Trying to place 16 characters comfortably in RPG Maker 2003

Benny Jackdaw

Mar 30, 2017
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Didn't there used to be maker specific forums? I can't find them anymore.

Anyway, I decided to go back to earthquake Warriors RPG, and I have a problem that's kind of been nagging at me: manually placing all the playable characters. There is going to be 16 regular playable characters, and the issue I have is that it is hard to arrange them perfectly in a way where you will never get two characters that are too close together, and I'm wondering if anyone has a grid I could work with where I could easily line up 16 characters manually so that they don't clump up together so badly.

... why can't I just use automatic placement? Because a main gimmick of this game is being able to turn into a giant version of the character you are playing as if you are alone, and it uses head animations on a static body, but in order to place all those heads where they need to go, the placement needs to be set to manual. That's why I don't just use automatic placement.

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