Panic at Casa Corotto - samshazam
Peace of Mind – Terminus Est13
Princess Peril – Croc

Quest of Life - Vallar
Random – FantasyDR
Recurrence – Tommy Gun
Rogue Story – Anachronic Designs
Rozen – twistedshadows
Ruselan – runic
Sacred Earth: Promise – MirageV
Seraph Blade Online – migidu
Sin Unsullied – legacyblade

Solidarity - PhoenixDeath1
Soul Echoes – Tenchizard
Space Insignia – Busted Ed
Space Smuggler – pandulapeter
Stormblood – Empiron
Super Nuclear Riders – FuriousGamer87
The Clans-Cursed Souls - Clord
The Delusion - kartersaint
The Edge of Hero's End - 3GameMakers
The Exit Door – Dacuna
The Farming One – JorgeAamelo
The Heart Pumps Clay – Housekeeping
The last hour of Fairfield – valkill101
The vendor – Galenmereth
The Warello Network – Arkecia
Tirawmisu – Caz and Marimo
Trials and Tribulations – Silvestre
Unknown Designation – xeroborn
Unraveled – Cinnamon
Vultures – Killer Lobster
Wake: Blooming Lotus Dance – Neoend
We were made to perish – Mesonyx
Wold Remade – Artbane
 Zarov’s Curse – Tiarali
Zofar-Man: Defender of Justice – Nimbus

Latecomers, extras and requests (these will go AFTER the main list)
Window of the Vampyr - Vox Populi
Pale Echoes - Raemyi
D is for Dungeon - dinkledaberry
The Swords of Blance - Mrbum
Sete Ossos- felipefalcon

Together Forever! (suggested)

Cliche'd Quest (suggested)

The kindly king

Spirit World (suggested)

Removed from list:

Slumpy’s Shootout – Slumpymaster [Does not work]
88 out of 85 let's just say 100, currently done.
*I am aware the embedded videos are broken, but I've tried everything I could and they are just not displaying properly :/
Games #1-43
(Letters A to N)
1- A Simple Life (by Skyfrid)
A dating sim/Harvest Moon style game. Give it a try if you’re okay with slow paced things and wandering around.
+Good mapping in some places
+My kicks and punches can destroy poor wolves (you monster!)
+/-Fun for all the wrong reasons
-Slow Intro (plus the excuse is overdone and meh)
-Important npcs blend in with inane npcs.
-Too many inane npcs.
-Average/sloppy presentation in some areas.
-Bad mapping in some places (oh god those houses)
To the developer: Remap some of the messier areas, weed out quite a few of the extraneous npcs and make the vital characters stand out more. As it is now the game is way too unfocused and not very compelling.
2- A Victorian Tale (by minenschacht)
I’m not sure if this is a suspense/horror game that starts VERY slowly or purely a story that is simply very compelling. Give it a try when you’ve got some patience and are interested in reading rather than playing or exploring around a lot.
+The location map was nice enough
+Good atmosphere (tho it doesn’t go anywhere)
-Has no introduction hook, story isn’t gripping.
-All characters look the same, with no faces or anything to tell them apart.
-What can be inspected and what can’t is very ambiguous.
-Quit playing due to lack of interest.
To the developer: If you want to tell a story, make sure you have the players INVESTED early on. If it’s a horror tale, make sure something actually HAPPENS at some point. I don’t know exactly what was the intent of this game, but it doesn’t work well.
3- Account Mu (by CashmereCat)
I’ll be honest, I could not get past the fourth room, because I’m an absolute idiot XD
Seems to be a nice and simple puzzle game, give it a try if you like that genre!
Give it a try if you enjoy puzzle games.
+Presentation was intriguing in its simpleness.
+Get to the action right away!
+Music was oddly nice when it swelled up.
-Not the fault of the game, but I got stuck really early on (because I’m an idiot)
-No preface or context? (May be explained later as I stopped early).
To the developer: I am so sorry, I’m too dumb for this OTL The first “complex” puzzle did me in.
For what it’s worth, I liked the simplistic approach of the visuals! I’m just really bad at puzzle games.
4- Aesparia: The Fallen (by Brett Ultimus)
I played this more than the others time wise! It’s a solid little game. Not hard or easy, with enough customization to last you the game’s hourly target. The plot isn’t complex or too engrossing, there’s just enough exploration and the encounters are finite and evented so they won’t get on your nerves. Presentation overall is okay which makes this game a solid attempt.
Give it a try if you’re up for a simple turn based rpg and simple exploration and plot.

+Nice overall presentation: menus, maps, characters, sound, etc.
+Nice battle presentation and animations.
+Gets to the action quickly.
+Does not care much for story and therefore doesn’t focus on it (this is a good thing, it does not try to put up pretenses and botch those up. I’d rather it skip the fluff if that’s not the focus.)
-Lacks some characterization.
-Very serious tone. (My own bias)
-Some of the battle sounds lacked impact and were downright dinky and hilariously weak.
-Maybe a wee bit repetitive with encounters. Could have had more variety since there were not many and finite.
To the developer: Good job on overall effort! This isn’t what I’d call a great classic or my favorite game, but I know enough about game making to know this is a solid attempt. Building on this and adding and refining stuff will get you far. You already have a solid gameplay and presentation base to fall on. Add some compelling story and characters and you’re set for your next projects.
5- Almost Lost (by prorrabbit)
Nice concept, poor execution. Presentation takes a very sudden plunge early on that drove me away. Needs work.
If you’re more lenient than me you may want to give this game a try. It’s got a decent setup (traveling to another dimension) and (I think) recruiting enemy characters, but it’s very rough around the edges.
+Nice concept (dimension traveling).
+Mapping in the introduction section is nice.
+Has some decent ideas about gameplay (changing elements was sort of cool, if annoying about spending a turn).
-Mapping takes a very ugly turn early on after the intro.
-Presentation is very rough and definitely needs work.
-Characterization and writing is mediocre at best.
-Full screen makes me rage ><
To the developer: Few things will make me rage about RM games like a compulsory full screen. I have a large monitor and RM games are NOT designed to be stretched like that. Optional fullscreen: yes. Forced fullscreen: NO. I had to crawl into the ini file and rip the fullscreen away. (Edit: ok so it's optional by pressing F5, but srsly what's with game devs thinking their game looks GOOD all stretched? It does NOT).
That rant aside: this project is very rough. Presentation during the futuristic intro was promising (except perhaps characterization which was quite meh) but once you arrive to the other dimension it all just comes crashing down with the godawful use of tiles.
Could this be made to work? Maybe. But I feel it’s one of those “early” projects that can be simply used to learn and leave behind. It has nothing that I would say “yes, you should rework the game entirely to keep THAT”, so I’d say learn from it and move on.
6- Alyssa (by Berri)
Sort of shaky on this one. It seems to have promise but some shortcomings prevent me from getting into it.
Seems to be a horror/suspense story with some puzzles. The problem comes from the gameplay being a bit sloppy, and the scares and horror being…quite not scary.
Although I admit I stopped early on so I could be wrong. Give this game a chance if you like the genre.
+Some nice scare effects/sound effects. I liked the voiced lines especially.
+Decent parallax mapping overall (with some issues).
+Has a good enough hook.
+Writing is nice enough (with a few shaky lines, but nothing that bad).
-Too easy to die/no attention drawn to saving. I could not be assed to start over a new game after 10 minutes of play.
-Taking damage has not enough visual impact/sound cue.
-Some passability issues due to parallax mapping/mapping errors/mismatches.
-Villain (I assume) is not threatening at all, and is downright cute.
-Some scares just are not threatening at all (those rtp sprite demons…)
-Gameplay has fuzzy rules and is overall not very engaging.
-I’m not a fan of the portraits. They work for the little girl, but on the other characters they’re too cutesy and fail at conveying what’s needed for a horror game.
To the developer: It seemed promised, but I simply could not bother to start over 10 minutes of game just because I touched some arbitrary furniture.
Presentation is overall promising, but I’d change some of the gameplay (or at least make saving available form the menu/call attention to it).
Some of the scares fall flat due to the graphics used, and that really hurts in a horror game (those demon sprites…). On the other hand, the creepiness of the voiced, distorted lines was really nice.
7- Archdiem (by rocket knight)
This seems to be a very early alpha build, riddled with what I assume are bugs and just unfinished stuff (I could not get OUT of the menu, no idea how that works, nor progress the story any further).
I’d say not bother with this one until a better demo comes out.
+Some visuals were appealing.
-Text was rough. (I assume because English is not the dev’s first language).
-Intro was either unfinished or made no sense.
-Clashing graphics/blurriness.
-Too many things that don’t work properly.
To the developer: There’s not much I can say, it’s too early to tell. I could not get past the FIRST puzzle stance due to the game being too buffy/unfinished.
That said, it’s obvious the game is still in early phases and largely untested, so don’t take it too hard.
8- Ars Harmonia (by Sailerius)
I can’t give proper feedback for this on the grounds I could not really stream it, since it’s a visual novel and that does not make for much commenting. It’s well presented and seems engaging enough.
Give it a try if you’re the mood for a visual novel.
+Presentation overall was good.
+No glaring flaws in the writing (of what little I saw).
+Nice sound (I see you, Presence of Music >D)
-The blurring during the intro was a bit annoying because it made the text harder to read, and in a game BASED on text that’s not good.
-Could have used some event pictures for the big scenes (such as the intro…) though I understand this is a matter of resources and time.
To the developer: I can’t say much besides it looked like a nice visual novel from what I saw? I could not really tell much other than it wasn’t BAD.
9- Ashworth (by PVGames)
A horror/exploration game. I think. It certainly had jumpscares.
I’ll be honest: the graphic style turns me off. But this game held my attention surprisingly well. I can’t tell if the jumpscares will get really old quickly, but it did decently for the while I played.
Give it a try if you’re in the mood for a horror/exploration game.
+Exploration mechanics are nice (the popups when you get close are very handy).
+Seems to have a decent array of locations to explore.
+Mapping is decent, if sometimes too cluttered/busy.
+Had a few jump scares that got to me (but I’m a real wuss so that’s not a big achievement XD)
+Did not bog down with a lot of expository dialog outside the intro, which is good.
+I didn’t get to do it much, but I liked the concept you learn skills from simple things like learning prayers or add statuses by investigating stuff.
-Mechanics felt a bit clunky (some items would show up on the upper hint hub but yield no investigation, some had very precise touching to activate)
-While I will admit the jumpscares worked, they were a bit cheap and I don’t see them lasting long/working for a person more used to
-What the heck was that number question about…?
-I am really not a fan of the graphics…
-The god damn road was PITCH BLACK. What the heck.
-There are items hidden with no cues in the edges of forests? What?
-The intro could do with some guidance. You get set loose on the town with no limits and I got lost immediately. I know the menu says, but you should probably lead the player close to his target.
-The town map felt unnecessarily big. I would have rather had it split in different maps to help orientate myself. Also the menu took a really long time to close with such big maps.
To the developer: Well done? There was nothing that grossly threw me off this game (and I wanted it to, I don’t like those visuals OTL). I could not stay and play for a long time (75 games to go yet…) but it seems promising. Maybe I’ll play it fully after the list is done, who knows.
10- Beyond Reality (by Hotfirelegend)
It’s a rpg. I think. Most of the 15 minutes I spent on it were all intro cutscene.
It feels like this game was a normal sized rpg tale that got squashed into 1/10 of the intended time, so it feels forced and rushed.

+It had decent mapping and graphics.
+Nothing wrong with the concept (going back to the past), but the execution is poor.
-I don’t buy for a second that that young and irresponsible looking main character is the leader of a serious organization. (minor bias)
-A memory puzzle right away? Really? Before ANY other gameplay?
-Salsa Ensalada, what’s her name, is a *****. She just forces people to come along? Am I supposed to care about her plight? Screw you for forcing your wants on me, ho.
-The scene skipping at the end of the intro feels really cheap.
-I felt none of the characters were likeable. A few were flat out asshats, the rest were bland. Worse, they felt tacked on and wholly unnecessary. Maybe mister Morningwood will be good later on, who knows.
-Trying too hard names. (totally personal bias, but STILL)
-Has no real hook to keep you invested. Intro section too long and not compelling.
To the developer: I know the feeling of having a nice set of resources you want to use, but these characters neither fit their roles nor feel NECESSARY. Half the cast was completely superfluous and devoid of personality, and the other half felt…weird.
It felt like this game was compressed too hard and lost its charm. Had it been a paced out adventure with time for the characters to develop a bit it may have been a completely different game, but as it is now it just does not work.
11- Buntoki (by Csg)
Can’t say nothing about this game since I could not play it :I
+It seemed really cute?
+The mapping was nice
+The dialog beeps and display was cute and energetic.
-I can’t see ****, yo XD
To the developer: I could not play this game, as something prevented me from seeing the sprites and I could not really play like that. If it gets fixed I’ll give it a twirl after the list is finished.
I got linked to a fix for the game so I gave it a spin. I’m not sure if it’s still buggy or the current game build is still rough around the edges, but I had some trouble with it.
+Cute, simple graphics.
+Bobbing sprites.
+The animations are pretty cute.
-Menu controls are stiff and considering how much menu-focus there is, that hurts.
-Having to fiddle with too many menus to do basic things.
-How do I even tell how much time I have to have things in the oven for? Its either white looking or burnt. (or maybe I’m just a terrible cook. That could be too).
-There is no people anywhere, so why bother having more than the shop at all?
-Where is my money displayed?
-I’m not sure if it’s a matter of balance, but I had nothing to do and no customers from the get go.
-There are no proper instructions. Even the brief intro doesn’t do much of a job at actually telling you much. (no one explains how the pricing works, for example. How am I supposed to know? Customers don’t say anything!). In this case, something as simple as a reference book with the basic instructions somewhere around the shop would be enough.
-How do I save the game?
-Lack of variety even at the start of the game is a bit extreme (considering I had nothing to do by day 2).
-Some people did not talk or give any notice when they arrived? The camera is not panned in a way to support that.
To the developer: I’m not sure if A-the game is still having issues for me, B-It’s still at an early-ish build where thing aren’t balanced and polished yet, or C- I am just a TERRIBLE baker.
If things got fixed and the balance was remade, I feel this could be a very cutesy entertaining game. As it is, I was doing nothing by day 2, not ideal :T
Or maybe the people left because my buns are terrible, who knows.

12- Charon’s Sabbath (by Synonysis)
This game had promise, but a glaring, irritating instant game over mechanic that threw me off. I’d say that if the constant Game Overs were replaced with something more lenient (such as simply teleporting you back to the puzzle start) it’d be worth a try.
+ Good parallax mapping.
+Overall pleasing presentation.
+The use of odd runes signaling you could not talk to the live people was cool.
-Constant Game Overs at every failed step of every puzzle. NO TO THIS.
-Puzzles are more based on frustration than skill or trial and error. Some leniency is needed.
-Sprite used for the main character was a bit ugly and didn’t fit very well
-Tiles were sometimes manipulated in ways that crashed with each other. They could be too grainy or simply not match in the style, which brought the nice mapping down.
-Intro is a bit too wordy for what it needs to convey.
-Main character would probably be more appealing not speaking, as she has nothing compelling to say.
To the developer: just getting rid of the constant Game Overs would already change the game in a HUGE way, taking off the main offending frustrating factor. I feel the intro is too long and the main character too boring to merit dialog, but not offensively so like the OTL I just could not get over how unfair they were and had to stop. It drove me AWAY from an otherwise decent game.
13- Clad Generation (by LuckyCassette)
I’ll be honest: I’m not sure if this game is going to be great fun, or if it just had a fun moment at the right time before I stopped playing. It has some funny design choices and then some very tedious and questionable ones.
If you like retro style games and don’t mind some ugly colors here and there (and some grinding) you may want to give this a try.
+Simple combat. (No pretensions, I like it)
+It seems to go into a nice direction with the writing (can’t be sure since I stopped early).
+Some dialog (Wifey was fun)
+That swinging penis hair killed me.
+Bling is an equipment slot. Nothing else needs to be said.
-Npcs feel really inane.
-Text crawl is wholly unnecessary if the king says the exact damn thing. It gets tedious.
-Mapping is lacking. I understand it’s supposed to be retro style but the colors (especially the greens) are really unappealing and the maps are too bare.
-Combat goes fine, except for the annoyingly slow sprite movement.
-The combat screen is a very ugly green color that really hruts the eyes.
-The immediate grind and difficulty is off-putting.
To the developer: I liked some things a lot, and the rest was either just okay or “wut”.
I’m not sure if you wanted the difficulty and early grind to be like a throwback to old timey games, but it doesn’t work for me. I was looking forward to having more silly items and hearing Wifey talk, but I only got ridiculous encounters and running back to town. ;-;
I had to stop early (I have 85 games total and all) but I may give this a twirl in the future. It seemed promising. (tho those ugly greens. Oh my god ><)
14- Crimson Story (by teamcrimson)
An early demo for an action game. Has some interesting visuals, but very basic gameplay.
I’d say wait until a later demo comes out.
+Graphic style is interesting
+Controls are responsive enough.
+Generally does not bog the action down with tedious scenes.
-The smaller windowed resolution cuts off the text.
-The stark coluors can hurt the eyes after a while.
-The lack of detail makes things a bit confusing during the action.
-Camera pans out too far, making the action even more fuzzy.
-Impact effects when you hit things make the screen shake, which is disorienting.
-Overall the “action” is a mess of confusion (mind you, I’m not action oriented so my perception could be wrong).
-Camera pans during cutscenes are too slow
-Got stuck and could play no further.
To the developer: if this is as I assume an early-ish demo, I don’t have much to say. There’s a bunch of stuff that feels “early build”, but that would make sense. The overall style is simple and intriguing, but there’s not much to it right now.
15- Darkness of Hope (by rondchild)
Well polished fight system with some custom art that falls a bit flat on the writing and presentation.
You may enjoy it more than I did if you can be less nitpicky with dialog.
+The combat style was fresh and interesting.
+Good use of combat animations/pictures.
+/-Mapping layouts were promising, but really lacked good tile use and detail.
+/- A lot of custom art, but some of it is a bit bland/falls flat (to my eyes).
-The intro is way too fast and compressed. It’s impossible to process even half of what’s going on.
-None of the characters were appealing, and the child was a pain in the neck.
-Writing is very unnatural (especially that child) and really need work.
-It seems to try to use Japanese manga-style sounds and uses, but comes across as really tacky.
-Custom sprites really do not fit the maps.
-That windowskin border color is really distracting and bright.
-The dungeon map seemed very lazily done compared to the house.
To the developer: it seemed like the gameplay in parts would be quite nice, but it’s bogged down by bad scenes and silly dialog. Overall it does not do a good job of making the player interested (and I can say that child’s unnatural dialog really turned me off. You can’t really expect players to accept such unsubtle messages).
If the presentation was more carefully remade and the text updated you could be up to something. The combat was interesting, but too caught up in unnecessary dialog that slowed things down. It’s an rpg, but it seems to be built like a minigame in a visual novel.
16- Densetsu no Kusoge (by Ratty524)
This a troll game. I don’t think I have to explain much else.
If I had to say anything it’s that it’s not a fun troll game. It’s just bad-bad, not fun-bad.
17- Dictionary (by endriu)
A little adventure game with lots of references and cute little moments at the start.
I’m a bit torn on it. It has funny moments, but feels too wordy after the cute intro.
Give it a try if you like cute custom art and have the patience for longer text sections.
+The intro has cute art and cuter text. While the text goes on for longer than really necessarily, it’s well written and funny.
+The art is quite nice and custom.
+Lots of references to art, videogames, etc.
-Controls, especially during battle, are pretty shaky.
-The charm of the writing during the intro seems to evaporate after the intro is done.
-Everything seems to speak for too long and bogs things down.
To the developer: I was charmed by the introduction, but quickly lost interest as soon as we switched over to the main game. The writing seems to suddenly lose all sense of fun and it’s all boring, too wordy and too LONG exposition npcs. Coupled with the fact that there’s nothing much to do except follow the marked path it really loses steam early on.
The game may get better later on, as I had to stop quite early, but it still feels disappointing how the writing goes from funny to meh but keeps being too long for every scene. Perhaps if the dialog was punched up/shortened it would work better. The combat also felt a bit shoddy, the controls were pretty awkward.
18- Disaster on Aero VI (by MobiusXVI)
An intriguing little adventure game. You seem to do nothing but manipulate machinery and tools to try and save your ship. It’s intriguing, but a bit hard to get into due to lack of initial guidance.
Give it a try if you’re up for some subdued and puzzle oriented exploration.
+Overall good mapping and presentation.
+The subdued tone is good as it leaves you intrigued rather than impatient.
+The amount of stuff you can investigate is nice.
+It’s not bogged down with initial long exposition.
-That said, the initial dialog goes for a SMIDGE too long. Just a bit. The two characters repeat the same general idea of “I have to fix it” for too long.
-The initial camera pan at the intro goes on for WAAAAYY too long. It totally saps any energy or ambience from the intro.
-The font is really not suited for the game, as it’s too hard to read and does not suit the futuristic tone. I’d recommend switching to a simpler font for readability.
-There are TOO many things to manipulate and no distinction of what is important. Some signals such as shiny spots or floating arrows would help a LOT to guide the player to the main machines and boxes.
-Some of the manipulation of machinery is not visual at all (closing those vents does not change them at all graphically, which is a bit awkward).
-The machinery menus have a very confusing background that does not help with readability.
To the developer: I feel like this game would be very good if a couple things got fixed: the font, the menu background, and the interactivity cues. Those are what I feel keep this game from being very nice, since they turn an otherwise intriguing game into a sudden “everything can be touched and I have no idea of what I’m doing at all since everything looks the same as before”. With some edits here and there (visual cues mostly) I think It’d be pretty nice. I may give this a twirl calmly and to full once the game list is over.
19- Earth Under Attack (by Dekita)
This is a shooter, so I’m not really qualified to give feedback on it. I’m not really fond of the genre, so…
Give it a chance if shooters are your thing.
+Seems to have a good selection of ships.
+Presentation was nice, especially on the menus.
+Kudos for whipping the code of the engine into something like this.
-The screen keeps gong faster and slower depending on how many elements are on screen, which makes me queasy.
-No music except during bosses?
-The shoot button does not shoot as fast when you press it manually as when you leave it on. This means spamming the shoot button, which spells hand pain, which is a no-no.
-The background goes by too fast and has too much color/shape, so it makes me queasy after a while.
-All the ships seem to have the same attacks and tactics, so there’s no real variety.
-All enemies feel the same, combined with long stages make for bland gameplay (at least in low difficulty).
To the developer: I’m sorry, I’m really not big on shooters. It seems like a project made with love, but it lacks some variety. (Not necessarily DIFFICULTY; just different enemy patters and attacks). You may want to get someone who actually plays shooter games to look at this, I’m afraid I don’t have much context in this.
20- Eden (by aspirestudios)
Another game I’m REALLY unqualified to review. I’m no good at these games. AT ALL.
Give this a twirl if you enjoy puzzle games, it may be your thing.
+Presentation is clean (except for he text sidebar being a bit too cluttered)
+Actions and changes on screen were smooth with satisfying sound cues.
+The art was appealing in a simple and understated way.
-I have no idea of what I’m doing and honestly the tutorials were hard to follow.
-The text on the sidebar was too tight and all the same colour, so it was hard to keep track and I soon lost interest.
-It seems like some of the mechanics were a bit contrived or not really easy to understand at first glance. Oasis needs a forest and water and grass? I…didn’t think oasis worked like that?
To the developer: I really can’t say much, this game is not really my thing and I’m a dumb dofus. The only thing I could objectively say I that the text sidebar is too hard to read (combination of fishy font+too tight+all same colour).
21- Fancy and the Fox (by IamDes)
A decent little game. The idea behind (silent film style) it is a better than the actual execution, but nothing about it drives you AWAY from the game. That said, there’s nothing really special about it either, just a little adventure game with no fights.
+Neat idea (silent film style)
+Decent presentation.
+The music (I think it was only one track?) was fun and suited the silent movie style.
+You seem to have a solid grasp on eventing/movement, so cutscenes were not still.
-Please for the love of all that’s holy allow dashing.
-Sprite styles (XP and VX) clash.
-Mapping needs work: mapping errors and clashing tiles.
-While the writing itself isn’t bad, it’s not interesting enough to break the “light text” silent movie style. It feels like there’s TOO MUCH talking where the charm would be for it to be silent and very brief.
-Game objective ultimately seems too pointless to retain the player’s attention.
To the developer: The idea is good, the execution is okay…but the lack of conflict and clear objectives really hurts it. With a clearer objective and adding in some actual conflicts/gameplay elements (even simple puzzles or exploration would do) it would be a nice little game, but as it is it’s just not very interesting.
22- Fly Forever (by TungerMan)
I’m not clear on what this game is. A joke entry, or a really rushed incomplete project.
+The art is charming in its own way?
+The intro has a certain funny aspect to it (not a riot, but has some fun lines)
-The “gameplay” is just not fun.
-Seems largely incomplete.
To the developer: I have no idea what to say. I don’t feel like this is a “game” right now. Maybe in a later build it will be. Right now it doesn’t really seem to have much point, and the “gameplay” is more annoying than fun.
23- Generic Fantasy V (by TheWhiteRose000)
An attempt to make fun at clichés that misses out on the part where it’s actually fun. Felt forced and lifeless to me, but you may get a kick out of it.
+Title screen has neat art
+The dude is named Rose.
+Some of the “jokes” are amusing. Some.
+The voiced intro is neat.
-The “jokes” largely miss the mark and seem forced and lifeless.
-The game feels aimless and with no real point.
-The game has to be engaging, even when making fun of the genre. It is not.
-There is a certain lack of clear direction (Where am I going? Why? Why should I care?)
-Faces are different in the game than in the title screen.
-The mapping is not bad, but spacing and layouts are too huge (the castle is stupidly huge and empty).
-Music has some rough patches that make you go “what”.
To the developer: Satire games don’t work if the game itself isn’t fun. Poking fun at stereotypes is fine, but if the game has nothing to it even when using those clichés it just is not FUN to play. Saying “ha ha clichés” does not make for a joke. If the joke is that “ha ha look at what a plain game this is”….that is not FUN.
The game is not terrible, but it’s not good either. I didn’t find much to keep me playing.
24- Goats on a Bridge (by Cabygon)
The game seems like it could be quite fun, but the fuzzy controls and steep difficulty are definitely hurting it.
Give it a chance if you like skill puzzle games.
+Graphics are bright and appealing.
+Chubby’s “dialog”.
+Chubby in general darnit!
+Ahem. Overall presentation is quite good.
-Controls. Too slippery and felt…off.
-High difficulty with no real learning curve.
-Some of the animations are underwhelming.
-Camera is a ***** when you try to move one single goat.
To the developer: Fix the controls, fix the difficulty (better starting levels with more space to move) and you’d have a very neat game. As it is it felt too difficult for a clumsy person like me and I could not get past the first level. =_= It still made me laugh tho, a pity I just don’t have the skill for these things.
In this case, I feel like “tile based” stiff movement would actually WORK with this game.
25- Goblin Noir (by Radiant Cadenza)
I enjoyed this game a lot. It’s a (I think) fantasy gangster mystery (maybe?) where combat is completely driven by dialog. SIGN ME IN PLEASE. Combat was very enjoyable and context-based. There is no math crunching or elements, just dialog options and responses (flirt the world!)
Unless you really despise games focused on text and (good) dialog, definitely give this game a try.
+Strong dialog (with a few odd uses of language here and there, but nothing major)
+Good presentation
+Character portraits are full of personality
+Nice use of fantasy races+“modern” setting.
+Dialog does overall a very good job with making each character feel distinct.
+The combat system is intuitive and very fun.
+The combat is REALLY FUN damnit (it ruined my livestream, I stopped paying attention to commenting because I was too busy just PLAYING)
-The sprites clashed with the environment quite a bit.
-The menu lacks some color and is a bit stark and hard on the eye. (Plus the submenus being default makes it look unfinished.
-I’m not a fan of the default font (personal bias).
-WHY WON’T YOU LET ME SEDUCE THIS DAMN SHMUCK (not a real minus, just me *****ing)
To the developer: This is definitely a game I want to play for my own after the enormous game list is done. I enjoyed it a lot (I’m sure you can tell by the squealing during the video…) and being someone quite demanding with good writing I was very nicely surprised and enjoyed the fight much more than I’d have expected (I’m not a great fan of gangster stories or mysteries). Overall, great job. There are a few nitpicks here and there, but definitely nothing that would stop me from playing this.
26- GPR cireneF (by davna)
A game where you play as the monster growing stronger by defeating heroes.
+Overall presentation is nice.
+Smooth combat sequences.
+The fourth wall joke was amusing.
-I understand the cave has to be dark, but it’s a bit TOO dark. It doesn’t help that I can never see where the corners of the room are and it’s hard to judge how to move along.
-Yellow font over red backdrop and yellow window border makes text hard to read.
-Does the password system replace saving? Don’t really enjoy that.
-Game lacks something to make it interesting and keep you invested.
To the developer: The concept is neat, but you don’t seem to actually do much with it. There is nothing horribly bad with the game, but it doesn’t really engage the player much unless you’re really enamored of the basic gameplay.
Something as simple as adding some funny cutscenes after every “stage” would do wonders for the game. As it is, the gameplay is not addictive enough to warrant the interest to keep playing just for it.
27- Hero for a Day (by Ms Littlefish)
You’re a drunkard who falls into a pretend game’s daily quest thing. I think. I’m not sure, to be honest.
+Mapping on the town exterior is nice.
+Good use of expressions with the limited generator.
+The custom (I think) battlers were nice.
-Mapping of some areas is shaky (the interiors had some questionable choices here and there))
-The jumping mechanic is a bit odd/it’s not conveyed well enough (I can go on the black ceilings? Okay…)
-The characters we get to play as seem to be the least interesting ones. (The girl is just bland, and the main gets repetitive).
-Many sources mixed up that do not mesh well (generator faces with rpt faces, sprites from the Ds set and the rtp, etc).
-Lack of introduction to the setting sets some confusion. I’m having trouble deciding if this is a “pretend” game in a modern setting or an alternate “future fantasy” one.
To the developer: I feel this game suffers of that brand of diffuse “not bad, but not great either”. What it lacks is something to engage and hook the game in. It could be just me (I am as biased as anyone) and this game may work well for other people, but I had trouble staying interested when the girl showed up. Maybe switching that area up a bit and making the setting’s presentation clearer would help.
28- In Arcem Miseria (by Andrew)
A 3d puzzle game with nice visuals. Give it a try if you like puzzle games.
+Graphics and overall presentation are appealing.
+I like the concept of splitting up to solve things!
-The mechanics of splitting up is “taught” very dimly and it took me a long while to notice it at all.
-I’m not a fan of puzzles, but I don’t think starting so early on with time dependent switches/doors is a good idea, especially when control isn’t exactly super-smooth.
-The camera is not really cooperating and making things much harder than they should be.
-Pathfinding (or the controls) is awkward and can slow things down.
To the developer: I am not a puzzle game person. That definitely colors my perception. But I’m sure I could have enjoyed this game more than I did if the camera and controls were not quite so awkward. That definitely annoyed me.
The mechanic of splitting up is good, but the pace of the puzzles (timed doors) so early on and with slow-ish controls really did not fit me.
I may be being nitpicky due to the genre of the game, but I feel like the cam and controls ruined a bit what could have been a nice game. Not completely, but definitely bring the overall down.
29- Interloper (by InterloperGames)
The game is incomplete due to (at least) a vital npc not triggering, so not much to say.
+Intro is short.
-Game is broken (can’t advance)
-Making the player go back arbitrarily to get the same npc is ridiculous and not fun in any way.
-The town placed there breaks the pace (as it is). Having t show AFTER the king (I assume) gives you the quest would be better, I think.
-Mapping needs work, especially in the details section.
To the developer: First: the game is bugged and you can’t advance. The king will not trigger.
I could not see anything past that, so I have no idea of what the game is even aiming at. The idea of a modern person falling into a fantasy world isn’t new, so that bit isn’t exactly impressive.
There was nothing that jumped out to me as a great factor from what I could see so far, but considering the game was halted early, I can’t say much.
30- Island Tribes (by Titanhex)
A survival (I think) exploration/crafting game.
+The concept of having to manage your inventory and survive by crafting etc seems good.
+The plot is simple enough and doesn’t take ages to deliver itself.
+The sprite face instead of portrait face is a neat idea.
-Presentation was a bit shaky.
-No music during the tutorial drains the energy from the scene greatly.
-Too much information conveyed too quickly means nothing will get digested. The barrage of dryly delivered tutorials was just bad.
-Game crash when fishing.
To the developer: I was pretty burned out when it came to this game’s turn, so that accounts for some of the video’s harshness, but the extreme info dump and how DRY the tutorials are is just unacceptable. That is just not interesting or fun, just an enormous, music-less text dump. The crash definitely did not help and I just stopped playing.
I recommend heavily remaking the start of the game (which is a very important period where you have to make sure the player WANTS to keep playing and enjoys it). As I stated in the video, you may want to go for “a some gameplay-add new mechanic-some gameplay-add new mechanic” style, rather than dumping everything at the start. It just turns players away. No one likes dry tutorials. Delivering them while mixing them with actual gameplay will probably help the issue.
31- It Lurks (by LoneWolfDon)
An oddly ineffective horror/rpg. Lacks a certain punch since the horror setting elements are not strong enough.
+Mapping is okay.
+Presentation is not too long (tho the dialog definitely needs some work, it’s still brief enough to get to the action quickly)
+/- The idea of the timing minigame is neat, but the execution is very shaky. The visual and audio cues for the minigame are not fitting, very small and hard to interpret.
-There is no real ambience of horror or mystery; making the game seem like a very odd or mismatched rpg.
-The zombies are extremely non-threatening.
-Outside of mapping general presentation is shaky with mixed resources and bad choices (icons, title screen, text color, etc)
-While not objectively terrible, the writing (specially the dialog) feels pointless and ineffective, to the point that having none at all or just the very basic outline of it feels like it would be far more effective.
-The “horror” sound design is extremely lacking. It’s not BAD, it just needs to be much better, as horror games rely a lot on it to create a suitable ambience and it’s very weak right now.
-The title screen is embarrassingly executed with desperate attention grabs. At least minimize those texts a bit; it just looks very childish and temporary rather than any sort of serious or polished game.
-The bright blue font is cartoonishly clashing with the somber aim of the game.
To the developer: If it’s an rpg, it needs better gameplay elements and hook. If it’s a horror game, it definitely needs to be redesigned to actually be scary or creepy, as it is extremely not. As stated this s mostly because the sound is not used for anything (important for horror games) and the zombies are just not scary in any way and you can see them coming miles away. The game is just not tense or intimidating in any fashion.
While no aspects of the game felt OFFENSIVELY bad, nothing felt great either. Not having the “horror” aspect or a good mystery hook (it’s very quick in showing the zombies and “red mist” so there’s no real tension) plus a complete lack of interest on existing characters leaves the rpg elements shaking on their own with nothing to excel at.
32- Jungle Rescue (by Paladin-Cleric of Awesome)
As an “initial” build of a stealth game, it’s okay. As a final product, it leaves much to be desired on polish and smoothness.
+General idea and presentation is ok.
+Nice busts and battlers.
+Jungle map is lively and varied. (not the helicopter scene, the jungle looks very silly then, tho the heli is cool)
+I like the windowskin, it’s very sleek and modern/espionage-y.
+I’m well and fine with the concept of different “visibility” areas.
-Sprites do not mach their busts (for no visible reason, as there ARE usable generators for what’s required).
-Game is too dark, making the visibility a bit of a chore, even with the setting.
-Execution and polish over enemy detection feels “cheap” as it’s not properly conveyed sometimes, ending in getting discovered when it feels you should be safe (as seen in the video).
-The menu feels odd and very clunky.
-No run speed? Come on.
-Too many options in battle not explained enough, with too many commands. It would be far more visually orderly if they were grouped in one or two submenus with a bunch or skills each instead of 4+ with 3 items each.
-Skills do not display # of charges left for the skill?
-Tutorial sections too close together, lack proper sense of flow (and feel more like a “here is all our mechanics in the first few minutes).
-Title screen is a bit underwhelming (minor point).
To the developer: I feel I ranted enough during the video and the points above. It feels like what I don’t like about the game is more the lack of polish/smoothness than the game’s core. The pacing of the tutorials is too sudden, the sight mechanics feel unfair, the combat has too much clutter. If that was all fixed (and I don’t think they’re big problems to touch up, hopefully) I feel like this could be a solid stealth game.
As it is now it feels a bit rough around the edges, at least for someone like me who isn’t particularly good at stealth games.
33- Kaleid (by catchthefloaty)
A colorful shooter game. Give it a try if that’s your thing.
+Very colorful and simple graphic style.
+Movement and shooting felt smooth.
+Music is very nice.
-Could not make the screen smaller, causing eye strain and having to lean back to try and see the entire monitor at a glance.
-Too colorful. Too many elements onscreen blended together into a big “what is going on”.
-Lacks “introductory” level. I still have no idea if the hexagons are killing me or advancing my level, nor am I too sure on how life/mechanics work, as I was too frantic moving around form the get go to digest much.
To the developer: I’m really not big on shooters so I may be quite off, but my main problem was the fullscreen (I could not properly see what was going on since too large) and the confusion of just too many colorful things blending onscreen and not knowing what was going on. Perhaps if “explosion” graphics were way less intrusive and friendly and enemy graphics were more clearly defined I would have had an easier time. As it is the graphics made things colorful and vibrant, yes, but also really confusing and disorienting.
Its probably a good enough games for people used to shooters, but again, that’s not the case with me OTL
34- Les Visiteurs Dans L’Espace (by Yellow_Magic)
What could have perhaps been an interesting rpg is drained a bit by the long and dry introduction.
+Interesting concept of medieval people in futuristic spaceship setting. (I think)
+Unique party roles.
+I like patrol enemies I can evade.
-I do NOT like empty rooms with an enemy ambush I can’t evade.
-Waiting is not a good game mechanic. I don’t want to HAVE to guard to do things, let me just DO them!
-The enemies are very lackluster and not “spacey” at all. The zombies were particularly unfitting and bland.
-The introduction feels too long and poorly conveyed.
-Personal bias, but I’ve never been a fan of the old timey speak mode. I have a hard time digesting what is being said.
-The characters seem to have barely any personality.
-Can’t be sure at this point, but combat balance seems a bit iffy (an enemy smashed through my healed in a hit? Ok…)
-While the mapping isn’t BAD it lacks detail and feels a bit barebones.
-That mil drinking comparison was ridonkolous.
-What’s the use of making up lore and dumping it all on me if you’re not going to use it? (Falcon? Nah I’m just a plain swordsman, yo)
To the developer: My main issue in this game is the intro. As I mention in the video it feels like a more visual “now in medieval razed town, now in spaceship (or whatever)” would have worked SO much better rather than a long dialog fest of characters I can’t bring myself to care about. Show, don’t tell. I KNOW the characters are going to be surprised, there’s no need to relay in bland dialog constantly what they think. It’s a case where less is more, and simply showing the situation and letting the player look for himself would have worked better.
35- Leviathan (by Missile)
A beautifully game that falls a bit short on the non-art aspects. If you can ignore poor sound design and really like pretty, slow games, give this a try.
+No BS, just game start.
+The game art is VERY appealing.
+Having the very first map loop back meant I did an entire loop of the place like an idiot at the extreme slow speed. Not fun.
+I like the font and simplicity of the huds.
+Naming your party members is always fun.
-My main beef with this game is the lack of proper sound design. It drains away energy for me and feels lacking when there’s none of the sounds you’d be expecting (like the battle start, or general music in the beginning).
-Map passability on the whole is a bit shaky, but the invisible walls here and there with no visible cues are really nasty.
-No pictures from the front of your friends, so I can’t tell what they look like.
-Very slow moving speed. It’s not a problem at first, but gets tiring later.
-Somewhat high encounter rate combined with the slow moving speed.
-Menu can be slow and unresponsive.
-Your party line can cover up the enemy line.
-The walking sprite of the protagonist is a bit underwhelming and doesn’t convey movement very much.
-Fountain heals only heal the active party. (I understand it’s a roguelike game, but I have so many members so early in the game there’s no real way for me to really decide who I want yet.)
To the developer: I feel like this game could have been great if the sound design was better. The lack of proper sound drained away at my energy very quickly, which is a real shame. Even for a game which (I think) means to be slow and melancholic, the sound was too unused and low to support the game.
There were also some odd choices such as slow menus and some visibility problems during battle. One of my complaints is that I could not see what my friends looked like, which in such a pretty game is REALLY a shame. Also, who’s this “Fallen” I’m carrying with me?
I can’t comment on the combat much because I got by on attacking alone so far and I stopped playing, but it didn’t seem too bad. If this game gets some reword I’d be willing to play again, it seems like a pity that the sound and some polish stuff wasn’t better.
36- Listen (by Shadow Dragon)
A (I think?) story adventure of an invisible doll that can only be seen to people before they do and a little girl in the hospital. While the presentation is appealing, it seems to fall flat when it comes to gameplay.
+Good use of behavior poses and sprites.
+Interesting concept for the doll character.
+Nice intro music.
+Good sound effect design.
+Nice and clean mapping.
-Hard to tell what the GOAL is.
-Intro feels a bit slow.
-Intro is totally automated, I can’t even press the text advance.
-No music during “gameplay” section.
-Can be hard to tell what the doll is actually doing.
-The pale orange windowskin doesn’t mesh so well with the white text.
-The game totally loses steam by the time it comes to “gameplay”.
To the developer: My main beef with this game is that once the “intro” is over we still have no idea what the goal of the game IS, and to make things worse the music is gone and it’s all unrelated item find and use puzzles? It doesn’t make for a very compelling experience.
While the characters are not unlikeable, they lack a certain something. If they’re all we really have to work with, they’re a bit bland. Ultimately the game does not seem to ENGAGE the player that much.
I’d recommend establishing or at least hinting at the goal of the game and to PLEASE put some music on during the gameplay section.
37- Little Briar Rose (by ProGm)
A BEAUTIFUL game, sadly the gameplay is not up to par with the art. Seems to consists of puzzle games/riddles based on text or very vague hints, but if puzzles are your thing then give this a try.
+Beautiful and stylized graphic style.
+Nice game over concept (get replaced by a new prince).
+Prince sprite has the *****ingest, most curly hat I’ve ever seen.
-Overall, everything that is not graphics feels much less polished.
-It may be because I’m not native, but I feel like the English used is very shaky and odd in places.
-Puzzles don’t seem to be very fun (for me they were largely a guessing game).
-Instant “game over” when failing to guess at puzzles, must redo all the prior steps. Not fun.
-Dialog is not given all in one go but you must click and fiddle around for a while before they’ll let you get to work.
-Little to no sound design outside BGM. This feels odd during puzzle execution.
-Intro text goes by too fast.
To the developer: Major kudos on the graphics! But everything else needs work. There is nothing BAD in there, they just fall flat when you compare them to the oh so pretty art. The puzzles are vague and not that fun, there’s not much to do (as far as I saw, which admittedly is not much), the language use can be fishy and the actual action seems to be based on chores rather than any real plot (which by itself isn’t a bad thing, it’s just that the dialog isn’t particularly good or engaging).
I’m personally not a puzzle person, but I still feel like the “hints” are too fuzzy (that was supposed to be a WATERMELON? How was I supposed to tell?!) and the game overs are very annoying.
Tl;dr: The graphics raised my expectations for the game greatly but it feels very…basic. It doesn’t match its appearance in FUN factor.
38- Memories of Andrea (by Tsimcha)
One of those games that seem very “newbie-ish”. Is a bit misguided and aimless.

-The entire intro is far too long and pointless.
-You’re making me water plants and check cows for a simple intro? WHY?
-Text is as bland and stock as can be. It delivers no emotion.
-“Taking a long time to recover” is three days, but “learning to fight to save my wife” is 6 years?
-The infirmary map is way too dark, I couldn’t see what was going on.
-No characters are interesting so far.
-Mapping definitely needs work, it’s all huge and empty.
To the developer: The intro is a huge turn off, as it’s boring and aimless and has no weight. I assume you intended to create some tension by introducing the wife first, but the presentation is so dry it’s just a boring mess. It’s full of pointless, boring steps which have no actual relation to the gameplay. It may have been a better idea to start from the simple scene with the wife by he water ad then show the bandits attacking, as the rest just feels like pointless fluff that’s in the way.
I’m sorry if I can’t seem to say anything positive about this, but overall it felt very…unnecessary. There was nothing about it (that I saw, which was only the intro) that was worth it. Maybe things get better later, but if the intro is such a turn off chances are the players won’t even get there.
Please don’t be too discouraged. I assume you’re still new to game making, and these things are necessary steps to learn.
39- Morendah: Search of a Cure (by Xenos2112)
A space travel and exploration game that manages to feel like you’re never going anywhere interesting or have any real incentive to, as neither the plot nor the characters are properly introduced.

+Intro does not drag too long (thank god).
+The ship has a somewhat interesting design/decent mapping.
+The “space map” is a good idea (if poorly executed and bland).
-The intro with the kid and the grandpa feels completely superfluous (and their map is very oddly mapped with medieval looking tiles).
-Why are the kid and the grandpa just standing in the room?
-Mapping outside the ship is very bland and basic at best.
-Nothing about space looks any different than earth, so it lacks any charm there.
-I don’t mind if the game’s excuse is retrieving 4 random items, but if you care so little about the reason don’t try to pretend it’s a big deal for a cure or whatever (none of the characters act like it’s any big deal).
-Writing and characters are dry and stiff and lack personality.
-Face sets mismatch: the captain has a different style than his party members, and the two chars during the intro too.
-The planets feel, overall, very half-assed. This is a big problem in a game about SPACE TRAVEL. The settings are what we look forward to the most.
-Battle is uneven with no recovery options (outside the shops I assume, but do you really want to make a visit to those compulsory?)
-You have a bunch of characters NOT introduced in the formation. At least mention them!
-I’m all for different character having different attacks, but this is not mentioned anywhere.
To the developer: This game…is lacking. The concept of space exploration is always cool, but this feels very…lazy. I’m not accusing you, but that’s what comes across from this. When the planets look no different from earth then it feels like the maker didn’t try (even if it’s not the case). There’s no context or setting explained, no differences, everything feels the same. I understand it’s partly a matter with resources, but it still feels half-assed.
The intro feels pointless, no character is properly introduced and neither is the gameplay. I’m not sure of what the “forte” of this game IS, or where its focus lies. If you want to make this game WORK (as in remake it and not move on to another project) I’d recommend starting with the setting. Space Travel is lovely, but if it doesn’t feel like it then it’s a problem. Properly introduce the elements of your game: the setting, the plot, the characters, gameplay elements…it just feels very rough and “shoved in at the last minute” as it is.
If you’re going with an “alien planets” theme at least make them look somewhat DIFFERENT from earth. Even just a simple tile recolor, SOMETHING.
40- Move! I’m Making a Movie (by ye51d)
I assume this build of the game was bugged, because I could not progress past the first area.

+Nice and lighthearted intro: you see a commercial and decide you’re gonna make a movie. Sure!
+Custom artwork for tiles is simplistic but appealing.
+Not personally a fan of the character portrait’s pseudo-chibi stle, but it’s not bad.
+Dialog seems nice with some good reactions from inspecting stuff.
-There’s a bug somewhere, because I need some dude to come with me and he’s NOWHERE to be seen.
To the dev: I’m sorry, but I think that’s a bug and I can’t seem to do anything about it.
41- Mythos: The Beginning (by DarkGaia)
An rpg/horror game. While I didn’t get very far, seems nice enough. Give it a try if you like the genre.

+THANK YOU. No, I do not want fullscreen, but I appreciate you asked rather than shove it in my face by default.
+Character creation, yeeaaah!
+The voice acting is pretty bad. But in a funny way XD
+While not masterful the graphic and sound design is good enough.
+Bypassing puzzles? Why thank you.
+Decoding stuff gives me exp? Yey!
-It can be hard to notice what bits of the environment are interactable when it’s so dark (someone had to tell me to check near the door, I’d have never seen that number lock by myself).
-The typing machine at the intro is too slow. While I understand the point is to make it synch up with realistic typing speed, it just feels annoying.
-Oh come ON, the Master key is used up after one time? BOOO.
-Well I almost got friggin killed on the first obligatory encounter, what the frick?
-The “scary” noise cues are more startling than the graphics. Maybe I’m just jaded, but that penis headed dog (yeah I’m calling it that) does not look threatening.
To the developer: I didn’t play long enough to get a proper handle on the game, but it’s at least a promising start. The “scary” aspect is bit lacking when it comes to the enemies, but is good enough on sound (in fact the sound eclipses the graphics when it comes to scares). Some design choices are a bit shaky (using up the Master Key, vital elements being very hard to see, battle difficulty) but I can see it being a decent game. Maybe not a GREAT horror game, but still not bad.
42- Nesos: Castle of Promises (by lamont3z)
A silly little game. Not great, but entertaining (also cats in top hats, I feel that needs mentioning).

+Overall the cheeky, lighthearted tone is something I enjoy.
+Some of the jokes work well (and some don’t, but still).
+Mapping, while not great, is good enough for an “early” game (I’m assuming).
+I never failed to escape. A good thing, because I skipped fights a lot.
+It was sorta funny how he tried to use his old skills but fails. Neat little excuse.
+Nice use of behavior poses.
-I understand hermits are hermits by CHOICE, so him being desperate about company feels a bit off.
-The whole joke about him being a creep isn’t that amusing and is repeated too often.
-The plot lost me at “entering a tree made me young again”.
-So…the dude falls for Poon Tang because she’s…female. And the girl falls for him because…?
-Mapping is set in a very aimless structure, with it basically being long corridors to force some encounters and nothing else.
-No skill variety, battles are boring.
-(Minor) Why can’t I rename the other chars If I can name the rogue? ;-;
To the developer: I’m going to guess (no offence meant) that this is an early-ish attempt at game making, and with that in mind this game isn’t bad! Oh, it has a lot of shortcomings and rough edges and parts where it falls flat, but I had fun and it kept me entertained enough that I wasn’t desperate to turn it off, which is good.
Some jokes worked and some didn’t, most of the plot was ridiculous and forced, but the interaction and the savior that is Mr Boaps gave enough fun to last me half an hour, no mean feat (when I have a 100 games to play).
The game isn’t perfect, there’s a ton of stuff that needs improvement, but you already have some entertainment in there, which is what so many other “early” projects lack: a REASON for me to want to keep playing.
So good job. It’s not a great game, but it was entertaining while it lasted.
43- No Manatees Promised (by SnowOwl)
A bunch of minigames about fish. I…don’t think there’s much else? (I’m not a big fan of this sort of thing, so…). A frogger style game, a…fish catching(?) game, a memory game, and an obstacle course.

+Nice graphics. With the exception of the flying fish game everything felt fitting.
+The fakeout at the start is amusing.
+Control was responsive (except the flying fish minigame, which had me just going all around).
-The flying fish minigame felt unresponsive and wonky.
-I’m not a fan of time limits.
To the developer: I feel like I’m not really someone who can talk about puzzle games, because they are so not my genre. The graphics were very nice, but ultimately the variety of minigames was nothing I particularly wanted to keep playing (or even try again after failing, but then again I’m really piss poor at these things).
It seems like a lot of work went into the graphics and nothing (with the exception of the bird thing during the flying fish minigame) felt off.
Some of the games I, personally, WITH ALL MY BIASES, feel you can give a try:
4- Aesparia: The Fallen: Give it a try if you’re up for some simple turn based rpgs and simple exploration and plot.
8- Ars Harmonia : Give it a try if you’re the mood for a visual novel.
9- Ashworth: Give it a try if you’re in the mood for a horror/exploration game.
18- Disaster on Aero VI: Give it a try if you’re up for some subdued and puzzle oriented exploration.
25- Goblin Noir: GIVE THIS GAME AT LEAST A CHANCE. Unless you despise reading, you'll probably like it. It makes very good use of dialog-based fights, and is overall very fun.
35- Leviathan: Give this game a twirl if you can ignore poor sound designa and a slow pace in light of very nice art (and can take roguelike elements).
44- Oh! Ko!: A cute little adventure game, simple find&use items style. The robot steals the show.
48- Peace of Mind: Great for anyone who enjoys serious but very engaging conflict. Very entertaining with great writing.

70- The Farming One: Hilarious harvest moon clone without all that time management thing. Give it a try at least for the lolacious dialog.

And I know someone will come *****ing at me for this. This is totally my personal, biased take on these games. I am not queen of objective feedback. You can not agree with my views, and that’s totally valid. Maybe you don’t feel my take was helpful at all. That’s fine. In my experience there are always folk who DO find something helpful and this may help some games get a little exposure that I feel they deserve, so there >p
71- The Heart Pumps Clay: A touching and funny little game. Has its ups and downs but I definitely liked it. Give it a try.

81- We Were Made to Perish: Recommended if you’re ready to read. If you demand gameplay, it’s not for you.

-July 3rd: Added first 10 games.
-July 4th: Added another 10 games.
-July 6th: Added another 10 games.
-July 10th: Added another 5 games + replay of fixed Buntoki (#11).
-July 18th: Added another 10 games.
-July 25th: Added another 5 games. (Filled out the opening topic, continuing on third post ;-;

-July 28th: Added another 9 games. Removed game #60 (Slumpy's Shootout) sicne it does not work at all. Will fill that number with the next game in the next stream.

-August 2nd: Added another 11 games. Moved the Os to the second list becuase I coudlnt even add in the recs and the upadte lines to this OTL

-September 1st: Added the last 14 games from the first list. I MAY do the few requested ones at a later time, we'll see. For now the main list is DONE.

-September 6th: Added another 4 games (requested titles not in the original list).
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Damn, Indra, you're being way more ambitious than me.  I'm trying to complete all the games that I play and give detailed feedback, but that's turning into a pretty small rate of output.  I think you went the smarter route.


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Mar 5, 2012
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I just...I just can't play most of these games more than 10 minutes. I just can't :I
Fast playthroughts and commentign on if they feel like worth the play or not is all I can manage. I don't think I'll actually FINISH any games even if I like them on record (on my own, LATER ON, maybe, but there's 85 in this site alone, yo)
Comign up with good things to say about some of these is making me relaize I'm a real ***** XD
I hope you're happy. The opening post got SO LONG the forum won't let me add to it anymore, so I'll continue the rest here ;-;

Note: I am going to summarize some of my feedback a bit now. I’m running into a lot of games that are just…meh. Not engaging. It’s getting hard to keep focusing on doing +/- points, so I’ll just do a paragraph or so when I have not much to say.

Games #44-84
(Letter O to Z)
44- Oh! Ko! (by mostly useless)
A cute little adventure game, simple find&use items style. The robot steals the show.
Recommended if you have half an hour to spare and you want something cute.
+The graphic style is very simple but appealing and cute.
+Characters are cute and nonsensical, but surprisingly never get annoying.
+The writing is adorable.
+The robot is the cutest widdle thing I’ve seen so far in this contest gosh darnit I wanna squish it to my bosom. (And it talked like a true derp and bringer of smiles).
+Puzzles were not too hard or obscure.
+Not gonna lie, almost sniffled a bit at the moon part (I’m a giant wuss). It was nicely done in an understated way without hitting you over the head and spelling everything out.
+The facesets, especially on Ko, are adorable.
+The robot steals the show. He’s the best friggin’ thing.
-Some of the late areas seem to go by without you actually doing anything in there.
-The bush inspect doesn’t exactly get OLD, but feels a bit tedious.
To the developer: The robot killed this game for me. It was so disgustingly cute with its widdle size and antics and speech and arrrrgggg <3
Ko was also very cute, and most of the other characters (with maybe the exception of the panda, who was a bit meh) had amusing moments.
I liked this game. It was short and simple and fun. My only issue is that from the bush inspection part it seems to lose some charm and go a bit fast (suddenly here’s nothing on the maps, where before we stayed around in a couple maps for a long time). I’m not sure if there was content cut for time, but it feels sort of like there’s stuff that was cut out and rushed through.
Tl;dr: I liked this game. Good job.
45- Our Hero! Origins (by Ste)
An…odd game. Has surprising amount of gameplay features but ultimately the lack of polish and terrible mapping is a turn-off.
*due to the odd mechanics of Fullscreen this video was oddly recorded, so sorry about that :/ Not my fault, it was fullscreen to me but did not get recorded as such. You may want to skip to 10:20 where it gets fixed.

+Nice amount of gameplay features.
+I always enjoy footstep sounds.
-Default Full Screen. Nooooo. It crashed my resolution the first time I did Alt+Enter to reduce it and I had to reboot the pc. Not cool :/ Fullscreen should always be an option, not forced.
-Some mechanics are weirdly unresponsive, such as attacking and wall running.
-The plot is careless and uninteresting. It’s one thing to gloss over/make fun of the plot, and another to so pointedly ignore one and just do it “just because”.
-The sprite’s animation cycles are very rough and weird.
-Mapping is…disastrous. There’s too much stuff onscreen and I can barely tell where I’m going or what’s blocking me. In an action rpg where you have to be able to tell right away where you’re standing on to approach enemies, this is a very big flaw.
-The orange-ish tint on the forest really is not helping me with this map, it just makes my eyes hurt.
-There is no obvious goal in the game. You’re in a forest and then you find a crystal and you bring it to the king. There is zero context or points of interest.
-After the intro there is no action at all for a long while. This deprives the game of any “point” as you’re just walking around doing nothing interesting.
To the developer: Some good gameplay features, overall roughness and pointlessness. I could not get to a proper “gameplay” section as in fifteen minutes I did not yet have a sword. There is no real plot or hook of any kind, the mapping is terrible…overall it feels like this game focused on gameplay, but since it’s absent for so long and the other elements are so lacking, I had nothing to interest me.
This really needs a lot of work, especially on the mapping side. It’s just not engaging or entertaining as it is, and some aspects such as the mapping are actively trying to make me stop playing.

46- Painted Heart (by Trass)

A beautiful game with an interesting premise that wobbles a bit on the execution and gameplay. Worth a try if you favor graphics and are willing to overlook some gameplay shakiness.

+Beautiful artwork in general.
+Good sound (tho some of the songs parts could be a wee bit random/wobbly)
+I liked the graphical design of the characters. (open that robe more, Agiel, take off that mask and strip for me, you hottie~)
+Interesting concept (art as a medium and objective)
-The combat on the whole feels overly complicated and has some issues:
-“Elements” are hard to understand, and their icons don’t help visualize them.
-Combat has stiff options (three combos with diff elements each?) though this may get better later.
-Overall combat has TOO much, and the problem is that it does not feel NECESSARY. A more traditional approach with a thematic chance could have done just as well.
-The combat tutorial is too full and impossible to digest in one sitting.
-Characterization is weak and a bit shaky. The main character is not very likeable (not really a flaw, but something that hurts immersion for me).
-The rtp “wireframe” tiles are visible behind the beautiful painted maps, breaking the immersion once you see them ;-;
-Sprite animations can feel stiff and odd sometimes. (I don’t put much weight behind this one because resource making is a lot of work and there was a deadline to this, but there were a few moments were it felt a bit odd.
-(Very minor nitpick) the introductory credits were a bit boring and felt like a barrier. Just let me PLAY L

To the developer: While I congratulate you on the music and especially the beautiful artwork, too many other areas had problems. Not in a way that made me throw my keyboard away and curse, but enough that it brought the game down, not reaching the quality of the graphics and overall not being too engaging. There are too many things (especially at the very start, which feels a bit rushed to put it all in) that come too quickly, the combat is cumbersome and hard to understand, but at the same time feels bland and not very challenging or exciting.
Personally I would recommend addressing the gameplay aspects especially, as they were what I feel brought down the game the most. I know I can be nitpicky about writing, but I’d say making the characters a bit more fleshed out or at least more enjoyable would help a lot too, as they all felt pretty “mean”, or in the case of the main, unlikeable (I know he’s just a kid and afraid but it doesn’t make me LIKE him).
Tl;dr: While the graphical presentation is great, the rest is not, and it creates a gap that is very noticeable and breaks immersion and interest a fair bit. This does not mean the game is BAD, at all. It just means it isn’t as great as it could be, which feels like a pity since some elements are so good.


47- Panic at Casa Corotto (by samshazam)

A funny premise: you’re not battling monsters in a fantasy world, you’re trying to save the restaurant you work in from mobsters, rats, inspectors, spy cooks and more by means of blinding spices and who knows what else.

+Premise is amusing, and the restaurant setting is promising.
+/- Mapping is oddly uneven. Smaller rooms are fine, but some places are randomly big and bare (the corridor and the kitchen are the ones I saw) and need revision.
+/-Main character bounces off well other characters, but is lackluster when alone. This makes the first couple areas a bit bland to get through.
- Faces seem to have a different style from the main character (nice) to the others (not so nice).
-The comedy doesn’t really start until after three “quests”. It’s a bit boring.
-The game seems to be a bunch of sidequests. This isn’t bad per se, but the setting up for them (especially when the main is alone) can be bland and uninteresting.
-Combat is…odd. It feels like skills don’t actually make much difference, and their descriptions don’t really convey what they do.
-Overall lacks a good hook to get the player invested.

To the developer: Not bad, not great. I’m running out of things to say about this kind of project: they’re apparently early projects from the developers and are a good effort for that level of skill, but lack a good hook or engagement factor to lure players into keeping at it.
It lacks some polish overall and none of the elements are great, but none are terrible either. I’d recommend strengthening the text a bit to be more engaging, as the setting seems the strongest factor of the game.


48- Peace of Mind (by Terminus Est13)

An intriguing game about, mostly, internal conflict and how to solve it. Surprisingly entertaining and complex, but in a good way.
Dialog based “combat” system. Its only downfall is the somewhat tacked on combat. Tip: don’t move when fighting, stay still and smash the button.
Recommended for anyone who enjoys serious but very engaging conflict.

*warning: LONG play, I finish the game in an hour and a bit. Skip to 1:15 or so for compiled feedback.

+Writing and narrative is excellent. Even the more complicated parts flow very well.
+Good characterization despite serious tone and not much “character” time.
+Good ambience despite lack of any real graphical “custom” resources outside a few backgrounds.
+Good use of sound, especially in the creepier bits.
+Overall very engaging and drives the player forward smoothly.
-Some of the screen tints were out of control and somewhat irritating to the eyes.
-The melee combat system took you OUT of the experience rather than add to it, especially during the last section. The difficulty is cheap, the hit detection is very erratic and there’s no actual challenge or skill involved.
-Not being able to save anywhere was a hassle, especially since there was no reason NOT to, and having to backtrack just to save was annoying.
-(Not really a point but still) Sprites were somewhat ill suited for the serious tone of the game. While not BAD I felt the game deserved BETTER.
-(Again not a big minus) The dialog choices were not obvious as to their results. I mainly did things at random which worked fine, but I could not guess what options were “correct” most of the time. (I still had no issues messing up so I guess that’s fine)

To the developer: I liked this game enough to play the whole thing (an hour and 15 mins or so) in one sitting, even when I should have stopped at 30 mins max for the stream. Instead of a commented play, it was just me quietly reading and enjoying the game, forgetting I was supposed to be entertaining. I hope you’re happy, you totally ruined that video XD
Really now, I enjoyed this game a lot. It came as a surprise, and I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t expecting much and I did not take it seriously at the start with the zombies and the simple presentation. Way to blow my expectations out the window in the best way possible.
If I had to say why this game felt so RIGHT, even against other “prettier” and better presented games, is that it felt like its core was very solid, like it had a lot of substance over fluff. The polish was a bit wobbly here and there but I couldn’t be arsed to care, I was too engaged in the game, and that’s the best praise I think I can give.

I could be wrong, but I felt like this was a visual novel with some tacked on elements of gameplay. While the exploration I’m fine with, the melee combat did not fit in, to me, with the rest of the game, and was more frustrating than engaging. Outside of that and minor nitpicks like saving and tints, I don’t think I can whine much.
If this is your first project: congratulations. It was great for a first time. I found no bugs or weird things/bad design choices which so often riddle first time games, and the worst ban of all: it was NOT boring, it had a good hook, and it KEPT ME PLAYING. I can’t stress enough how RARE that seems to be with early projects.
I’m definitely looking forward to more games from you! Good luck.


49- Prelude (by TheRangeStudios)

I’m unsure of what this game was meant to be. It’s too riddled with poor design choices to actually get any sort of focus on the game.

I don’t want to be an absolute destroyer, so I’ll simply state what I think is wrong with the design:
*Navigation is very shaky. Entrances are hard to spot, windows have visual clues but DOORS do not.
*Mapping needs work, especially conveying where the exits are (block all the screen edges that are NOT an exit point).
*Who are these people and why should I care? All I could figure out is that I’m sick. My father makes statues and I’m supposed to have a good voice (didn’t sound all that amazing to me but hey).
*No player ever wants to be stuck on slow walking speed. Enable the dashing. I don’t care how sickly she is, it just turns players away.
*Do NOT change the rules of how the game operates midway. If I can’t go over the top of the towers at first, don’t change it later.
*Dialog feels too long and wordy for what’s going on (as it’s not particularly engaging).
*Player guidance is weird. I had assumed I had to find a lamp (hey two rooms were dark and told me to, how was I supposed to know?) but instead I had to go to bed? This would be easy to fix with eventing, such as making the character refuse to go into the dark rooms and reminding us she should head to bed, or even triggering the event automatically when entering her room.

I’ll be honest: this game has too many bad choices (most of which I think are simply from inexperience, so don’t take it too hard) to actually know what’s going on. I don’t know what the plot is, who the characters are, what the goal is supposed to be, why is my manor so busted up…I don’t think I can even speculate at what the game is all ABOUT. I had assumed it was about light and darkness from the title, but the only thing I had time to see was an odd dream.
It feels like this game is only an early prototype. Too many things feel too raw and unpolished. All the points I stated above are a good way to start and at least get the most unappealing stuff out of the way. Good luck.


50- Princess Peril (by Croc)

An adventure game about a princess taking a cursed lamp being helped by a useless guard in a castle ravaged by mad servants. I think.

+Well executed introduction. While wordy it doesn’t get boring.
+The princess’ sprite is kinda cute. Even if she doesn’t have a neck.
-Writing takes a dip in quality after intro.
-The mixing of the XP sprites + Mack sprites does not mesh well.
-Mapping needs work.
-Why is the guard so god damn useless. Why wont this ass heal me. HEAL ME DAMN YOU. What? Do I WANT to be healed? WHY WOULD I NOT. JUST HEAL ME .
-I can’t get past the FIRST guard patrols. I think that means something about the difficulty there is wrong. I say the random movements are CHEAP, and why are there SO MANY GOD DAMN AGGRO GAURDS on the FIRST stage ;-;

To the developer:
<rant mode>
Fix those aneurism inducing guards, please! *breathes deeply*.
It feels like the quality of the game took a sudden dip after the intro. I’m not sure if this is due to time or what, but while the intro was well done the rest of the game feels somewhat…wobbly. Like the text is suddenly much less engaging, characterization is poor and suddenly there’s a cursed candle? Ok.
I’m not sure where the thing with the candle/lamp goes, but couldn’t it just be people aiming at her life? I mean, they killed the queen, I don’t see why the lamp was necessary as an excuse. And why is my guard so bloody useless? He won’t even TRY to protect me, for Pete’s sake. All he needed was an EXCUSE to not heal me when above 5 hp, or why he can’t just COME with me. Anything! But no, he just stays there. Lazy bum.
</rant mode>
There are too many…flaws with this game. Not in a BIG way, just in annoying little ways that pile up in a final car crash when I can’t get past the first bloody row of guards oh dear god why.
It doesn’t feel like it’d take much to fix this, however. Merely give your guard an explained reason why he acts like that. Smooth out some of the design with healing (and where do you even save? I don’t even know). Mapping wasn’t hideous, but some work is needed, and the text could do with some polish too. The gameplay definitely needs to get looked over because I have no idea how anyone gets past those darn guards besides dumb luck.
If I sound frustrated is because while it was not a glitch, I could NOT GET PAST THE FIRST STAGE ;-; There could be rainbows and pots of gold behind that, but I’ll never get to see that because of the sheer bullshitry of them damn aggro guards, yo.
Still, don’t take it too badly. Most of these mistakes are easily attributed to inexperience and are easily fixable.

51- Quest of Life (by Vallar)

This game I summarize as “extremely poor introduction”. There is no context given, no goal and no setting. What am I doing? Why am I doing it? I’m a doll? Why?

I understand you’re supposedly in a mystery/”find out as you go” sort of game, but the drips of info come AFTER I’ve been locked in a messy house with a vague fetch quest. Too late to engage me, I was already bored of it.

While text isn’t that bad, mapping definitely needs work. Eventing is also shoddy with emoticons appearing at places randomly (I assume you have multiple copies o matter if the item in question has been picked yet), no visual cues, etc. Overall poor.

This falls squarely on the “not engaged, don’t care” game category. Introduction needs to be MUCH stronger to interest players.


52- Random (by FantasyDR)

The title is telling. Random is what this game is, and that’s no fun.

+Concept of reclaiming features is neat.

+The minimap is cool.

+Combat system runs somewhat smoothly

-No intro or context

-No clear goals

-Maps are terribly bare, unnecessarily big and lack any direction. I assume they’re automatically generated, but if the result is so boring and bland, WHY have them.

-Combat moves use an annoyingly demanding timing combo system. Maybe I’m just not good at it but I had no will to bash the combos so quickly. It was annoying.

-Combat is not FUN. It’s just bashing keys. There does not seem to be any strategy involved.

To the developer: This game seems to be exclusively gameplay. This is fine, but it’s not FUN ENOUGH by itself to warrant a game. This would work as an early alpha prototype, stripped of all content, but definitely not as a standalone game.


53- Recurrence (by Tommy Gun)

A “repeat day” setting where you must work around problems, those are often fun. Not really an rpg as much as an adventure game. Worth a try if you like the genre.

+Neat context

+Good writing.

+Good concept about asking stuff from certain memories.

-Can’t save unless you reset the day? Why?

-The death in the intro is not dramatized much, comes across as a bit weak.

-Some of the “steps” you have to take are not that interesting.

-Mapping of the exterior places is hit and miss. Too many buildings with doors you can’t open, vast spaces full of nothing and overall somewhat bland design. The interiors work fine, so I assume it’s a somewhat lack of mapping experience on exteriors.

To the developer: I can’t judge this game too much because I did not actually witness much gameplay. It seemed promising with some problems, but nothing, I think, that was dealbreaking. I liked the smart, simple characterization humor. It’s the sort of game I would have kept playing (only stream, so I’d rather not).


54- Rogue Story (by Anachronic Designs)

If this game is a troll game, bravo. If it is NOT, the walking speed is INEXCUSABLE and there is just NO way I am going to play through that. I guess the simple oldstyle graphics are sort of nice, but not much else I can say.


55- Rozen (by twistedshados)

I thought this game was trolling me. It starts me off with no intro and the enemies kill me instantly, wtf?

I ASSUME (I could be wrong) that the maker changed the starting location and now the game starts in some random spot, missing part of the game and being virtually unplayable. Can’t talk about the game since I didn’t actually get to SEE it.


56- Ruselan (by runic)

+Main char makes some amusing jokes about the setting that were well done.

+Nice custom art.

+Nice use of music in most spaces.

-Title screen music does not match at all and feels the opposite of epic.

-Starting zone is not engaging.

-The order in which you “interrogate” people feels very arbitrary.

-The Shift key skipping over the text got frustrating. I recommend binding it to another key.

-The lockpick minigame was extremely unnecessary for what it is, and it is not explained at all.

-Combat seems bland (granted I did not see much of it, but the initial impression wasn’t good).

To the developer: I commented on the video this game would have improved if there had been more content BEFORE the town, explaining things a bit and giving some buildup to the main character, having some time for gameplay, etc. As it is starting with a text fest isn’t ideal, and nothing the people say is that groundbreaking. Why can’t the info be conveyed by one or two people instead? It feels like an unnecessary run around.

The game wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great. Any player will quickly lose steam if not gripped in the very intro of the game, and starting with bland walking and talking isn’t very exciting. It needs a better hook.


57- Sacred Earth: Promise (by MirageV)

The only thing this game seemed to bring for me was complete confusion. Who are these people? Why is the setting so unexplained when it has so many “odd” factors? Who are all these unnamed characters that it seems we’re supposed to recognise? Why are we in an arena? Why does the city float? Why do we live in a normal modern house, and why are there computers? Why are there elves and dragons and catpeople? WHAT IS ALL THIS?!

It goes completely unexplained, and not in a natural “this is what the world is” sort of way, but in a “I’m totally lost” sort of way. The only thing I could understand was “Arena fights, need partner, have a sister”. I’m unsure if this is some sort of spin-off game and I’m supposed to recognise the characters, but that’s definitely not the case so I’m left totally confused.

The combat was…nice looking, I guess. I’ll be honest and say that soft superchibi look isn’t really my thing, but I can’t fault the game for that. I do complain at the fact that the two sisters have the same head on. Not even a blond recolor for the sister?? Combat seemed…a bit dumb. I didn’t get to see much, but I only tapped the Z button as much as I could and won. It did more total damage than spells. Granted it could be an early game difficulty thing. When the game crashed on me I could not be assed to replay it all, since I could not save (to my knowledge).

In short…I could not get into this game at all. Maybe it works as a spinoff if you know the setting, but as a newcomer I felt very left out and in the dark, and there wasn’t much  to pull me in.


58- Seraph Blade Online (by migidu)

To put it as bluntly as possible, there is no DEMAND for online games made in RM with no ONLINE aspect. It’s not so much that it’s badly done as much that it’s not something most players WANT.

Grind oriented online game work partly from the actual online aspect. If you strip that into a solo experience it becomes a messy grindy boring fest. There is no point to it.

I guess it seems like there was a lot of work into emulating the online systems. It seems like a copy of Ragnarok Online.

It had some really ugly flaws like the screen being too small to accommodate what one would think of online games, the pathfinding being inexistent and combat being a joke.

There was nothing in the way of plot or characterisation. Progression seemed largely arbitrary. I don’t really know what this game is TRYING to do, besides emulate mmos. Who is this FOR? Who’s supposed to ENJOY it?

There was a lot of mechanical stuff that was somewhat impressive in this game, but ultimately it had no SUBSTANCE, only a sort of mmo façade without any real content or engagement factors.


59- Sin Unsullied (by legacyblade)

A visual novel-ish romance drama. Try it out if that’s your thing.

+Good use of sprite poses (even if having them make the same noise over and over got tiresome.

+While not likeable, the characterisation is quite nice, the way Lee stays unreasonably angry is well executed as well as other’s reactions to him.

-Combat isn’t smooth or engaging. I feel like this for all RM games with action in it: hit detection and movement is too wobbly to make for a good active action combat.

-If the game IS a visual novel, it doesn’t need the overly complicated combat (what’s all that crap with skills and items?) and if it is NOT and it’s an rpg, the “intro” (which I don’t think I finished) is inexcusably long and gameplay-less.

-Dialog can get a wee bit too repetitive sometimes, but thankfully not too much.

-Mapping can be too cluttered and the rugs…don’t really work like that.

-The big manor is hard to navigate and makes the arrow a necessity, which kills exploration.

-Textboxes over their heads were extremely big and clunky, often obscuring sprites.

-Dear god the Reaper dude is a complete douchebag. How is he desirable?

-The initial text with no music in poetic-ish words is a garaunteeed “not gonna bother reading it” for most players.

To the developer: I don’t have that much to say about this. If it’s supposed to be an rpg, the intro is FAR, FAR too long. As a visual novel it’s ok and the combat feels tacked on. I’m not big on the sort of drama this game goes for, but it wasn’t badly made (of what I saw).


60- Solidarity (by PhoenixDeath1)

While the game has a somewhat passable introduction with some tension, it changes tones so quickly it will give you whiplash. From tense and somber we go to cheery and joking around, for no apparent reason.

Resource mishmash is all over the place. Mapping is bad, faces are mixed up and don’t match their sprites, the characters have no charm, the writing isn’t good, and the combat is bland as can be.

Overall I could not find anything in this game to interest me. I feel like it’s a very early project from the maker, which is fine as a way to learn and experiment, but as a player I can’t say this game was engaging in any way.


61- Soul Echoes (by Technizard)

+Nice custom faces.

-I’ve said this many times but dumping a player in a town from the get go isn’t ideal as it dissipates any tension.

-There is too much clutter in the combat from the get go. Extra characters, SO many skills each, equipment, etc. It’s TOO MUCH too quickly, it’s impossible to digest it all.

-Sprites do not match the faces very well, and they are shoddily done (some of the coloring is shoddy).

-Fire wins over Lighting?

-Mediocre mapping.

-No healing after fights? Why? IT seems like all the fights are evented to what’s the point? Do you wan me to haul back to the town after every fight?

-Got wiped during the consecutive boss fight. Are you going to pull those cheap moves that early in the game?

To the developer: While mechanically it seems decently polished (even if I don’t like some of the elements and too much stuff to digest) there is no real plot other than “kill the evil” and characters don’t display that much of a personality. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of exploration either, so this game didn’t really hold my attention. Maybe it works better to more fight-focused people, but for me it just does nothing.


62 – Space Insignia (by Busted Ed)

It crashed on me, so I can’t fully evaluate it.

It has some good presentation elements, but the actual gameplay is somewhat shaky. I say this of any games that do it, but Rpg Maker does not have a good enough hit detection to perform well as active action games, so that definitely hurts it.
The aspect of switching modes to traditional rpg is an odd choice that I don’t like, but to make matters worse the options during that mode are RIDICULOUS and extremely boring, with no strategy involved.

Within the story some things are executed poorly, such as the cheap “won the fight? Well screw you, I’ll smack you anyway” thing, or forcing you to wander around for a timed period before anything happens in the ship.

If nothing else this game seemed to have a very cared for presentation graphically, so good job on that. The sprites were a bit funny and didn’t seem very serious, but other than that it seemed nice.

More particular feedback in the video.


63- Space Smuggler (by pandulapeter)

A simple but charming little space shooter with some platforming.

This isn’t really a gaming genre I know much about, so I can’t give much feedback.

The graphics, despite being very basic, were sort of charming. The only thing that ever felt off is how your ground sprite would NEVER turn around.

The space exploration is nice, but felt a bit newbie hostile when stepping one toe inside an area with stronger enemies would SMASH you completely.

I was a bit confused during the ship sections due to small bullets and how I had a hard time telling when I was getting damaged and if the rocks actually DID anything, since I could not shoot them either.

Overall a game that can be charming, give it a chance if you like shooters. If they aren’t your thing, this probably isn’t for you.


64- Stormblood (by Empiron)

I’ll be honest, the dubbing was so hilariously mediocre I could not get past it to see the game without bias. While it seemed like the writing had some charm, the dubbing distracted me and destroyed it for me.

The combat was tedious, some skills were oddly unexplained (why doesn’t Vampire Bite SAY it drains HP? It’s the most important thing about it!). Combat got tedious quick with attack-attack-drain-repeat and nothing else really.

It was too early to see the plot or if there was exploration. I’m sorry, but I just could not get past the dubbing OTL The slowness of the intro (especially not being able to move dialog at your own pace and the slow, bland battles) didn’t do it any favors either.


65- Super Nuclear Riders (by FuriousGamer87)

A hilariously written but somewhat not very original gameplay-wise tactical rpg. Give it a chance for some hilarious lines if you enjoy the genre.

+Very good sense of humor.

+Appealing graphics.

+I liked being able to see how much damage I would do.

-Controls are really broken. It took me a while to find out how to move anything. (why those buttons? WHY?)

-Interface can be hard to navigate and keep track of.

-Did I just miss all the intro? There was a noise of text but no text displayed.

To the developer: There didn’t seem to be much actual variations to battles, but I quit early on and in any case I’m not very good at actual tactics. I liked the humor a lot, but the slowness of tactical games (and the complex controls) throw me back. Again, this is partly due to my own tastes and not so much the game’s fault.

One thing I am definite on is that there was sometimes too much on the interface and I was so lost. Some characters have Utility commands, some don’t but still have the icon, no one has Special actions but the icon is still there…it gives more confusion where it could have been far smoother if the option was not there at all. Maybe I’m just naturally not very tactical savvy, but some of the interface and control elements were hard to grasp.


66- The Clans: Cursed Souls (by Clord)

+Nice character art.

+I am fond of footstep sounds on any game.

+Mapping outside was nice-ish (some blurriness was there but I’m willing to let it go).

-Story makes no sense and is not engaging in any case.

-Main character is unlikeable and she makes exploring a supposedly spooky place just boring rather that tense.

-Too many elements break immersion in sudden screaming deaths.

-Game does not have a solid CORE. What is this game? A horror game? An adventure game with horror elements? Decide and then work around that, but as it is it’s just a mess.

-Instant game overs for random crap are never okay.

-The combat system is visually broken. No background, dark battler blends in, character appears obsuring the screen.

-Main character’s portrait covers the middle of the screen, which is the most important place.

-Japanese themes but not Japanese names? Okay, whatever. (I’m biased on this, some people have Japanese names and no Japanese themes and now this).

-The comic strips are horribly forced in and add nothing to the game, breaking all immersion.

-Resources clash: sprites do not fit the portraits, battlers are in another style, the “jumpscare” girl is 3d rendered, etc.

-Mapping of the interiors is too barebones and blank.


I have a lot of issues with this game. Some of the polish details are well executed, but the core of the game is a bloody mess. I believe I ranted enough during the video, but the short version is: this has no solid core or theme. Find out what sort of game you want to make and then work with THAT. Do not add in stuff that works against that core. There is too much conflicting stuff in this mess as it is, and overall it’s just not fun to play or engaging.


67- The Delusion (by kartersaint)

This game is way too broken and badly written for me to comment. It’s an adventure/suspense game with a lot of writing focus, but the text is not understandable (I assume the developer isn’t very good at English).

Perhaps with a decent text execution, being able to dash and better mapping it would be a decent game, but as it is there is really nothing much I can say.

This is very obviously a very early game and it shows, so I can’t bash it that much.


68- The Edge of Hero’s End (by 3GameMakers)

This is very obviously a very early attempt with a lot, LOT, of very newbies mistakes.  Can’t judge it in the same way I can’t be arsed to play it, there is nothing that stands out to me as good. Some things that need work on the whole:

-GET RID OF CAPITALIZING EVERY WORD. No one will take you seriously doing that.

-The text.

-Mapping (oh god the mapping)

-You have to introduce your characters in some way.

-Player guidance and plot (there has to be SOME).

-Encounter rate is way too high.


68- The Exit Door (by Dacuna)

It’s a puzzle game! I really don’t have much to say. These games are really not very much my thing.

The one thing I can say felt irritating was how the colors would change. If my only guidance in this game is colors, switching them around is not something I appreciate. It also feels odd how there is no square-like movement in a game so obviously grid-like, ad it makes the “touch the walls and die” parts tedious.


70- The Farming One (by JorgeAamelo)

A farming game with a hilarious tone. The gameplay is pure grind, but tolerable for the most part. Give it a go at least for the humour!

*warning: this video is LONG because I played the whole thing.

+The character art is quirky and fun.

++++The humor in this game is right up my alley and the reason I played (and kept playing).

+The game’s naked nonsense and lack of **** giving is so friggin’ charming.

+The wedding scenes could be a riot (some not so much but oh god).

**note: most of these are a bit nitpicky and not major letdowns.

-There are moments in the game where you’re reduced to just grinding mindlessly until you make enough money, which isn’t that fun.

-Animals and trees are neat, but come too late and you have to manually pick them, so you’ll rarely use them.

-Actually gathering money in the farm manually was very tedious, and hiring the help could be grating with the money spikes/time it took.

-Mining gets tedious with all the txt pop-ups you have to wade through.

-Some of the “marry” characters feel very boring compared to others. There is no secondary ending or scene after you marry, making the whole thing sort of pointless. Would have been good to have a small “stop playing and get one last cutscene with your spouse.

-Most of the furniture you buy does nothing.

-Festivals were really underwhelming.


To the developer: I feel like I loved this game’s tone, but mostly dislike the gameplay elements, since most of them were basically grinding. On the other side, presentation and especially the dialog were great and I loved the game’s humor.

As for improvement, I know the game is supposed to be for an hour and that’s fine, but the absolute lack of limitations other than time and how ready you are to grind gets tiring quickly. I wished the gameplay elements were better integrated or more engaging, rather than just button spam.

I had some issues, but in the end I enjoyed myself playing. Kudos to you.


71- The Heart Pumps Clay (by Housekeeping)

A charming little game with puzzle-like battles. I recommend it; it has funny and touching writing too.

*Warning: long, LONG video of the whole game*

+Interesting, well suited to short game premise.

+Appealing custom sound.

+The art can be hit and miss, but the battlers are definitely appealing.

+The humor is great, writing overall is good.

+No levels, just equipment. Growth based on them.

+Interesting use of the Steal command in battles.

+The combat animations were really cute (even if a bit rough graphically)

-I know Bud’s mechanic of losing Hp as you have fights is on purpose, but I personally hate it.

-Mara does 90% of the fighting by herself, and it becomes a fight of turns, which can get really annoying since ALL actions, even switching elements, consume turns. Bud ended up being brutally useless to me, and the crow was ok, but didn’t do much damage at all.

-The talk portraits are pretty bad…

-There is a very real frustrating and unfair factor to a few fights, especially the last boss which is near impossible unless you have a very specific build.

To the developer: my only real problems with the game are the last boss and the lack of character versatility. Other than that, I enjoyed the game very much! Overall the balancing was my main problem, if that gets fixed then this game is definitely worth it.


72- The Last Hour of Fairfield (by valkill101)

*note: I played this game after a 3 hour session to finish another, so I was noticeably tired, and it shows in the video.

+I like being able to choose characters with different traits and priorities.

-The broken glass mechanic is extremely cheap, considering it didn’t tell me until later :I

-Abuse of darkness scripts. Combined with the somewhat lacking mapping it makes navigation a bit confusing. Not horrible, but definitely can be improved.

-Combat is shaky. While I appreciate you are SUPPOSED to evade it, the mapping layout makes it nearly impossible most times, enemies can run up to you while you’re busy with cutscenes, and hard fights are forced on you anyway.

To the developer: The game definitely has a bunch of potential, but is held back by details in different areas that just lower the enjoyment. Having to run while the maps are so narrow ruins the monster evasion aspect, there is no actual fear factor in the actual encounters (the amps themselves have interesting layouts, but the enemies are a joke), etc. Polishing it would help, but as it is it feels like just an action game with a slight zombie flavor.


73- The Vendor (by Galenmereth)

*note: I played this game after a 3 hour session to finish another, so I was noticeably tired, and it shows in the video.

+Appealing premise.

+Short intro is nice (tho I still have no idea of how to play…)

+Open world is nice.

-No ingame tutorials outside just reading a bunch of books, all at the same time. In that aspect the game fails to teach the rules properly.

-The game has a very odd introduction where nothing is properly explained, and even after two tries and selling exactly what they asked, the heroes died. It definitely needs much better introduction to the mechanics.

-Mapping is okay, but the lighting is ridiculous. It’s day outside and dark inside, the snow map is horribly dark for no apparent reason, etc. The light effects are abused for no reason and it suffers from it.

-The “oops, squished the item” should be taken to the back and SHOT. That is not a mechanic I want in any game, to randomly FAIL for no reason other than “well f*ck you”.

To the developer: I feel like I missed most of this game’s charm. The lack of proper integrated explanation cased me to just be extremely frustrated with the game and after a couple of failures I just gave up. I just remember this frustrating me :<


74- The Warello Network (by Arkecia)

+Interesting premise.

+The non-network maps are nice. (the network maps are too simplistic).

+A lot of customized terminology that would be nice IF it was properly introduced.

-The intro, while I understand the intent, spews too much terminology we are not yet introduced into and just comes across as long and tedious.

-I refuse to be forced to read 10 or so books just to understand the basics. TEACH THEM TO ME INGAME damnit, at least the very, very basics!

-I have no idea of what combat is like because the game refuses to say and nothing is recognizable in simple terms.

-I am not a fan of the zigzaggies all over EVERYTHING on the network, it makes the visuals hard to look at.

To the developer: I’m sure this game is nice if you know what you’re doing, but I DON’T, and I point blank refuse to read material ON MY OWN if the game is not going to make the effort of introducing me to the basics. It’s an excellent way to lose the player’s attention: give them a bazillion optional tutorials and a whole system that is not obvious at all. So that most definitely needs work. I just can’t get past that.


75- Tirawmisu (by Caz and Marimo)

I can’t really say much about this game because it’s so obviously unfinished. No title screen, some faces are unpainted…

So what can I say? The visuals are appealing (tho the donut dragon is creepy like a mofo…). I was not a fan of the gameplay much, especially because gathering the materials was a pain in the ass for no real reason, can’t run, the enemies are unfair…The introduction punfest is definitely a plus, tho XD

I’d give the finished product a try, but as it is it doesn’t seem to have much going for it except the introduction.


76-Trials and Tribulations (by Silvestre)

I don’t have much to say about this one. It has nearly no plot, and the gameplay is not particularly appealing either, nor is the presentation. While no elements are horrible, they lack polish and…are just not that good.

One thing I particularly noticed is that nearly all situations where you CAN do something optional it ends in negatives. This is silly, if all of the “choices” are negative, it deletes any sense in actually taking the risk: if some of them had positive outcomes it would be more of a “do I want to risk it?”, but as it is it just feels like the game is trolling me and it’s just frustrating.

Combat also goes largely unexplained and I wasn’t too sure of what I was doing. The puzzles were okay, but pretty basic and with no real context other than “continue” there was no real appeal to them.

Overall the game lacks a good solid base that makes you WANT to keep playing. It doesn’t really have a strong point to serve that function.


77- Unknown Designation (by xeroborn)

Sorry, but this was mostly a joke to me. It was melodramatic and nonsensical, extremely talky without being actually well written and engaging. It read more like a fanfic (and not a particularly good one).

The combat system was tacked on and I never felt any interest in it, fights were easy to evade and overall not engaging. They felt extremely tacked on.

The visuals are pretty bad. The mixing of the enemy sprites with the rpt was terrible, maps, outside the normal rtp wilderness (which managed to be ok) were either lackluster or badly done.

There is just nothing for me in this game outside reading it aloud “for the lols”. I could not for a minute take it seriously or be engaged. Sorry. Maybe this sort of thing works for a fanfic, but definitely not for a game.


78- Unraveled (by Cinammon)

+Graphics are definitely very appealing.

+A lot of well done sprite poses and movements.

+Interesting combat concept (tho it got slightly annoying sometimes).

+Nice music.

-What is the POINT of battles if even if I lose nothing happens? Same for collectables.

-The “plot” is so vague it loses me.

-I have 0 reason to care about the story because I don’t know who the protagonist is, nor am I given any reason to care.

-Not much makes sense. I assume it’s the girl’s imagination but it does not feel…interesting. I can’t see the underlying reasons for her imagery or anything.

-Who was the old dude and why did I kill him anyway?

-God damn you fullscreen, you crashed my god damn resolution -_-#

-It’s very hard to see the jumping points in certain stages (such as the sea one)

-There is no way to tell what items do from the menu.

To the developer: I feel like this game makes me angry because the presentation is extremely nice and the contents are extremely meh. Characters and plot are nonsensical and lack any explanation or weight to me. While everything is pretty to look at there is nothing to DO in it. I was personally unmoved by the girl’s plight simply because I had been given no reason to LIKE her. Just because she’s a little girl? That isn’t going to fly.

This game was vague, I assume, on purpose, but it was TOO vague and ultimately suffered from it. A lack of proper introduction hurt it a lot.

Overall to me the game felt like someone had given me a very pretty game project with the plot still not in it and asked me to navigate it to look at the maps and visuals.


79- Vultures (by Killer Lobster)

Not much I can say. It’s an arcade style fighting game with three very hard to distinguish planes to fight, enemies respawn slowly and due to the three “stages” it’s a pain to change to beat them, I can’t see any strategy or point to it. The image at the very intro is cool, I guess.


80- Wake: Blooming Lotus Dance (by Neoend)

First of all: an absolute lack of context, a bazillion fight options and 0 explanation hurt this game much more than the poor presentation and shoddy writing.

That said, visuals are pretty terrible, the maps are a mess. There is no real plot that the game deigns to tell you and it seems to be really…pretentious, about all these weird commands that DOES NOT EXPLAIN but are supposed to make it feel new and innovative. I could be wrong, but it just felt really unfriendly and frustrating.

I couldn’t play this. If the game is not going to take the time to explain how to play, I’m not going to be the one spending energy trying to find out on my own when it’s this obtuse. If you want players to play your game you have to at least explain the very basics of your game.


81- We Were Made to Perish (by Mesonyx)

Recommended if you’re ready to read. If you demand gameplay, it’s not for you.

+Good writing.

+Nice setting.

+Decent mapping (some locations are a bit lackluster but overall nice.

-The main character suffers from the writing, not because she’s badly written, but because she’s used to convey everything the plot dictates and comes out having a really weird and erratic unexplained personality and reactions.

-The “gameplay” aspects are really very tacked on and don’t create any real tension.

-The game lacks any real “tension”, especially in the later parts. There’s just no reason to be tense when the game is so piss easy and the setting so bright and colorful.

-The music can be really hit and miss, and doesn’t help with the presentation much.

To the developer: I enjoyed this game for the writing alone. The “gameplay” as it was didn0t really draw me in at all and felt more an annoyance than anything else, since I wanted to get to the next text bit faster without the gameplay fluff. It felt really useless in that sense.

Outside what I already commented above about the main character, the writing is what made this game for me, and I enjoyed it for that. The last scene with the “boss” was definitely cool, and kudos to you for not taking a fake “happy ending” that would have come across as really fake.

For your next project just take some care with the characterization of the protagonist (let them have their own voice rather than just serve the plot disregarding their position) and try to compliment the game with suitable gameplay rather than tacked-on, and you’ll be set.


82- Wold Remade (by Artbane)

+I love the battlers.

+/- The visual presentation is just okay. It’s not BAD in any aspect but it’s not really great either. The mapping is extremely basic and overall everything looks very still and bare.

+/-I like the battle style, but the balancing is off.

-The introduction is long and only text based, which lengthens the intro in a bad way.

-The two characters are so serious and seriously lack energy, especially since the setting itself is also very static.

-The combat is way too hard and heavy laden even for the very start, especially since most of it is optional and the rewards (chests) for doing so had very lacklustre prizes.

To the developer: I’ll be the first to admit I’m not big on “serious” high fantasy anymore. I require emotion rather than serious talk all the time. Be it humour or drama, something! It didn’t help that the scenario was to bare and still, the game comes across as seeming very plain in context and lacks energy. The gameplay being way too demanding from the get go didn’t help.

It isn’t by any means a bad game, but I could not really get engaged or have fun with it despites all of its aspects being okay.


83- Zarov’s Curse (by Tiarali)

I can’t tell if this game is very a very early attempt and looks and feels it, if it’s just bad, or if it’s a joke game.

In any case, there is nothing appealing or engaging about it, so no reason to really play it.


84- Zofar-Man: Defender of Justice (by Nimbus)

What comes to mind for this game is: unfinished and MEAN.

Every single character in this game is some sort of rear end in a top hat, the visuals are clearly unfinished or very raw, and I got stuck with nothing to do 12 minutes into the game. It’s just not…appealing. I don’t really want to play a game that only features a bunch of *******s. By far the best thing about the game is the title screen.
Extras #85+
(Requests and suggestions)

Note: these won't have feedback notes as it's way past the contest date and I'm a bit burned out in any case. The video reactions and feedback is all you get.
85- Windows of the Vampyr (by VoxPopuli)

Watch this at least for the hilarious use of graphics in the intro.


86- Pale Echoes (by Raemy)


87- D is for Dungeon (by dinkledaberri)

I liked the premise and the execution wasn't bad. Give it a twirl if you like dungeon crawlers.


88- The Swords of Balance (by Mrbum)

This is a very badly translated book into game. It loses the player very early on with the long winded-ness and lack of gameplay engagement.
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*Total noob here*  I don't even know how to submit a game to RPGmakerweb.  Hell, I barely figured out how to get the darn fileshare things working for the contest!  


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What are you saying, you're already on the list you dofus XD

"Morendah – Search for a Cure – Xenos2112"

When there was a topic but no irect link I looked at the contest site. It was a pain I gotta say =_=

Please post your direct links the game topics folks, the dling and installation was a pain in the neck).


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The foundation has been laid!  Time to start patching up the weak spots!

Thanks Indrah :)


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What are you saying, you're already on the list you dofus XD

"Morendah – Search for a Cure – Xenos2112"

When there was a topic but no irect link I looked at the contest site. It was a pain I gotta say =_=

Please post your direct links the game topics folks, the dling and installation was a pain in the neck).
I told you, I'm a total noob at this!  I'll go post the link for it in my topic.  It's also in my sig, if that makes it easier, too.


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Indrah!  I volunteer my services to play these games from starting from the end of the list and going to the beginning.

Let me know your thoughts :D


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Looking forward to seeing further reviews. You've got a straight-to-the-point style that jumps in right away, and I like that. More point of views is always good--and either way, it gives these lads promotion on YouTube! Win/win, aye?

P-please be gentle with me, sempai, i-it's my first time.
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Das fine and all but I'll prob do them anyway '3' (that way the low end of the line peeps won't complain for lateness I guess)


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Indra - thanks for taking the time to review my game, Almost Lost. I appreciate the time taken.

Seeing as how your first response to the first opportunity to learn more about the game and its
story was something like "f*** that s***". I'm going to have to take your review with a grain of salt.

If you had actually read the very first Game Basics screen when it was offered, you would have
seen that F5 toggles full screen mode and saved yourself a great deal of aggravation.

Perhaps next time, I'll make note of it on the title screen, for the impatient.


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If you had actually read the very first Game Basics screen when it was offered, you would have

seen that F5 toggles full screen mode and saved yourself a great deal of aggravation.
Personally, I think it is better to start windowed and then give the option to full screen. ((Especially since I know some people can't run RM games full screen without it locking up or doing some wonky stuff))


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I appreciate your taking the time to play Ars Harmonia and making the video, Indrah. As you (correctly) surmised, the lack of other event graphics was because of the time constraint. Our plan was to finish everything needed for gameplay and then add in extra stuff to make it look sexier, but (as I'm sure everyone realized) there was just not enough time to both do a fully fleshed-out game and lots of polish on top. We were still getting main quest stuff in 4 hours before submission. :p


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If by "learning more about the game" you mean "basic controls" then no one who usually plays rpgs is going to pay much attention, even less during a stream when you're so focused on not being quiet and trying to comment. And being aimlessly abrasive and swearing a lot is my default setting, it's not even being that negative as far as I'm concerned.

Mind you, it's fine if you dont agree with the feedback. It's a free world and I'm not the giver of gospel here. I'm just not going to bother sweetening up my impressions. Nothing personal, it just doesn't work for me. And I can understand it doesn't work with some people, and that's fine.


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Will be preparing the lube when you get to my game.


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If you had actually read the very first Game Basics screen when it was offered, you would have

seen that F5 toggles full screen mode and saved yourself a great deal of aggravation.

Perhaps next time, I'll make note of it on the title screen, for the impatient.
Valuable game design lesson to be learned: players are ALWAYS impatient.  Never force someone into a choice, let them make that choice for themselves.

Tommy Gun

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Jan 20, 2014
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Wow, so cool that you're doing this! Looking forward to hearing what you think about mine! Are you downloading the games from the contest site, or would you play a slightly updated version? I've fixed some very minor issues, and want to add a bit more music into the game since that was the main thing I ran out of time for. If you want to judge the actual contest entries, then that makes sense, but if you just want to judge *the game and its potential*, updated versions would be fine.


Jul 1, 2014
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If by "learning more about the game" you mean "basic controls" then no one who usually plays rpgs is going to pay much attention, even less during a stream when you're so focused on not being quiet and trying to comment. And being aimlessly abrasive and swearing a lot is my default setting, it's not even being that negative as far as I'm concerned.

Mind you, it's fine if you dont agree with the feedback. It's a free world and I'm not the giver of gospel here. I'm just not going to bother sweetening up my impressions. Nothing personal, it just doesn't work for me. And I can understand it doesn't work with some people, and that's fine.
Looking forward to seeing you curse like a sailor if/when you eventually try goats owo(A friend of mine did an actual table flip while playing, it was so cool O_O). Though um, would encourage you to check out the how to play when you startup the game or just click the config button to check out the controls. They're.. not really the norm that everyone is used to >>; (alternatively plug in a controller and use the sticks & triggers to play)

Thanks for doing allllll 85, its quite a daunting task ahead of you @_@; I think we all appreciate it :D

Edit: updated our thread (in the siggy) with an updated version if you were interested :3 Fixes some bugs we had for a better experience. Cheers~
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Jul 2, 2014
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nice to see my game on the list. although im not sure what it means when you say "85 games on this site"... just ones on the forums?

anyway... awesome thread

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