Turn-based movement?


Jan 17, 2020
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For a long time now I've been trying to add turn-based movement in a dungeon map to my game. It's sort of like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, for anyone who's played those. Basically, every time the player moves the enemies are set to approach you, one step at a time, until they finally touch you and a battle starts. I've tried doing it on my own, with only some success. I made a common event that emulates the turn-based movement (in screenshots below) and I put it on every dungeon map as an event with the parallel trigger. Because of how it's set up it's got some bad glitches, though, like enemies getting stuck in one spot and being unable to move anymore. Is there a better/simpler way to do this? ALL I want is the movement though, when I've tried googling this type of thing before the results that came up were focused on the overworld battle system the PMD games have, which doesn't work for me since I just want the normal RPG Maker enemy battles when an enemy touches you. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!turn movement pt 1.pngturn movement pt 2.pngstop.png
(Note: Enemies are set to move towards player every time the Player Turn switch is turned on.)


Aug 2, 2013
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Your Stop Event is useless in best case, in worst case it causes bugs or lag.
The Player Moveroute in "TurnMovement Event" should be all you need.
Because the "Stop Event" is overwriting the previous moveroute, but since he started moving its efect does not get visible. If your Player would move 3 tiles with one button press, than the player would stop walking after the first step.
- Delete Stop Event
- In "TurnMovement Event" remove the "Wait" in the Moveroutes.
- Put the Command "Turn Switch 17 Off" into the Player Moveroute after the step forward command, than it flips at the right time to Off like you want.

Iam not sure about your other problem, maybe some kind of path finding plugin? never used one, so i cant recomment one.

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