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    Currently limited to a handful of tiles and faces, but it'll grow as time goes on.

    I am accepting free/paid requests for tiles, sprites, faces, parallaxes, and other map resources through private messages.
    If any of the images below don't show up properly, message me. There's no guarantee I'll get to free requests.

    Some of the resources shown below are forum resource requests I've made. Feedback appreciated.​
    • Credits: TV.Ghost, Enterbrain (Some resources may specify additional people you need to credit)
    • Commercial + Personal projects OK, just credit.
    • Not allowed for R18 / NSFW games.
    Tilesets - B/E - RTP

    Facesets & Busts (Bases + Full) - RTP
    Forum request:
    Additional credits: Knight base is by Holder. The other two character bases are by Avadan.
    knightedits.png CartFaces2.png CartFaces3.png

    Object Characters - RTP

    January 14 2019 - added to Tilesets B/E : basic furniture
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