Nov 9, 2012
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I have been messing with a few different plugins from MV trying to move them over to MZ and I keep hitting the same snag no matter the plugin.

Something has changed in PIXI that I cannot figure out that makes it so these plugins (MOG Battle Transitions, KMS_Splash Encounters) being the 2 I would really like to see working.

Both of them attempt to start the transition effect, you can see the scene swap to battle behind the screen breaking effect, the battle music begins playing, and then it crashes. Both plugins mentioned crash when it tries to animate the children added due to the plugins shattering effect.

Both errors below:
(KMS_Splash Encounters)
(MOG Battle Transitions)
(notice that both crash from the same method in PIXI @ line:8077)

Going into further detail I noticed that the old version of PIXI that MV used had a function when it came to making parents/children that if a child had no parent, there was a function that temp gave them a parent, which I believe was what was being used before, thus giving the children the info they needed to animate (transform)
if (!this.parent)
    this.parent = this._tempDisplayObjectParent;
    this.parent = null;

The problem I've seen from using console.log in various locations trying to track the issue seems to be that the children cannot properly get an X/Y position at all, and thus causes the real issue.

and following that "Sprite.prototypeAccessors.position.get" takes me into PIXI once again at this point:
* The position of the displayObject on the x axis relative to the local coordinates of the parent.
* An alias to position.x
* @member {number}
prototypeAccessors.x.get = function ()
      return this.position.x;

prototypeAccessors.x.set = function (value) // eslint-disable-line require-jsdoc
     this.transform.position.x = value;

* The position of the displayObject on the y axis relative to the local coordinates of the parent.
* An alias to position.y
* @member {number}
prototypeAccessors.y.get = function ()
      return this.position.y;

prototypeAccessors.y.set = function (value) // eslint-disable-line require-jsdoc
     this.transform.position.y = value;

So my question is, how do I go about trying to fix this? I am def far from the best coder, but every little thing I have tried all ends the same way because I cannot figure out how to properly assign a parent that will work in this situation. :/

ANY help in what could be going wrong would be very helpful, not only to me, but someone else who might be wanting to make/port their own encounter effect plugins.

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