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Jul 27, 2014
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Kay i discover a trick to have a endless script box space, i know it is made for amll things, but sometimes you can have a piece of code that is too small to have the annoyance of make a plugin only to that, soo, there is the solution, a unlimited script box.
This trick doesn't actually makes the script box bigger, but if you look, the script box have limited lines, but each line is infinite and, the js can be readed in one line by the interpreter, soo, you actually only have to use one line but... How i make all in one line, its more annoying, and there is the solution:
You paste the code from your notepad in jscompress

Then press the compress js button and
there is the result:
you can see its 4 lines but in really this is for word warping effect, actually its one line you can copy and paste and....
NOW ITS ONE LINE, and sience the script box allow a infinite line lenght, you now don't need to worry about it
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