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    EquipSound - Version 1.00

    Creator name: Trb

    Allows you to add a Sound Effect/ Music Effect when equipping items.

    - You can add a message text window while the sound plays.
    - Can be used by using following tags in the Note field for Equipment.

    Play SE for equipment
    <equipSE: Filename, volume, pitch, pan> or
    <equipmentSE: Filename, volume, pitch, pan>

    Use the filename of SE that you're using.
    Enter any numerical value for volume, pitch, pan.
    You can leave the SE filename by itself without adjusting- volume, pitch, pan.
    By default: volume becomes 90, pitch 100, pan 0.

    Play ME for equipment
    <equipME: Filename, volume, pitch, pan> or
    <equipmentME: Filename, volume, pitch, pan>

    Filename should be the same name as ME file that you're using.

    For Wait
    <equipWait: number of frames> or
    <equipmentWait: number of frames>

    Processing can be stopped by setting wait on equipment.
    Use it when you want to wait until ME stops playing.
    Enter numerical value in the number of frames.

    Display Text
    <equipText:text> or

    Equipment can display texts through show text window.
    Line breaks are \n.
    If you want to write "%1" it will display actor's name with equipment.



    <equipText:%1 \ngot Cursed!>

    When you typed this down, it'll display:

    got Cursed!」



    If you want to prevent an equipment from being removed, Edit "Traits" > Equip > and set Lock Equip to whichever type of equipment.
    When using Lock Equip feature- it can't be removed from the equipment screen but it can be remove through "Change Equipment" from Event Commands.

    Credit and Thanks: Trb

    Terms of Use- Free for commercial and non-commercial use.

    License - MIT License:

    You can download js file from the thread attachment or Dropbox link:

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