Trying to sort items types into separate battle commands?


Apr 2, 2015
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Hey everyone! I've been tinkering with a game where all it's skills are consumable items. At basic functionality it works perfect, but I'm trying to take it to the next level. A game about hoarding items is fine and dandy, but that can become really tedious to scroll through menus after some time.

So I've been using some of Yanflys item plugins to sort the items into their own special categories. But my only problem now, is battles. I'm trying to find some kind of way to seperate items to their own commands in battle. Something like "Weapons" "Magic" and "Consumables" as a means of keeping it simple. But have no idea how to go about doing this.

So I'm mostly wondering if such a plugin exists OR if there is another way to go about making something like this work?

Thanks in advance!

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