TSUKIHIME Core Equip + Dynamic Equip Slots LEVEL BASED ADD-ON

Discussion in 'RGSS3 Script Requests' started by Panda_Artist, Aug 14, 2019.

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    Good Morning / Day / Afternoon / Evening everyone.

    I have posted a similar post the other day, but this is the new one, I was wondering if the moderator could delete the previous one.

    I have a request for a certain kind of script modification.

    I have Tsukihime's Core Equip along with Dynamic Equip slots

    The script give you the option to create your own custom equipment types and slots.

    However, I would like to implement an add on that for example. I have a custom equip type in which an actor starts with 1 slot of at level 1 but grows to 3 slots of the same at level 20 for example. You can manually add equip slots with script calls with Tsukihime's script but you cannot condition it to a character level.

    Is there any easy way to implement this?

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