Translator++ not finding Map.JSON files.


Sep 10, 2020
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I recently got access to a Russian game that I believe is in RPGMV. Obviously, I don't speak or understand Russian, and the dev doesn't have an ETA for an English translation. So, I decided to look into Translator++.

The issue I'm getting while using this program is as the title says. The program seems to only recognize 4 .JSON files out of over 100 that i think should be available for translation. From what I've seen, the program is supposed to locate Map.JSON files and allow you to translate them.

This is what I expected to see available in Translator++. However, the only things that I could actually translate (and didnt seem to do anything) were the files in the "Dialogs" box in the top left:

Screenshot (4).png

This is whats in the "Dialogs" folder:

Screenshot (5).png
Here is the Translator++ program page. Only 4 files available:

Screenshot (3).png

I've tried renaming the 4 files (no change) and removing the dialogs folder and files altogether. Removing the dialogs folder leaves me with nothing to translate, but the game runs just fine.

I have the latest public build of Translator++ available on Dreamsavior's site (2.5.30). Running on Windows 10.

I'm not the most tech savvy guy. I just wanted to play this Russian game lol. Any help is very much appreciated!


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