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Jun 7, 2023
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Based on a mobile game; Time Princess, and coupled with a DnD campaign homebrewed my my lovely friend/DM. Tower is a Fantasy Horror game that follows a pair of twins from their seventh birthday into a series of terrible events that leads to the destruction of everything they thought they knew. In the kingdom of Verngolden, twins are a bad omen. A terrible curse would befall twins born to the royal family especially. And so when the king announced that the second child, and twin of the crown prince did not survive birth, the people rejoiced, thinking it lifted. But that wasn't quite the case.

"Long ago, in a beautiful ancient kingdom, far far away, there lived a little boy locked away in a tall tower."

Audwin, after finding a toy swan, begins dreaming about a young prince visiting him in a strange place. While Aldous sees strange things upon visiting his twins grave, that his parents tell him is just an overactive imagination regarding a bit of loneliness. Things in the kingdom are not what they appear to be.

Learn about their heroic heritage by snooping around! Smack some zombies with a pointy stick! Save the kingdom! or watch it burn! Maybe even burn it yourself!-eventually... the demo doesn't go that far yet.

So far:
The demo encapsulates everything I currently feel happy with for chapter 1- which basically serves to introduce the characters and the setting! This is my first time here and with this program making a game so please be gentle, if you notice something weird I might need like 8 explanations before i figure out whats happening cause im still learning the program yay! Player is bounced between playing Aldous; the crown prince, and Audwin; his twin brother locked away where in theory no one can get to him, and left isolated. There's a weird creepy guy named merlin, that depending on how nosey you are, Aldous might be afraid of, 4 current route splits that might meet back up in places, and I'm pretty pleased with what I've accomplished!

Combat System:
I'm very proud of my little combat system I made! the demo allows people to try killing some zombies in the Armory. It's a little bare bones, and I plan to improve it in the future with some animations for the character and not just the little slash with a sound effect(though that gets the point across effectively I think.)


Uploaded to Google Drive, cause it's easier to update!!!
Windows Download
Mac Download

Thanks for taking the time to look this over :D

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