RMMV Treasure Takers: The Ardagh Chalice

Aug 16, 2019
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Treasure Takers: The Ardagh Chalice

  • This game is intended to be a short adventure with some fun dialogue between the different members of the party and a unique take on medieval treasure-hunting. It uses on-screen encounters only and combat is relatively easy apart from the true challenge of the dungeon: the boss.

    In this alternate world where familiar historic ruins serve as monster-infested dungeons, the players goal will making as much money as possible! This comes in two parts.

    The first part consists of thoroughly searching the dungeon by interacting with as much of it as possible via the action button. Doing so will turn up helpful items, weapons, and hidden treasure that the party can sell once back in town.

    Additionally, searching the dungeon will reveal three clues about the true value of the artifact the protagonists seek: the Ardagh Chalice. Not belonging to a proper guild the characters must sell their treasure to a stingy pair of merchants, who will attempt to undercut them as much as possible. By finding clues that prove the chalice’s age and authenticity it will enable the player to get the most out of their hard-won artifact.

    The second part consists of defeating the Dullahan, brutal guardian of the Ardagh Chalice,and taking the chalice back to be town for the party to sell. This means taking the items and weapons the player has found throughout the dungeon and using them in a strategic way to emerge from combat with the Dullahan victorious!

    Once the player has found all the treasure they can find, all the clues they can muster, and taken the chalice from the Dullahan’s lair, the party will head back to town to sell their findings. Depending on how many valuables the player found and how many clues they uncovered, they will open new sale opportunities with one merchant as well as new dialogue options when selling the chalice to the other merchant.

    If all has gone perfectly the player will be treated to the best outcome: our party making enough to pay their debts and then some! However, if too little treasure was found or too few clues were uncovered the group can fail to make enough money and thus they will be unable to pay their bills for the month.


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