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Would you like RPG battling elements included in VN Maker?

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    Basic RPG battle & levelling added to VN Maker:
    • This feature, I would like to add turn-based battle as an option to VN Maker. There are many games out there now that are VN/RPG hybrid. As seen below, it goes from battle to visual novel.

    It will add the usual RPG turn based battles as an option in VNMaker
    Why is this feature good?
    • I believe many people who aren't interested in the pixel sprite style of RPGM would be interested in something like this
    • It would make VNMaker stand out among all the other VN creating software
    • It's a niche that creators currently don't have easy access to
    • There is a market for it, including games like Huntsman: Winters Curse, Loren Amazon Princess, Lsistrata, Karma Sutra, Mizari loves company, Antagonist, etc
    • To do this in your own projects is extremely time consuming and requires coding knowledge
    • A lot of this data already exists in RPGMaker, could be transferred over
    • Adds a different style of game that can be achieved with VNM
    • No more navigating the same grass green pixel maps, no more icky sprites that plague the turn based genre

    Possible issues with this feature?
    • Work Work Work Work Work
    • It is achievable with RPGMakers, though it's chaos if you want something professional looking
    I GET IT. I understand how battles might defeat the purpose of it being a Visual Novel, and how VN purists might not be happy with added inventory systems etc. Sure some people might say "just download ABC for RPGMaker" though everything I've tried has been super clunky, looking terrible sloppy, and different image sizes create chaos in RPGM.

    As Canini said in his post for adding an inventory system, many people who buy VNMaker do so because they are usually fairly new at game development and would appreciate a simple system that doesn't require hours of code.

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