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    Or something there abouts. I need a script that will let me do something similar to the magic system used in the Trails in the Sky. For those of you who haven't played, I'll explain it as best I can. (But you really should go play it, if you haven't. It was a good game. Also, if you ~have~ played it...go play it again. It was a good game.)

    You aquire elemetal orbs of varying strengths that can be set into slots, each orb adding a certain value to one or more element. As you reach certains levels of elemtal strength, the characters equipped with the orbs begin to gain access to spells of the corrosponding element.

    Example. Character A is equiped with 2 ice elemental orbs. One that adds a value of 2, and one that adds a value of 4. So now, character A's total levels for ice magic is 6, granting him access to all of the ice spells up to that level.

    So, I guess what I'm needing is a script that allows me to attach certain values to equipable items, like accessories, and then attach corrosponding values to the actors, so that when they're equiped with accessories, they'll be able to use skills and spells assosiated with whatever element that have values added up in. Heh.

    Anyone out there think they can give me something like that? Also. Must be compatable with Yanfly. Ah, Yanfly.
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    You should provide links to articles with in-depth explanations of the game mechanics (if there are any, but there probably are).

    For example, it seems like magic has levels. I would just add an "element level" to each skill, so a "fire" magic might require fire element level of 2.

    Now someone can equip orbs. Presumably these will be implemented as equip slots.

    For the orbs themselves, one would have to think about how to allow players to create them.

    Maybe I will ask you to create separate orbs for every orb point. So if you can have up to 20 points for an orb, then you would create "ice orb 1", "ice orb 2", ... "ice orb 20", "fire orb 1", ... "fire orb 20" which becomes long, tedious, and redundant. Imagine if someone's game allows for up to 100 points per orb. Or 1000.

    But the reason I say that is because that's the only way, in the default engine, to create unique items. Otherwise, you will need another script that will allow the game to uniquely identify each and every item first (there are two that I'm aware of in existence for Ace).

    Overall the idea is pretty simple: calculate element level for that actor, determine whether magic can be used.

    But the rest of the details can make it really complicated.
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